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Soften the softened butter at room temperature
Add sugar powder and mix well
Add salt
You have to whip enough to get a crispy cookie
Mix vanilla extract and half of the egg
Eggs must be at room temperature and separated, through pouring
Add the other half of the egg and mix well
There was a lot of powder, so I divided it in two and put it in a sieve
It’s a mixture of powerful powder, almond flour, and baking powder
Mix it well with a spatula
There’s a lot of powder, so you don’t have to mix it lightly ^^
Put a little bit of dough on another bowl
It’s enough to make the red part of the surface
Add the red and black pigments and color the teeth by hand
Please put on the heritage site
Cover another sheet of heritage paper and spread it out in a wide square.
Take a little bit of the dough on another ball
Add green and black pigments
I make it long on a heritage place and harden it in a fridge
Place the remaining dough on the paper and roll it tightly using a scraper to make a round shape.
Add some dough while pushing with a scraper
This dough cakes in the freezer *
While the dough is hardening in the fridge, make some apples to sand the cookies.
Put small chopped apples and sugar in a saucepan
Stir in the middle and boil (medium fire)
If you almost doze, add lemon juice and boil it a little more
Put it in another bowl and cool it down.
Take out the dough from the freezer
Dig the upper center of the dough with a V using a knife
Turn the dough upside down and dig a V-shape at the bottom center (slightly smaller than the top)
Take out the red dough from the fridge, put the dough on top and wrap it in size
The dough is so thin that it quickly becomes soft and work carefully
Please remove unnecessary dough neatly
You have to stick it tightly to make a pretty cookie
Cut the sides and stick the dough firmly
Please push home with chopsticks
Put green dough on top to make leaf shape
I stick it slightly to one side
Slightly wrapped in heritage paper and hardened in freezer for 30 minutes
Cut the hard cookie dough with a knife
The dough is hard so be careful not to hurt your hands
Cookies are swollen, so make the panning interval wider than the screen
I panned like that and it was baked in two places
Put the chocolate chips in the apple seed position
It was a seedless apple, but now it looks like a real apple.
Bake for 15 minutes in the oven at 160 degrees (preheat: 20 minutes at 170 degrees)
Swell up slightly
When you bake and move, the chocolate chips are soft, so you can crush them if you touch them.
Please cool enough
I flipped the cookies, put the apples and sanded the other cookies
Sandy cookies are nice to have
It’s a chubby apple-shaped cookie.
The crispy vanilla cookie is chewed with apple particles, so it’s fun

Thank you for watching ^^

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  2. Görüntü şahane fakat birsürü israf var 😕 hamur parçaları gereksiz fazla yapılmış, işlemlerde gereksiz bir paket yağlı kağıt kullanılmış 🤷🏼‍♀️

  3. I'm probably the only one but the sound in the beginning is like nails on a chalkboard for me.😬🙉 Had to mute during the mixing process. Music would be great! But other than that, love this video! 😊

  4. 히익! 섬네일보고 들어왔습니다 이 음식은 저세상판타지음식! 절대 못따라할 예술이네요. 씹는 소리 bb

  5. シルバニアの羊


  6. I usually love these cooking asmrs but I couldn't listen the beginning of it 😂😂 love this recipe though! My cookies turned out well. Thank you!

  7. Great recipe but holy heck what is with this trend of making all of the noises super intense in cooking videos laltely? Makes me want to punch the screen. Get rid of your ASMR bullshit and please just go back to the good old days of politely not making gross noises.

  8. pleaaaase, I`m begging you, don`t put the microphone so close to the bowl, or put some music on, cause the sound of mixing the butter and other liquids is unbearable.

  9. Could anyone give me an estimate of how many calories one cookie has? It would be cool to try to make them, but I'm on a diet.

  10. I love your translator. I started to doze so I poured lemon juice on myself and then caked in the refrigerator. : ) Seriously, your work is beautiful.

  11. 와❤ 베이킹 하는거 거의 다 따라 해보고 있는데 이것도 해봐야겠네요❤ 새로운 체 너무 이뻐요❤ 로즈 걸드 같은 핑쿠한 색 이뿌ㅜ

  12. These are very cute and not really difficult, especially if one uses an electric mixer. About your chocolate chips…did you literally soften each one with heat and then shape one edge to look like a tear drop? Because in the US the bottoms of our chocolate chips are very round. They will not look like those seeds at all. Did you leave something out of the video or do the chocolate chips where you live come shaped like seeds or teardrops in the package? People might think this is a minor issue but not really. It's the most important design element that makes the cookie look so much like an apple. And if we have to partially melt and shape fifty tiny chocolate chips that's going to be a very long, frustrating task. And Sanding Cookies means Sandwich Cookies. Thanks for the video and the great idea!

  13. The cookies are adorable I really want to make them now and the video is visually very cute ( I LOVE THOSE CALICO CRITTERS!!!) and I would watch it again…. but with no sound… That ASMR was just annoying.

  14. lol the noises of the softened butter mixing was weird
    made my cat super trippy oof, he’s looking at my ipad like “bruh w h a t”

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