3 Smoothie Recipes at 3 Effort Levels | 60 Seconds vs 12 Hours vs 24 Hours?!

  1. I would love to see a Challenge that limits them to make something delicious with just food out of cans! 😊

  2. I love how you all throw a bunch of shade at each other all the time, but when it comes down to it you all usually have nothing but constructive criticism and good words for one another when it comes down to the end result <3 it’s a very positive atmosphere.

  3. Just on the video title alone… why the hell would you EVER waste more than a minute or two making a smoothie? The whole idea of a smoothie is that it's fast and tasty.

  4. Idea for an ultimate battle, maybe a budget challenge like you guys did with the two chefs but this one is with the three normals BUT the twist is that the amount of money they get is based on their place on the leaderboard, For example first place gets $25, second gets $20, third gets $15

  5. I think it’d be a lot of fun to see you guys react to your pass it on videos. We see all the stress that goes on. I think it’d be fun to see you guys watch each other hide things and understand why the others did what they did!

  6. Wow they all look delish. I might try one of them . Theres this smoothie diet for women that really works. YOu might want to check it out. Click on this link : http://www.healthwellnessreview.com/women/?id=louella77&tid=EMAIL

  7. Everyone is talking about how Barry is bettering himself by turning the hob off and that's great.

    But I'd like to draw some attention to how he cut that avocado. Who cuts an avocado like that?

  8. If youre being sponsored by KENWOOD you have to specifically show it in the video by law and TOS. IIRC there even is an integrated mechanism in YouTube for it.
    I do not really mind advertisements, but this' just a warning as there's a whole lot of people out there giving out strikes reporting and sueing on a whim to cause harm and or benefit from it.


  9. Jaimie won for me. I hate green smoothies, and kefir isn't my thing. Bananas, however…bananas are good.

  10. I want the one with Bens' Bacteria… Yeah, I know. There was something in that just wouldn't let it go

  11. The new intro song really gives a totally different vibe to the show and I'm not super sold on it yet. But I'm trying.

  12. These are fantastic recipes! I didn't think that by clicking on this video you'd be so inventive and out there with smoothies. Great team effort from Sorted. I loved this video.

  13. Cheers Sorted 😀 Like Barry, I laughed so hard at Jaime's 'bacteria for special occasions' joke.♡ #DayMade

  14. I honestly wouldn't want any of those. Ginger, waterkress, kefir – doesn't sound delicious to me, sorry. I am not into smoothies mostly anyways. I don't enjoy the texture.

  15. If you think anyone is spending more than five minutes on a smoothie, you need to rethink your life. Go home, SortedFood, you're drunk.

  16. barbecue 3 ways:
    Pressure cooker, oven braised, and TRUE barbecue (slow cooked over wood smoke, preferably hickory). Pulled pork, ribs, or brisket – your call.
    (Yes, I know all of these have been done on the channel is some manner before, but not as a 3 ways comparison).

  17. @1:10 we need the pluggy plug plug song back.

    Also, side note: if I make a batch of kefir and keep the grains, do I need to make a new batch with said grains right away? Or can I keep the grains another way?

  18. Appreciate how the guys often feature vego/vegan recipes without being snarky about it. Please do a Veg Indian challenge next!!!

  19. Hey guys, what would it be like if you made the normals cook a dish with the recipe using all the scientific names of the ingredients. Potato being solanum tuberosum and onion being allium cepa. A more scientific episode, but would need some head scratching

  20. Barry complains about Ebbers smoothie taking 24 hours for the kefir forgetting that his took 24 hours for the oat milk.


  22. My sister's smoothie recipe:
    (Approximate ratios)

    5 oz Mango juice
    5 oz Coconut milk
    A handful or 2 of spinach
    Blend until smooth
    Add 1 ripe frozen banana
    And a handful of frozen mango
    Blend again

    The greens get smoother when you blend them with liquid first

  23. Dipping sauces three ways? Three types perhaps? Tzatziki, mint yogurt, Thai peanut, blue cheese or ranch… many possibilities.

  24. Do you guys have more smoothie recipes without bananas or avocados? I'm allergic to both and I've never tried kefer before but I'll definitely try it now. I usually put plain or honey Greek yogurt in my smoothies

  25. I tried the banana one today (substituted soymilk) and it's not what I would've normally gone for but it's sneakily good!

  26. I have never ever watched one of your video's with this growing feeling of yukkyness in my mind. Sorry… But, the Bennuendo made everything allright for me 😉

  27. Love the variety of your 3-ways vids! Especially the allergen-conscious parts. More gluten-free recipes or substitute tips would be awesome!

  28. The comment section had become a Barry support group for overcoming his problems with hobs. I too support this.

  29. who drinks 100ml of kefir… that's not even a glass?
    p.s. okroshka with kefir is a blessing during summer

  30. Just made Jamie's banana and peanut butter smoothie (without the turmeric as had none) and it really was so easy to make, and tastes fab. I just hate the clean-up after making a smoothie!

  31. I got some kefir grains from a farmer at my local farmer's market, and she said not to use metal strainers. Wondering what the deal is with that and why you use one.

  32. I would make all 3 … and I probably will, I’m not much of a 1 smoothie kind of gal. (Kind of a smoothie slut if you will)

  33. Since you have to blanch the greens for Barry's smoothie, it would definitely take more than 60 seconds to make. Also, did you intentionally give Barry the most hipster smoothie possible, or was it just coincidence?

  34. Why do you squeeze the avocado???? I get it’s easier, maybe a more lazy way to do it, but you’re leaving so much goodness behind!!!! AaAAaAHhHhhh!!!!

  35. Shut the fuck up 😒😒😒🙄🙄🤨🤨😀😀"the body of the smoothie" quit making words up to try and act cool

  36. Hate to break it to you but 2 of the 3 recipes are pretentious as f***. fermenting milk just for a smoothie?! And why the h*ll would you make a smoothie out of a salad?! A smoothie is fruits, ice, thickener (e.g. dairy), and maybe a BIT of lemon grass, kale, or the like for more vitamins. You guys have lost it. Even your "normals" can't do normal food anymore.

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