100 Years Of School Lunches Taste Test

  1. 14:29 There was a kid in the back there snorting something…
    Well thats the modern school lunch, hiding in a classroom, taking a key bump and hitting your juul…

  2. 8:06 “vy-eena”
    Do people actually pronounce it this way? I’ve always pronounced it “Vienna” like the capital of Austria.

  3. the "cornbread with beanie weanies" that's Corndog Cassarole, its great stuff. my grandma makes it sometimes… OOOOH its gooooood food.

  4. This is the first ever Good Mythical Morning video I've watched. After I watched this video I've been GMM ever since. I love you guys and I love your content.

  5. Goulash originated in central Europe and as a central european that dose not look like the food I love

    We call it golaž in my country

  6. I surprised myself with how Correct I was with my answer. On a more unrelated note Their friendship makes me so happy

  7. They don't know about the GREAT DEPRESSION!!!!!!! Literally they even said this must've been desperate times. What's more "desperate times" than the great depression!!!??

  8. I remember my elementary days when they made homemade food they looked and tasted better than anything I seen on the show.

  9. Im watching this video with my boyfriend he absolutely loves the button ups his birthday is the 20th. Is there anywhere i can find these???

  10. I attended public school in southern CA. ( Redondo Beach) back in the 70s. They had the best school lunches. My favorite dessert was a peanut butter bar. They also served tostadas which awesome too. School lunches were a big deal considering most families rarely ate fast food. At least my family rarely did.

  11. "The only poison I've had is ivy the only man I fear is god no snakes can make me run away cause I've been bit by them all"who am I

  12. I wonder why american schools have given lunches. I live in Singapore and our schools have a small variety of food stalls where you get to decide your own meal and pay for it 😅

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