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Da – da -da da – shaping balls for vegan protein powder!
It’s so crazy how good my voice is
people come up to me all the time like you should be a singer,
and I’m like I know, I know.
*laughter* You don’t have to laugh so hard about that.
Hello I’m Megan and I am here in the Thrive Market Test Kitchen
and today I’m gonna show you three ways to use vegan protein.
I’m gonna start off by making some protein balls
and this is one of my favorite ways to add more protein into a vegan diet.
I may not be vegan but sometimes I like to eat vegan
and I know a lot of you are, now I’m here to help you.
I want to guide you through this.
Recipe number two, we’re gonna make a smoothie,
and last and final vegan protein recipe, a pudding.
I’m gonna start with this guy!
It is Vega’s Sport Protein Powder.
I’m using the chocolate flavor,
and what I like about this product is it has
pea protein; also pumpkin seed protein and sunflower seed protein.
So it has a lot of good healthy fats, which is great.
I’m gonna do a chocolate peanut butter protein ball.
Mmm that makes me so excited!
This is a different way to bring it into your diet,
and you don’t just have to eat it for breakfast.
You can pop it in a bag or a container,
eat it throughout the day – eat it after a workout.
It’s just another way to easily get some protein – some vegan protein.
*pow-pow-pow-pow* Let’s get started.
Food processor – I’m gonna add 6 pitted dates.
You want to make sure these are pitted,
because the the pits will really mess you up –
mess you up real good.
I like to actually buy them not pitted, because I find that
they kind of dry out without the pits in them,
so quick deep pitting and you’re good to go.
Peanut butter.
If you don’t like peanut butter, or that’s not your jam,
you could use cashew butter or almond
This adds a nice healthy fat, and creaminess.
and then the star of the show, chocolate protein powder.
A pinch of salt.
Coconut oil that’s melted.
Get every last drop.
Is this the tiniest bowl you’ve ever seen?
It’s cute,
and half a teaspoon of cinnamon.
Is there a ninja that could open this for
I got it. I did it.
Okay lets food process this baby up.
This feels like a missed step.
Did you do this?
Alright let’s pulse this.
I just want it to come together,
harmoniously – I want it to be friends.
Let’s take a peak.
See how it kind of it comes together,
it’s not crumbling – that’s what I want.
At this point we’re gonna add some more goodies.
Vegan mini chocolate chips,
and chopped peanuts.
You just want to blend it like a couple times around,
because I still want the mini chocolate chips to hold their shape.
So a little blitz, a little rip-riddit.
Great! Time to scoop.
Ice cream or a portion scoop.
This one’s a little guy.
They’re just a great way to make sure
everything you portion out is exactly the same.
Alright, ooo…aww. It’s okay.
I’m gonna roll him up.
This is a great thing to make at the beginning of the week as well.
If you’re like oh my gosh, I’m one of those people that
want to sleep until the very last moment
before I go to work.
I’m not a wake up an hour or two before and just chill.
I’m in bed, put my contacts in, and then I go to work.
So this is a great way if you don’t
have time to make breakfast –
They’re in your fridge they’re ready to go,
add it to your meal prep.
Once again not just for breakfast,
but who doesn’t like chocolate and peanut butter in the morning. I do.
Alright now it’s time to roll
the balls,
and it’s pretty self-explanatory – you take one in your hand and you roll it.
*Boop* and that’s it, that’s how easy it is to make
These vegan protein balls! Give it a try.
They smell like a Reese’s Peanut Butter
Cup. ooo yeah!
Oh Could tuck into this all night.
This is really good. Chocolaty, obviously chocolate protein powder,
and I like the little crunch
from the peanuts, and the chocolate bits.
it’s a great way to get more vegan protein into your diet.
I have two more recipes coming up, stay
This is number two, and we’re gonna go old school,
we’re gonna make a smoothie.
Feel like that’s a great way to get some protein powder
in your life, and it’s a great way to get some protein
powder in your life in the morning!
I like to actually put all of my ingredients in a blender
in the fridge, and then that the next morning when
I’m rushing, I just add some ice and I blend it up.
I’m gonna use Vega One Botanical Blend,
and I’m using their Reishi Blend,
and it’s a chai spice.
Bonus! This is low in net carbs, so I think it’s great for
a keto diet! I’m always looking out for you… keto-ians?
ket-ket? Ket? Keter… keter kat?
What do you call yourselves? Keto-Folks?
I wish you guys had a cool name, if you do let me know.
Comment: what do you want to be
Alright, let’s get started.
What you need is a scoop of this powder,
and this says to use one scoop with 12 fluid ounces.
You can add water, I also like to
use vanilla almond milk.
But if you don’t have vanilla almond milk,
like I don’t today, I’m gonna use
vanilla extract and just almond milk.
Let’s go low so I can make sure I have the exact amount.
Come on down, come on. Get a little lower.
Good! Vanilla extract. Add this to our
I have some almond butter for added fat and creaminess.
I also have flax seed – this is ground flax seed,
adds a little fat and acts like a thickener. More protein.
This is a chai spice, but I want to add a little more spice
so I’m adding: cinnamon, cardamom, and
my favorite spice because it’s got my name in it.
About a pinch, eighth of a teaspoon.
Just add your ice.
There you go, my chai spice reishi smoothie.
Let’s give this a try.
Mmm that’s like a, like a chai tea latte
It’s really good! Cheers
I hope you make it one more recipe
coming at you.
Last and final vegan protein recipe, I’m going to make
a pudding with chia seeds, oats, and hemp seeds.
But to start it off, I’m gonna make
the base.
I’m using hazelnut milk because I like that flavor.
Plain and simple I like that flavor.
I need two cups.
A little pinch of Himalayan pink salt.
If you don’t have a Himalayan pink salt, you could use a fine sea salt.
Maple Syrup.
I love this squeeze container, it makes me so happy
when I squeeze it. I don’t know why.
It’s the little things
and then vanilla extract, protein
powder, blend it up.
Look at that color. One reason I love
this pudding is it’s so pretty.
I know, know it’s like whatever who cares if it’s pretty?
But you eat with your eyes first,
and smells so good, and I just love
this bright purplish hue.
A bowl and I’m going to pour this in.
I’m adding half a cup of oats, three tablespoons of hemp seeds,
and a fourth of a cup of chia seeds.
You make this, you let it sit, stir it up, make it.
Its best overnight – pop it in the fridge
and then you can eat it the next day.
This isn’t this isn’t an immediate
kind of like overnight oats and chia seed pudding had a baby,
and they hooked up with hemp seeds as well,
and things got weird , and then they got real good.
I just happen to have some already made chia seed pudding under here, that’s so weird.
This is where I keep my my overnight pudding. All right,
so you can see it goes from quite
viscous and loose to thick like a pudding.
I’m gonna show you how I like to eat it:
find the largest spoon you have in your
kitchen, and scoop it into a bowl – step 1.
Top it with whatever you like.
I have two different kinds of granola, I also have
some toasted coconut flakes,
and blackberries.
That looks pretty, yeah?
Alright let’s give it a try. Mmm!
I can taste that hazelnut milk – woah!
I get my protein, it’s vegan, it’s a quick easy breakfast.
Give this a try, let me know if you do!
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I’m using hazelnut milk – did you even know you could milk hazelnut?
I didn’t. No, I did.
You can milk anything with nipples –
That’s not gonna make it, I know it, but I had to say it.
Okay, I know it’s not gonna make it.

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