15000 Calorie Challenge – Cheat Day – Man VS Food (ENG SUB)

I have a craving for nutella ninja, I have a craving for nutella so .. really amazing guys! I missed the ninja cereals ..
really amazing! This is fitness! and super mega pork chop, tiramisu
Homemade this really is this is really food porn! all your ninja … even no! today is my cheat day not your cheat day! good morning table ninja and welcome in a new video as always good evening because it’s 10:37 pm Saturday, July 21 finally
guys another week flew! I’m really hungry if you follow me Instagram
you know that this week for me is it was a week of discharge, in fact
I was off gym Monday and Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday Friday and
Saturday I downloaded guys! downloaded to the gym obviously do not think bad ninja! so I really trained really a lot less guys .. you ninja, here’s the problem! I trained less and I’m hungry! very strange
however this week flew though to be honest it was really boring
because the exhaust in the gym is really really boring! so what better way
to put the good mood if not with a nice cheat day? today cheat day a bit strange in quotes because I have not yet programmed how many calories I will go to eat 10,000 – 15,000 – 20,000 – 25,000 calm table ninja I still have to dispose of my 20,000 calorie challenge first! however we are going to present this cheat day! as usual ninja only one rule! 24 hours to try and eat more
calories possible! this challenge will leave after midnight, that is between 1 hour and
20 minutes, I’m so excited … and of course it will last until the next midnight! well I have you talked about my week of discharge
I have presented you the usual rules of my cheat day what’s missing, what’s missing? ah yes … physical control! via my cannotta … table ninja I’m ready! and weight control! ok for correctness I always wanted to show you the time is always Saturday, July 21 at 22:48 64.7 wait wait wait, if you remember mine last full day of pizza I weighed 65.7 c *** I lost another kg! no table ninja! There is a much simpler explanation
in fact, they have been fasting for 24 hours and this why? because anyway during this week guys I did not loose a lot in the gym then I did not eat much as a result, I always kept on 2000-2100 calories daily, and today I told myself why not make a good 24-hour fast so … let’s save some calories so I can eat more in this cheat day and accumulate less fat! ok I’m ready we just have to start but it’s only 11 and shit guys another hour of waiting .. so table ninja I set up our battle ground set up our food, and we’ll see you soon for the first meal of this cheat day! and finally this time has flown! ninja
table as a first meal this time I have just need a nice carb night!
yes because in my last full day of pizza I seem to have eaten enough salt! so guys it’s time to sweeten up a little bit! then I can not wait to try these chocolate candy charms guys are really anxious to try them … really! of course with my milk! then we have 400 grams of feather bread, this is phenomenal especially with nutella, with
peanut butter, with blueberry jam and you can hear … with the marshmallow! well let me just organize everything well .. are 12 slices of bread and .. carbohydrates can not wait! I have my giant cup for my milk my spoon for my cereals the
my knife for my bread finally Sunday, July 22nd, 12:02 am and table ninja we just have to start! then I left with some bread and
Nutella! I have a craving for nutella ninja! I have a craving for nutella then .. anyway the nutella jar has already been opened is half, however I weigh it before and I will weigh it afterwards so I will see how much nutella I have used here it is, table ninja! first bite of this cheat day! guys … amazing I really miss the nutella! it was a long time since I ate nutella! time for peanut butter! peanut butter! really amazing guys! I would die with peanut butter! really milk! time to taste this blueberry jam! here is white bread with jam of
blueberries .. if you, too, like table ninja like fruit like me nothing, I like nutella jam more! seriously guys! I love jam, I love fruit, AMAZING! and now I’m curious to try this marshmallow here it is the consistency is a bit strange … white bread and marshmallows! really good guys! this marshmallow is really tasty! but I would throw a little nutella! white bread, marshmallow and nutella! much better! awesome! really amazing this is .. my mom … another fantastic combination in my opinion you have to try ninja is peanut butter and blueberry jam .. here it is ninja .. peanut butter and blueberry jam one of my favorite combinations! look ninja .. this is pure sex! now the moment of nutella .. and peanut butter! here’s ninja .. nutella and peanut butter! tell the truth .. this ride I really am
making a throat … Now I want to try marshmallow .. and peanut butter! marshmallows and peanut butter! really good too! this marshmallow is really good just that I bought it in the UK I do not know if you find it here but if you find it, try it! amazing! really really good this bread !! the boys bread along with chocolate, jam, peanut butter, marshmallow goes down that is a pleasure! anyway, time to savor these cereals but first I’m going to wash my hands a bit because I’m a bit greasy .. much better! and here is our super pot of cereal, with ninja milk .. ops .. Lucky charms there are marshmallows and little pieces of chocolate never tried and I’m really curious to try them, sorry I lost a bit of calories .. recover! really good good guys!
with milk that always goes on the table now it always happens! was a little bit that we did not have a carb night at this now no? on our cheat days so amazing! and these cereals are really good I missed the ninja cereals … super giant bite .. if you’ve never tried Lucky Charms and you can find them somewhere buy them! and try them ninja because they are
really amazing! also the original taste is really good but these chocolate … casserole … the cereals are practically finished
let’s continue with our beautiful bread … and soaked in milk even more amazing !!! however this is the best combination! blueberry jam and peanut butter! you must try it! and the last slice of bread
obviously with nutella and milk gone ninja! 00:33
a good half hour of carb night really wanted us! I feel .. regenerated !! I’m already starting to feel the carb coma .. so ninja table I’ll give you goodnight and see you tomorrow morning to continue this cheat day! good morning ninja! it is 8:39 am always on Sunday 22nd July this time ninja you found me already
wake up! what to say .. it was a night really beautiful! I really slept like a baby boys! I really needed to eat a little sugar! I tell you the truth when I eat so much sugar I make of those sleep .. it’s just because I have my breast card I think I would have slept up 6 in the evening, however, do not get lost
traditions then coffee as always as every morning ! caffeine employee now! So, today, I plan for my cardio, as usual, as an exercise bike, because it’s already 27 degrees outside I think today I will do a good hour and 40 minutes, today it takes a nice hour and 40 minutes of cardio! so I taste this coffee, I’m going to do some cardio and we ninja see you later! see you guys later! still here ninja? obvious
that yes because after my cardio obviously I have to go and taste my amino acids, before sitting down at the table for lunch really really refreshing especially with this heat! however cardio gone! 1 hour and 40 minutes of exercise bikes and 1,040 calories
burn and I must say guys that the last night’s carb night’s calories
they really gave me an absurd pump! I really felt in the exercise bike
I was never tired of this cardio it really flew! obviously
also the week of discharge in gym is served, so he had i
its benefits and I can not wait to go in the gym tomorrow with this new one
energy and smash everything guys anyway I end up tasting my amino acids and we ninja tables see you on the battlefield in fact, I’ll see you in the living room with my parents! see you guys later! it’s 12:21 and finally we’re at
board then first brought mess made by my mom
finally, after two years it’s time to savor it! really amazing! very good! good! obviously from a good Venetian red wine! first round gone! and obviously now it’s time for encore and here it is the second course bis! too good guys! however I do not know from you but we call this mess I know that in Italian it would be lasagna, but here is mess! really guys this is really amazing! finally my mom’s kitchen really missed me! and then with the wine … ah this is fitness !! gone! eggplant one of my things
favorite! Eggplant Parmesan! and of course bread! here it is boys it’s not good .. it’s amazing! obviously with bread .. another effect! the last piece! already over … also went this! time of the second! is
this is a really amazing dish very fine homemade fries
obviously! super crunchy! and super mega pork chop! amazing really very good! this is amazing guys !! and now it’s time for dessert! tiramisu
homemade! this time I did it with my mother of course! here it is guys! this tiramisu is not made with ladyfingers anyway it’s made with pavesini! I like it more sincerely .. I do not know how you do it .. amazing! brushed of course! ok ninja lunch with my parents gone now a little break and we’ll see you later for a bit of snack! and here we are again ninja finally in the
our battleground here we are much more comfortable because
we can be even a little rudi no? anyway, I finished my lunch with my parents
parents forgot to show you the schedule it was more or less 2 o’clock in the afternoon
up and down, then an hour went to do a ride from a friend of mine nearby by the pool
in fact, they have already done 4:30 and …. my hunger returned! but how
see above the table there is nothing .. wait và … much better no ninja?
then finally the time came have some ice cream because with this
hot off guys i want to ice cream! I want to cool myself so I have
thought well to use a bit of pan droplets! these are amazing! if you’ve never tried them try them because these pastries
They are fantastic! obviously being years that I do not taste the puppy it’s time to taste even the puppy no? cream! to add with the our pan gocciole, and of course
tube of cream ice cream these are well 500 grams, however, are 16:30
always Sunday, July 22nd and ninja .. let’s start! they are 8 pan gocciole! our beautiful gelatone! this anyway
it is flavored cream, cream ice cream and here is our brioche pan gocciole with cream ice cream! guys this is epic! amazing! very good! they go down it’s a pleasure guys! they are really good pan dripping .. my mom .. this is even more amazing! look what a big donut! these are the things I like fantastic! this is really food porn! this is a snack I would like to do every day! it would be really fantastic ninja! do you imagine !? every day this snack … maybe! ok it’s time to try the nice puppy! this is so much that I do not eat it! here it is the nice puppy!
I remember that as a child I ate it so … I licked it and then I ate the biscuit! very good! It seems to be back baby! I remember once in advertising
They said .. you eat it in 10 bites! do we try to count them? 1 2 3 4! eat it in 4 bites not in 10 bites! however third puppy, easy! It has always been one of my favorite ninja ice creams! food porn for you ninja! all your ninja … even no! today is my cheat day not your cheat day! these really go down like water! casserole! we only have our beautiful ice cream .. ninja boom! and even the ice cream is gone! really a fantastic snack !! it’s 4:50 and now a table ninja I almost make myself one
nice hour of sleep! carbohydrates have started to take effect and put me an absurd sleep! so guys little break for me and we’ll see you later to continue this cheat day! guys, here we are in our kingdom! so I am
a nice hour in bed then I went for a nice walk! an hour of walking and guys outside is a hot one absurd! I sweated like a goat, in fact I still have to take a shower and .. I thought I eat first something then I take a shower
so .. first the pleasure and then the duty! these kinder cards have been recommended to me by you
table ninja, same thing for these choco brownie milka, the fonzies instead I took them because I have not eaten for years but really, I do not remember the last time I tasted them! and these, these are ai peanuts, they must really be really
good guys because you know how much I like it peanut butter and peanuts for me are
life now! however, as always mine is missing diet coke! really refreshing! it’s 19:53 and guys, let’s go and enjoy these snacks proposed by you! I leave with these kinder cards .. I’m really curious! here they are ninja really good! can you see the interior !? inside the cream and really really good! thanks for the suggestion! amazing! the crunchiness is fantastic! the last two ninja .. really good! ok I would go with a bit of salt then … fonzies is a lot that I do not eat so I’m super curious .. beautiful scattered over the table and .. here’s to you, let’s try them! even if we already know them! good .. amazing! And you like fonzies? What are your favorite potato chips? write it in the comments below
so I can take a cue in the next cheat day! the last piece …. very good ninja! ok time to go with these choco milita brownie! stay there! choco brownie of the milka! delicious! really good !! I recommend them and thanks for the tip! these
I’m really amazing! time for these .. these must be really fantastic! already from the ninja scent … they must be truly spectacular let’s try them … amazing I confirm! casserole that good! I found my favorite chips! the last 3 ninja .. delicious and I tell you the truth for me has become my favorite snack! anyway it’s 8:19 pm I’m going
give me a nice shower because I really stink like a goat and get caught more
late for the last meal of this cheat day! and here we are ninja .. my mother that sleep!
I slept two hours and I feel super stoned .. anyway we still have
almost an hour, 50 minutes before us so … why not give us the last meal of the day !? then ninja we have the last piece of
lasagna, the last piece of tiramisu and the last 3 puppies! obviously it is always missing
usual thing .. oh no! this time it’s not diet coke … this is water and lemon
because it takes away your thirst! refreshing! it’s 11.10pm and table ninja let’s go with this mess of course, or lasagna for you .. for me mess … I like to die the mess that makes my mom! It’s amazing !! mess or lasagna gone !! now it’s time for this tiramisu! here it is guys … the tiramisu is fantastic! and also the tiramisu .. gone! let’s go with these 3 puppies … and I must say that the puppy is really refreshing! he was there! let’s go with the last ninja .. and with this last bite of cucciolone .. I declare this cheat day concluded! it’s 23:23 table ninja we’ll see each other tomorrow morning weight control and physical control meanwhile I send you the good night dream a bit donuts and some cereal and I’ll see you
tomorrow morning! night ninjaaaaa good morning table ninja! Monday, July 23rd July 10:36 am! the day after my cheat day and I must say that it was a strange night like there I said last night before my last
meal I had dozed off in bed and then when I finished I’m back and I’m not
managed to sleep maybe I will have taken sleep at 4 am not
I know! in fact, this morning I got into bed! like every day after my cheat day! it’s already 10:30 ninja .. however, control of the body! off my shirt … I tell you the truth today I do not feel bloated at all, indeed and weight control! as always I show you the time 10:42 69.1 I have not accumulated weight, very well and this
because? because anyway it was not a really voluminous cheat day my meals were really high-calorie but not very voluminous then it’s normal that today I do not feel bloated! however ninja I hope you enjoyed this cheat day! if you want to stay with me during the week.. if you want to see my workouts if you want to see my power if you want to see the bullshit I publish start following me in Instagram find me with the name vgthomas1987 Is the most important thing! if you have not yet subscribed to my channel do so immediately click here! ninja it’s time to close the video we do not see you next week just for a new video and in the meantime .. STAY FIT .. & STAY HUNGRY !!!!!

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