❌Fungal Acne Skincare Routine • Tiny Little Bumps on the Forehead

if you do have those tiny little bumps on your forehead that doesn’t seem to be exactly palpable like any other acne and they’re not exactly whiteheads but they’re kind of itchy and the acne treatment products are not working high chance you might be struggling with fungal acne aka Malassezia folliculitis this is the skin condition that we already talked about so I highly highly highly recommend you guys to check out this video first before jumping into this video because I already touched on what the skin condition is what the causes are how you can treat it and what are the do’s and don’ts today we’re gonna talk more specifically about products what are the products that are safe for fungal acne so I’m going to insert this cheat sheet you guys can screenshot it and share it with your friends and family or anyone who’s suffering from fungal acne and please spread this video to your friends because that really means a lot and my team and yes okay now your question might be what kind of products can I use a lot of you from my pump off out there did submit some great product recommendations for some galacon ease today I’m gonna walk you through what your skincare regime can look like based on some product recommendations here and there so let’s begin there are some general rules that you can pick up and the very first is less is more these malassezia they grow stronger in a very warm and very moist environment so the more layer that you put on it is going to create that very perfect environment for malassezia to thrive I’m not saying you guys should completely dry out your skin but you have to really be aware of how many layers that you’re putting on rule number two drop that sheet mask it’s best not to include any areas that you do have fungal acne and sheet masks work by occluding your skin and kind of force-feeding your skin all the nutrients all the ingredients that are soaked in the shade but simply this sheet mask for a while make a remover oil is such a bad news for fungal acne so it might not be the idea two out for cleansing oils or cleansing balms so I think the safest way is to use cleansing waters and the one that I really really love is this L’Oreal micellar cleansing water for all skin types this is by far one of the most affordable options out there only five dollars and it is very very gentle yeah it’s super duper effective and melting away your foundation and the third Sun grinds on top of your face it leaves your skin SuperDuper supple and hydrated and it comes with a really simple ingredient list that is fungal acne safe so the second cleansing is the category where you could be a little bit more generous or stress less about because it’s a wash off product it doesn’t stay on the skin and it wouldn’t really have an effect on aggravating your fungal acne whatever cleanser that you choose moving on to hydrator is my favorite category I’m gonna pack all of the toners essences and serums in this category like all the water you stop let’s begin with this product this is the believably Artemisia balance essence you can’t go wrong with this because it has only one single ingredient which is mock word extract so mugwort is known to be relaxing skin calming soothing and it also helps with the redness if you want more of a hydrating water toner this could be another option that you can opt for it which is it mm Jeong ph 5.5 relief toner everyone seems to love this it is one of the most affordable options and it has a really simple and compact typed ingredient list which is always always always great for inflamed skin and fungal acne or just acne skin this also contains meta cast aside and panthenol which is going to be an amazing combination and relieving that irritation soothing down to skin rebuilding your skin barrier yeah you can’t go wrong with this either if you want more of a hydrating option or if you are someone who is a fan of snail mucin this is a great option for fungal acne this is called Koz Eric’s advanced snail 96 mucin power a satin scoop that was a mouthful it is an anti-aging ingredient because it a in the skin rejuvenating and regenerating process also the texture of this is super slimy and kind of like sticky or almost gooey so it does provide an intense amount of hydration and kind of protects that hydration from its up ratings now honey-based or purplish based products can immensely help because it’s meant to be antiviral antifungal and antimicrobial so they are really really great for acne prone skin and fungal acne and I really adore this product from skin-food it is royal honey propolis enriched essence and this is definitely a really really really great serum to add in your winter skincare routine especially if you have part skin dry your skin type I think this will definitely help nourish your skin this product does come with a some fermented ingredients but it’s not exactly the garlic to my sister it may or may not exacerbate your fungal acne I can’t say it’s hundred percent safe but a lot of you still seem to love this product but if you want to be 100% full galactus a cos øx makes a really really good one that is 100% safe moving on to probably the trickiest category which is the more you riser yeah and you really don’t want to NIC like moisturizing your skin the good news is that we have some fungal acne save moisturizer your options here we’re gonna begin with us some lightweight gel moisturizers the most popular option seems to be this one the aloe purple is still from Benton and is something that I really loved using during summertime when my skin was irritated and aggravated for poulos is obviously very beneficial for fungal acne but the high concentration of the aloe vera leaf juice of this product makes this product really really soothing and hydrating and moisturizing it could be a great gel moisturizer alone in summertime but during the winter time it is a little bit too light if you’re looking for gel moisturizer that is a little bit thicker that’s a little more moisturizing and more occlusive this hotter love of skin plumping gel cream could be a wonderful option and I wouldn’t say this come with the cleanest ingredients so if your ingredient standard is more green Beauty clean Beauty I don’t think this is the right product for you however it does a really really really great job in not only quenching your skin with intense amount of hydration but also protecting and preventing that hydration loss so it is a really really great hydrating moisturizers I would even skip any kinds of hydrating step before this because it is that hydrating it has three different kinds of hyaluronic acid and it also has urea which is an amazing ingredient for fungal acne so a lot of times when galaki skin can be kind of suffering from overgrowth of keratin which means that your skin is basically a little bit thicker so the urea which is another character lytic agent can definitely help exfoliating and shed those that skin cells away while intensely moisturizing your skin if you want a milky lotion type of a moisturizer this would be something that you might be interested in checking out this delivers a tolerant fluid I heard the Europe version does come with shea butter which might not be ideal for fungal acne but this only contains eight ingredient and it’s mainly a mix of squalene and glycerin which are both amazing humectants and moisturizers for fungal acne so I highly recommend this this to some really basic simple moisturizer and if you don’t think this is moisturizing enough you can definitely add more squally and oil into this I would highly recommend you guys to invest in one just pure 100% squalane oil whether that’s from in daily which I use or by asan’s or there’s a really really really cheap scallion oil from timeless skincare I’m gonna link every option below and mix it into this one or your other moisturizers or just use this alone and similarly that friends pharmacy brand we have another one this is the Avene tolerance or dollar lungs and motion please make sure you’re getting the motion because the cream does come with other ingredients that might not be the safe and it just looks identical so don’t be confused and this product I love this entire range because it’s perfect for hyper sensitive skin or SuperDuper irritated skin when you can’t use anything on your skin because it’s things or tingles or it irritates your skin go for the dollar and strange because they are amazing I wouldn’t say this is the most moisturizing option so I highly recommend you guys to add another moisture boost into this moisturizer that way your skin never dries out you guys don’t know how happy I was when I discovered this product from the drugstore this is the of you know ultra calming nourishing night cream I have a hiccup as always a vino products are all based on colonial oats which is a proven active ingredient to relieve sensitive irritated skins this has a beautiful beautiful texture and it also comes with a feverfew extract which is known to add more calming benefit I think it will be a great option for those who have drier skin type yet who have fungal acne moving on to another tricky category which is sunscreen but the good news is we do have some options and the very first one is the caught face tinted SPF 40 broad-spectrum and this is 100% mineral sunscreen and it contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and when I tried it out it instantly reminded me of this you know one of those kind of pore perfecting primer it doesn’t have that silicone II feel and when I looked at the ingredient list zinc oxide titanium dioxide and all of the other silicon ingredie and so it does not clog the pores so it is safe for acne prone skin as well and also even though this is tinted it doesn’t really have a tint once you’ve blended in another option is the the UV clear broad-spectrum SPF 46 not in the tinted version but the original version and I know a lot of you guys already love this product and I still love it too and this is a blend of zinc oxide and Octonauts a so it’s a hybrid sunscreen and it doesn’t have any problematic ingredients for fungal acne moving on to the treatments these are the products that can relieve and really treat Malassezia folliculitis first off we have in Israel I notice the anti dandruff shampoo but it’s something that I showed you in my last video and a lot of you guys have seen really really good results with this and applying it topically on top of the skin so basically this product contains 1% of ketoconazole as the active ingredient and ketoconazole is a really potent active ingredient that has numbers of research supporting how it can help the growth of Malassezia folliculitis the most common way to use this as a treatment is to apply this all over your forehead or on your problematic area and leave it as a mask so for about 10 to 15 minutes and wash it off right away another great option and a very effective treatment is raw honey using this organic raw honey that is totally edible and is totally yummy you can use this as a spot treatment you can use it as a 10-minute or your five minutes mask or you can wash your skin with it it is somewhat gonna help with acne prone skin and fungal acne it doesn’t have a lot of studies regarding how this raw honey is going to help with Malassezia folliculitis but it has a lot of testimonies from a lot of users who have used this for their fungal acne it is one of the safest option to and readily available option to salicylic acid aka PHA can immensely help in relieving the Malassezia folliculitis and the most popular option for fungal acne seems to be this top of stride six pads and this the maximum strength with 2% of salicylic acid it is definitely not my favorite because it does have menthol and I find this a little bit too irritating for my sensitive skin but if you have rather a tougher thicker skin this might be a great option to incorporate not every day but a few times a week another salicylic acid based product in the moisturizer form is this Aveeno clear complexion daily moisturizer this contains 0.5% which is a very minimal amount of salicylic acid that is still effective it would be a more gentle option to use it in a daily basis another popular option is this product it’s the Paula’s Choice skin perfecting 2 % bh a liquid and it’s basically the 2% salicylic acid option but it is not a hundred percent safe for fungal acne because it has polysorbate so I use it at your own risk it is undeniably a really really great product if you want to blend of HAMB HAMB another option as well this is a glossier solution exfoliating skin Perfector it has a 10% blend of H a PHA and PHA and I find us to be a little bit too tingling and to stinging and a little bit irritating but it is great for again someone who has really resilient skin but do you mind that this is not hundred percent from galaki safe so that is it I hope you guys found this video informative and helpful if it was please don’t forget to share it with your friends it really does mean a lot more than you might think I’ll talk to you guys on Instagram at Lia you and I’ll see you guys later take care bye [Music]

  1. Hi Liah, i live in Australia so i am unable to get the avene moisturiser but i have found one similar i was just wondering if it is good as well.
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  2. Here in Canada, the La Roche Posay Toleriane Fluid is different, packaging includes the word Sensitive, it has more than 8 ingredients, no squalene and instead has Niacinamides. The one that fits to what you described is La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra Fluide, packaging has 0% on it.

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  32. There is hope everyone! I spent so much money and energy trying to find a skin care routine that will benefit my skins needs. Been a very long journey, but I finally got there and I can tell you how important it is to fall in love with your skin again. For me, it took 2 months to clear up my skin (using products that helped) and a full two years to go through numerous amounts of products to find a routine that now benefits me. I have combination, sensitive skin that tends to get very OILY and FLAKY. I use soon jung toner and I love it so much! I'm buying more when it finally runs out and I use sukin sensitive moisturiser and sukin's sensitive cleanser. As for directly targeting my forehead and nose acne I used a prescription alcohol serum from my doctor. (I also use a serum by sukin and aloe vera under my eyes for under eye bags).

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