【MUKBANG】[ Mark’s recipe]  High Calorie Recipe Of Fire Noodle From Korean Viewer! 6191kcal[Use CC]

Hello its Kinoshita Yuka
(English subtitles by ~Aphexx~) so today! tadaa I’ll be eating these cup ramen
sent to me by a Korean viewer I’ve heard it called ?puldak bbokkeumyon?
and this is written ?bul~~~~? when we write and pronounce it in Japanese
its written and said many different ways as well and we already know that these noodles are
SUPER SPICY but the viewer who sent me these said that there
is a way to enjoy these without burning your mouth they even wrote out this recipe like this
TYVM so today we’ve got 2 of these noodles
and these here are instant spaghetti and these are tuna-mayo ?bibimyeon? the special recipe requires all 4 of these together and they thought these here were so tasty that
I just had to try them alrighty lets get cookin’ so first off we make these 4 cup noodles in the usual way inside this package is the toppings, spicy sauce pack inside this instant spaghetti is.. sauce, soup packet and toppings K, they’re all prepped I’ve made and prepped these many times before but
if you are at all curious you can check these vids out so next up we take these noodles and mix them together and then add some cooked sausages its like a science experiment
~I’m having so much fun~ K, its all mixed together now once it has come together you then
dish it out next we add our cheese but first since I like gr. onions so much I’m just
gonna’ go ahead an add them even though its
not calld for in the recipe ~this is gonna taste yummy~
and they were already sitting in my fridge tadaa and apparently you can add as much cheese
~which I love~ to the noodles I’ll add 300g to this OMG this looks crazy delish did I add too much? and we then microwave this until the cheese melts Guys… I gone did it again..
this dish doesn’t fit into my microwave so instead I’ll use this burner to
melt the cheese ~this is my first time using this
I’m so nervous RN~ now that scared the heck outta me it was really super scary but doensn’t it
look so yummy? looks so yummy and guys, this ain’t done just yet…. tadaa these are tuna-mayo musubi were supposed to top this with these
~I went ahead and warmed these up~ ~I overdid it though… look at how much steam is
coming off them now~ I think it would be better if I broke these up the tuna mayo is comin’ out
~so hot~ then top them tadaa the dish is complete and these other tuna-mayo ?bibimyeong? will
be eaten after I finish this dish off itaadakimasu
I’m really lovin’ that tuna aroma I’m not exactly sure if I’m supposed to mix the
onigiri into the noodles or not wonder if its the tuna and seaweed that really
make this dish tastier? the cheese looks soooo yummy yummy! the hellishly spicy hot noodles
are no longer spicy at all and we were unable to use the microwave and had
to use that gas burner that flame kissed flavor really makes it
taste #Lit ~eat this with the musubi~ cheese and tuna go so good together this is a taste combo that I haven’t really
encountered before the instant spaghetti and the ?buldakk? noodles
mix together and take on that perfect sweet and spicy flavor this particular instant spaghetti has a sweet flavor
almost reminiscent of a napolitan spaghetti or that is how I remember it when I ate it
before…. it really tastes good its a feast!
the ?puldakk? noodles still retain a bit of a spicy kick its just the right amount of spice that keeps me
wanting more the sausages are yummy as well ahh…. I think this coulda stood a bit more cheese
once you mix it into the noodles it doesn’t really feel like there is that much cheese on here at all guys tho’ SRSLY this
tastes like the bomb dot com its super delish
that seaweed from the tuna-mayo that has that softened soggy feel
gives it a really yummy flavor and I’m loving having rice plus noodles if I wanted to make these with what we have here
in Japan… how exactly do I go about re-creating this? and I feel as though these instant noodles
go better in this than pasta noodles and this sauce is waaay tastier than the sauces
in cup yakisobas and I feel as though the spicy ?pooldakk? sauce
makes the napolitan sauce taste waaay better maybe if I take a napolitan ramen and then dump a whole
lot of tabasco on top of it and some cheese…. perhaps it might taste similar if I made it the same way? ~I wonder….~ the cheese is all melty last mouthful itadakimasu this particular dish actually has a name to it Mak meal meal was soooo delish I just realized something…. that burner was super dangerous
next time I use it I’ll do it in an appropriate place
~I’m so sorry~ I think I stumbled onto something though…
cheese melted with a burner tastes waaay better than microwaved that flame kissed flavor made the cheese taste so good next up I’ll eat 4 of these tuna-mayo ?bibimyeong? inside the package we have the sauce packet and and I believe these are the toppings we add at the end and we make this just like you do with any other
instant noodle or spaghetti once the noodles have boiled…. we add the sauce I totally thought that tuna-mayo would
be coming out of this but its just a bit different mix plate it
then we add this ahhh its something like basil maybe its parsley
tadaa its done I love this green and yellow combination it looks so
Kawaii and so fancy and to top this off I’m thinking some
soft boiled eggs would be perfect tadaa it looks even tastier
very italian-like and the person who sent me this said
that onigiri would be a perfect accompaniment salt onigiri, and apparently
pickled plum onigiri would be very yummy as well there is also some salmon and mentaiko fish eggs as well
itadakimasu oooh… oh lets try the first bite without
mixing it with the egg it has a tuna-like aroma to it but…
it also smells sort of like clams as well holy ~~ this tastes amaaaaaazzzinggg to me it reminds me of vongole pasta
its got that mellow mayo flavor with a nice amount of sweetness it
tastes amazing this tastes amazing but
omg I can’t buy this here in Japan I’m totally in shock by how good it tastes I’ll try this with some musubi and I’ll now eat this with the egg was there ever a doubt? it definitely tastes
so yummy mixed with the runny egg I should have prepped 4 eggs I know I’m topping carbs on top of carbs but
rice and noodles are so yummy together this onigiri is…. salmon this one is pickled plum the flavor of the plum and the noodles go so nicely together
that sour flavor goes perfectly with this last onigiri is…. mentaiko fish egg lol I’m saying just as I’m finishing this dish but..
it was topped with tuna last mouthful itadakimasu all done
gochisosamadeshita the tuna mayo ?bibim?
was super delish it was super tasty and the sauce really
stuck nicely to the noodles it was a tuna mayo based dish but the mayo didn’t
Really have much of a sour tang to it I felt it was a very sweet and mild sort of sauce and the dish I started off with the Mak dinner
with the instant spaghetti and the ?puldakk? noodles and these tuna mayo noodles were so yummy special thanks to the viewer who sent me these
and told me about the recipe I’m so heartbroken that I can’t purchase these here in japan
~wonder if they’ll release them here~ it was so yummy and if you have a chance to try them
won’t you give them a try? and as always thanks for watching and if you would like
me to eat something or try something please tell me in the comment section or via twitter and if you liked
this video please hit the like and sub button BAI BAI

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    마크정식은 떡볶이 스파게티 소세지 치즈가 마크정식인데..

  3. おはようございます! 私は韓国のファンです
    どうして同チャンネルに聞こえるようになったのにおいしくて楽しく食べるみたいで購読して行きます ♥

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  11. Hi Yuka, I'm Yuna from Singapore. I miss watching you having your ramen or rice with ONSEN TAMAGO. Please have a video with ONSEN TAMAGO soon. Please teach me how to make ONSEN TAMAGO nehhh 😉

  12. おにぎりは最初から食べるものじゃないですよ!最後に残ったソースと少しの麺をつけて食べるんです!混ぜても美味しいとは思いますが.

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