wooo do you want to burn calories fast
today we’re gonna be giving you five super high calorie burning exercises
using the bodyweight only what’s up guys it’s max owner of Max’s best
bootcamp and we’re gonna get right into these five exercises starting with
exercise number one sprinters now right now it’s cold outside and you’re
probably not going to be doing a lot of running but you can run in place fast
bring them up now each one of these exercises that we’re going to show you
today guys burns 350 to 500 calories in a half hour
so really high calorie burners and we have all body weight exercises today so
exercise number one for our super high calorie burning exercises sprinters the
second exercise is burpees hit the deck now all these moves are designed to be
moving fast but if you get tired for them is important so make sure if the
jump isn’t happening you step back like this sweet
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let’s keep going exercise number three for our super high calorie burners jump
rope grab yourself a jump rope and get working you can even do sprinters that
means seven hundred to a thousand calories per hour so we are not messing
around here with that calorie burn good jump rope now if your jump rope skills
are too hot no problem practice makes perfect
also if you don’t have a rope ditch the Roku going faux rope right here like
this and you’ll never miss awesome all right we got two exercises left today
hope you guys are enjoying this video don’t forget to hit that like button and
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is good content may be good the fourth exercise super high calorie burning
exercises plyo squats with the jump or if the jump is too much for you you can
go to speed squash looks like this no John oh nice and tall at the top and
lunges Pinal lunges also going to be bright up there
so that’s a two-for-one right there guys two-for-one nice yeah
also besides that nice I’m going to show you the last exercise guys besides being
a really high calorie burner it’s fantastic for your core we’re going to
hit the deck mountain climbers super high calories guys and actually question
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an awesome day we appreciate you so much thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you
next time

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