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Friends! how are you? I’m Pily!
Welcome to my channel, today I bring you
a very special recipe to celebrate
that we are coming from the 15 thousand subscribers
with a so tasty chocolate cake, with a secret ingredient
the aubergine! believe it or not
this chocolate cake is made with aubergines,
but you won’t taste the aubergine, it will give to our cake
the texture, volume and humidity it needs
super tasty! so, don’t move and let’s see how this delicious chocolate cake with hidden vegetables is made! Let’s start!
Peel and cut into cubes the
later put it to simmer with
1 Tbsp of water over medium low heat
10 minutes later stir the aubergine and
Leave them on the fire for another 10 mins
Remove from the heat and pour it into your blender
right away, mixing at max speed
with the solid dark chocolate until the chocolate has melted
and you have a soft and velvety mixture
now transfer the mixture to a
large container allowing it to
cool at room at temperature
Meanwhile, mix the almond flour, with the cocoa powder,
sweetener, baking powder and
salt, lightly beat the eggs with the
almond extract
then add them to the
aubergine mix
add the dry mix in two parts
mix until well combined
at the end you will have a thick dough
transfer the dough to a mold
previously greased
Bake 25 to 30 mins. or
when you see that the cake has
cracked,oven preheated to
180 ° C – 350 ° F
optionally you can decorate with cocoa
powder on top and chopped almonds
especially for kids who are on holidays already! So, children and
adults will eat vegetables through
a delicious but healthy
chocolate cake, you can decorate it
with almonds as I did,
but you can also add
pistachios or chocolate powder or melted,
nuts or fruits of your
you won’t believe how amazing it tastes
It is also quite humid,
when you have it in your mouth
you taste the chocolate flavors
your family and friends, they’re going
to love it and they won’t believe that there is
Hidden vegetables, you can keep it
in the refrigerator until about 8 days
but I recommend you do not keep
many days in it because it goes away
to start drying,
prepare it for that summer party, for
your friends, for your family, for yourself and
you’re going to love it, it’s very important
let this cake in the oven
between 25 or 30 minutes or when
You see that it starts to cracking
then remove it
from the oven
you can exchange the flour
almonds for any other of your
preference, just be careful
if you aren’t
following a keto or LC lifestyle
as these recipes are,
when you go to exchange the flour
I suggest doing it for another LC flour
Many have asked me if
they can exchange the almond or coconut flour by oatmeal,
for chickpea flour, rice flour, etc., you can do it yes,
however, it is not recommended because
you are trying to lose weight, these flours
can sabotage your goals,
Beware of the exchanges you make.
celebrate any occasion with this delicious cake
now, I have my fork ready to
Try this so good chocolate cake!
super delicious, it’s
a very moist cake like I told you before
and also when you have it
in your mouth it melts in your mouth
Widely recommended! Make it!
You’re going to love it! and when that happens
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in the next video with another recipe

  1. Wow..gracias Pily!! Lo preparare para celebrar mis 2 años en el estilo de vida cetogenico este martes que biene.🎂🎂🎂 Go Keto💪😎💪

  2. Se ve riquisima…pily … yo como siempre esperaba como todas las semanas tus recetas….y muchas gracias por los videos que subes sobre la dieta low carb
    Para orientarnos y guiarnos en este estilo de vida

  3. No le pones ningun endulzante?Es que al tener chocolate negro y cacao + la berenjena no queda amargo?Un saludo.

  4. Pily! Que bárbara! Cuanta creatividad!! Con lo que me encanta el chocolate!! GRACIAS. Manos a la obra 🍫🍫🍫🎂🎂 😀😋😋😊😘

  5. Que delicia Pily lo haré lo antes posible 😋 y felicidades por todas tu recetas tan saludables, fáciles y exquisitas 👏🏻, ojalá que pudieras poner a la venta tu recetario estoy segura que sería un éxito rotundo 👌🏻👍🏻. Bendiciones 🙏🏻💐😊

  6. No lo podia creer cuando vi que usastes una berenjena para la torta. Vamos a tener q provar esta receta curiosa🍆

  7. Pili que rico quisiera que prepararas ideas de comidas y de cenas fáciles o un meal prep eres tan creativa que sé que tú menú no a de ser tan repetido

  8. La aré mañana, ya q el sábado es mi cumpleaños 🎂 y con eso me festejaré , ya q no como de otros pasteles 🎂 💖💖💖💖

  9. Wow Pily… Increible la creatividad q tienes a la hora de cocinar… Amo tus recetas… Sanas y sabrosas… x fin tengo una forma de q mi hija coma berenjena… Me encanta la energia q trasmites… Un abrazo enorme para ti😘😘.. 🍆🍫..

  10. Delicioso que rico Pily saludos cordiales desde México🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂 recuerda complacernos con una #paella de la ocasión

  11. Haré el pastel de chocolate 🍆🥞 en cuanto junte los ingredientes y te cuento como me kedó… ¡ gracias x tus ricas recetas! 😋

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