5 Most Common Mistakes Keto Beginners Make

5 Most Common Mistakes Keto Beginners Make.
The ketogenic diet will help you lose weight
faster than a traditional diet as studies
show. Many people who already do keto talk
about how it increases your energy and helps
you think clearly.
Trying this feeding style will bring you great
benefits, of course, only if you know what
you are doing. The following are some of the
most common mistakes in beginners when starting
a ketogenic diet, we will tell you how to
avoid them.
1. Not anticipating an adjustment period.
The first days of a ketogenic diet may feel
very similar to having the flu. If you do
not prepare yourself, you may feel headache,
fatigue, cramps, nausea, diarrhea or constipation.
Your body enters a state of ketosis when your
carbohydrate intake is less than 50 grams
a day, when it passes your cells changes from
burning glycogen as energy to burning ketones,
a strong alternative energy that the liver
generates from fat.
“You are asking your body to do something
it is not used to doing,” explains Dr. Robert
Santos-Prowse, author of The Cyclical Ketogenic
2. Little water.
You should always stay hydrated, especially
when you start a ketogenic diet since you
are losing a lot of fluids and minerals. Drink
at least two liters of water a day and if
you still feel thirsty a little more.
Make a conscious effort to recover the electrolytes
you lose in the urine, eating foods rich in
potassium and magnesium (avocado, tomato,
spinach, salmon, and nuts), you can also add
some extra salt to the food, remember that
by not eating processed food you eat less
salt than you think.
3. Eat meat all the time.
Many people believe that the ketogenic diet
is only to eat meat and bacon, this is incorrect.
In fact, a keto diet focuses more on consuming
healthy fats (up to 80% of daily caloric intake).
In other words, it does not mean that your
plate should be up to the top of meat or chicken,
use moderate portions.
4. Forgetting the fiber.
If after a few days of starting keto, you
feel inflamed or constipated, you are not
alone, many people make the mistake of forgetting
to include fiber in their diet. We focus so
much on fats, it’s easy to forget about other
important things like fiber.
As we are avoiding whole grains, beans, and
fruits, we need to find another way to add
fiber to our diet. We can use foods such as
avocado, broccoli, artichokes or Brussels
sprouts. You can also use some fiber like
psyllium in a glass of water before going
to sleep.
5. Topping up carbohydrates too soon.
Nothing will happen to you by eating a cookie
or pizza once in a while once your body has
adjusted to this new style of eating.
Recent studies speak of a period of 30 to
60 days before your body fully adapts to using
fat instead of glucose for energy. If you
eat carbohydrates before this adaptation it
is likely that you are entering and leaving
ketosis and feeling the symptoms of keto flu
every time you are consuming carbohydrates.
“It is important that you give your body
a month or two of adaptation before giving
it carbohydrates again. If you stay on a ketogenic
diet for long enough, your body will adapt
and can easily switch between the use of fat
and carbohydrates without much effort. This
is known as flexible metabolism, ”says Dr.
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