hey guys welcome to another video so
today I’m gonna be doing a full day of eating I’m gonna be eating 3,000
calories today the reason I chose 3,000 calories because I believe it’s a
pretty good amount of food that maybe a lot of people are trying to
get to or really struggling to get to so you know maybe a lot of hard gainers or
just people who don’t have you know a very big appetite so you know if you’re
struggling to eat enough to you know build muscle or to gain strength I hope
this video will be helpful for you guys you know maybe you don’t need 2,000
calories yourself but maybe some of these meals will be able to help you
guys at the same time we’re gonna keep it very like budget-friendly we’re not
gonna be eating like a whole lot of junk food so we’re keeping it you know nice
and healthy and on a low budget so let’s get started alright guys so to start off
we’re gonna have a burrito and the shake this morning so this is the burrito that
I made today so as you can see here it’s like a tofu stir-fry with some black
beans and peas and I’ve got the store Tia right here I’m gonna add a little
bit of salsa so for those of you I don’t know I like to have a balance of like
plant-based and animal proteins in my diet so that’s why I like to make these
tofu stir fries in the morning another alternative to using the tofu would be
just using eggs as an alternative to this I would probably just use two whole
eggs and then I would really recommend you guys add the peas they just I don’t
know they had such a great like sweet flavor with it and then I do have a
slice of cheese right here and I’ll show you guys the labels in a little bit but
slice back pepper jack cheese and then I just like to add some black beans just a
little bit of extra fiber you can completely skip them out if you want to
this is where I like to do so I’m using a cup of regular milk I’ve
got one regular frozen banana I really like using frozen bananas just add some
stir creaminess I don’t know they just sweeter taste better
a couple strawberries you know completely optional you can add a little
bit of peanut butter here too so I just want to show you guys you know this is
the serving of peanut butter right here no you can see you got the budget weight
protein over here and I’ve also got some whey protein from treated trician calm
but I think I’m gonna keep I’m not gonna use weight protein with this shake I’m
just gonna keep it without it just to maybe keep the cost low I might use it
later in the day it depends kind of where my protein in tickets for the day
but just to kind of show you guys you know you don’t really need to eat
protein you need to use the protein Conners to get your protein intake but
there definitely can be very helpful if you have to resort to like drinking
shakes and that type of thing so you know if I wasn’t having this burrito
with 35 grams protein over here I would totally add a scoop of whey protein
right now but I don’t need it cuz I’m already you know I’m gonna hit around
like 50 60 grams of protein for this meal and it is a little bit better if
you can kind of space it out throughout the day so that’s what my plan is for
right now so like I mentioned it’s gonna be one serving peanut butter one banana
a cup of milk and then over here Scott pre-made like oatmeal so it’s just dry
out meal gonna use one serving dry out meal with one serving of flax seeds flax
seeds are such an easy thing that you can add in that are very very cheap –
it’s like three grams of protein 70 calories good source of Omega threes and
you know they’re they don’t take up a whole lot of volume so you can easily
just add it add it in with everything so I’m just gonna mix this all up and then
show you guys what everything looks like all together so here are the calories
and the macros for each and all together so this is gonna be kind of like my
morning breakfast pre-workout meal whatever I’m gonna go to the gym in
about two hours I don’t know if I’m gonna show any photos today maybe I’ll
just show what my top set is today and then we’ll just go straight into the
food today cuz I know that’s what you guys wanna see so see you soon alright guys you step back from the gym
I had to run some errands as well so I got home a little bit later than I would
like to which means I went quite a bit of time without eating so we’re gonna
have to kind of cram food in from right now to later in the day it’s like 4 p.m.
right now and and he still only had like one meal so I guess what I’m trying to
say is if you really struggle to get your food in just start eating early I
know a lot of people aren’t hungry in the mornings I’m usually not hungry in
the morning but the earlier you eat I guarantee you you’re probably gonna get
hungrier sooner and you’re just gonna be able to fit more food in so that’s why I
recommend that you guys do right now making some pasta this is my snack right
now I can get this open so it’s just some nuts so so I would have just used
sunflower seeds but they’re like really salty so I mix in some other nuts that I
have but they’re so cheap and they’re 200 calories per serving I’ve got two
servings right here just pretend the Pullman seeds or some peyote it’s just
pretty much like the same so 400 calories here then I added a couple of
raisins just – I love sweetness is kind of like a trail mix so 460 calories in
just this little tiny bowl right here so I’m gonna have that and then I’ll show
you guys the pasta so once it’s done alright guys so here’s the pasta two
servings of pasta 400 calories one tofurkey sausage as you can see here 300
calories a little bit of broccoli just get some more veggies in not really
eating a whole lot of vegetables or fruits today but that’s okay the sauce
is gonna have 60 calories or 90 calories I believe I had to check real good but I
mean you can very easily add an extra like 60 90 calories they’re just adding
an extra serving of sauce I added red pepper flakes like my perfect leeks if
you want to increase the calories even more and add like Parmesan cheese or
just regular cheese melted in there but this is what we’re looking at for the
total calories total macros as you can see up pretty good you know and it’s you
know two servings of pasta I mean this is a pretty big bubble right here
alright guys so this is the last meal of the day I have two options here that I’m
going to through the guys real quick so this is a
peanut butter and jelly sandwich as you can see here and a cup of milk now this
is like my secret weapon when it comes to getting enough protein in just
because it’s 8 grams of protein per slice which is crazy as you can see here
it grabs 90 calories so what does that mean that means then a peanut butter and
jelly sandwich or just peanut butter sandwich is gonna be 16 grams of protein
from the bread plus 7 grams of protein from the peanut butter we’re looking at
23 grams of protein right there add a glass of milk that’s 31 grams of protein
pretty solid so you can see very very cheap for this now I’m a little low on
the protein for the day I mean I’m at 156 grams of protein right now which
honestly is more than enough but I’ve been experimenting with a little bit of
a higher protein intake lately and I’ve really been liking it’s where I’m
actually gonna do is I’m going to add a scoop of whey protein to my milk now
it’s still 3,000 it’s gonna go be a little bit over 3,000 calories with the
scoop of whey protein in order to hit 3000 calories of just the sandwich and
that’s the milk I actually had to use as a serving and a half of peanut butter so
that’s what I did there but here gonna be the total calories and macros for the
day I’m sure I already placed them earlier in the video but just so you
guys can see so this is with just the peanut butter sandwich in just regular
milk and this is with the sandwich that I’m eating right now just once or any
peanut butter with the whey protein one of the other options that I could do
instead of having the whey protein is just make another sandwich I honestly
think that they might even be the cheaper route and I’ll do the
calculation for you right here too just to show you guys what it would be and
this is why in my opinion I feel that if done correctly a bulking diet is way
cheaper than if you’re like dieting or cutting I’ll probably make a video on
this in the future just if you guys are interested but I really do think that
it’s a lot cheaper just because you can get your protein in from a lot of like
grains and things like that which are very very cheap compared to when you’re
dieting you know you don’t have so many calories so you tend to buy more
expensive things like meat and you know other products that are you know higher
in protein lower in the carbs in fat so that’s better for you guys I hope this
video was helpful hopefully some of these meals are things that you guys
consider very quick and easy to do it definitely was my opinion this is
probably pretty much what I eat when I’m feeling lazy and I just don’t feel like
doing a whole lot of cooking I mean the most cooking I did was just put a
burrito and make a burrito in the morning and I mean honestly like didn’t
take that long to make the tofu and it’d be even easier if you just made eggs and
you added you know some veggies and beans or whatever it is know just some
sort of like breakfast egg and cheese burrito and then the pasta which only
takes like ten minutes to cook but it’s just is that easy but once again thank
you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you guys next time

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