3 Signature Chicken Recipes From Tasty Producers • Tasty

  1. Waiting for someone to bake their chicken cordon bleu with the plastic wrap still on there, since Alix didn’t explicitly say to remove it.

    (Yeah, yeah, I know. Taking the plastic wrap off is common sense. But common sense isn’t always common… 😅)

  2. Please don't compare tasty chefs, like this is better than that, the likes. 'Cause they all are talented chefs and have unique personalities. They have weaknesses, too. No one's perfect. No hate. ☺

  3. 2:49 uhm….is the chicken still wrapped in the plastic wrap? Cause if so then she just cooked it with the plastic….or I'm crazy idk

  4. this video is proof that buzzfeed cares more about quantity than quality lmao, why would you just mashup videos that have already been made? I feel bad for these creators who are so talented and end up burning out cranking videos like THIS lmao

  5. Honestly if you are frying chicken and it's not going to be a super "healthy" dish, go with chicken thighs over breasts. Thighs just have 100 times more flavour than the chicken breast. And always season your meat, don't make unseasoned chicken tenders or chicken anything.

  6. … why is Alvin the embodiment of my cravings? The onion mozzarella rings and the chicken parm garlic bread 🤤

  7. I realllllllyyyyyyyy really love Alvin's dish cuz like seriously who hates garlic bread (with chicken)….but let's be real. I am too damn lazy so I will definitely be making Alix's dish.

    Those 3 are sooo lit. They should do more vids like this, but Rie should have been in the vid as well.

  8. I'll let my mom make them all and then I'm gonna eat them and not keep a bite

    My mom is gonna make them because I'm so lazy to do

  9. 8:23 "I love chicken teriyaki but it can often feel so heavy to me"

    … Therefore I'm gonna fry the noodles


  10. Alexis style is: let's put weird things together in a creative way
    Alvin: I love layers and strange tastes together
    Alix: let's mix two recipes together ALWAYS (but to be fair she always has the best taste)
    Reduce these videos, you can put your extra tips in the orginal video

  11. Have Alix make:
    Pizza stuffed with chicken deep fried with Mac n cheese with more cheese in it baked then pasta and a wrap meat around all of this and then bake this and add a dough with some donut icing Then add more dough to it and add chicken around it then sushi and fish and wrap it in dough and cheese and your done try that!

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