$237 Wendy’s Baconator Taste Test | FANCY FAST FOOD

  1. "IDK how we could make it better."
    TRY EATING IT RIGHT SIDE UP, YOU FREAK! You're like one of those selfish psychos that eats Kit-Kat bars short-ways!

  2. I'm so sorry it's come to this, but Davin ate his burger upside down at the start of the vid, THEN AGAIN AT THE END, , I can never watch GMM again . 😲

  3. Josh is a one man show. What a monster. Despite the other dude being in the video Josh carried this video and got 500K+ views. I don't think Link or Rhett can do that if they individually did a video. Keep it up, Josh!

  4. JOSH HASNT SEEN ENDGAME YET?!?!?! Man… so he doesnt know about the part where the Fantastic 4, and the X-Men come help defeat Thanos…

  5. Arby's needs some fancifying. A classic beef n cheddar, maybe with some Wagyu shaved, a $1000 wheel of cheese turned into cheese sauce, and Josh's fancy version of Arby's sauce and bun.

  6. this show is literally the best. Job well done GMM, making space and allowing your talent rise to the top and show their ability to entertain!

  7. Bruh said “eye-lay” Scotch. It’s pronounced “eye-luh”. Two-face palms within a few minutes. At least Josh pronounced Ardbeg correctly.

  8. Davin is my spirit animal and Josh is my spirit guide. Together we will all go on a journey of self-discovery filled with delicious food and stinted yet still humorous conversations.

  9. I've listened to this three times and have finally watched it. Josh's reactions are priceless and I envy his skill and opportunity

  10. Josh makes it so inviting and entertaining, I love that he has his own shows and that they're continuing. Aww yay Josh!

  11. I think Davin may be the perfect co-host/sidekick for this show. His comedic timing and sense of humor works so well with Josh. I hope we get many, many seasons of Josh’s shows. So good.

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