5 Reasons Your Healthy Diet Will Fail / 5 Razones Por Lo Que las Dietas Fallan

  1. Awesome tips and goals to keep us motivated and realistic! It would be great to see reviews on food processors, blenders, juicers, and making healthier versions of meals similar to the video you did on Buzzfeed desserts.

  2. @ Fit Men Cook  How do you fix number 2? I changed everything cold turkey and now 5 months into it I am stuck at current weight lost 34 lbs at the start but, now nothing.

  3. I know your videos are for men..but i love watching you..you inspire me..i still have 200 pounds to lose but i watch your videos instead of watching how to make cake..so i just want to thank you.

  4. For the fast-as-possible crowd:

    1) No Goal Setting – 00:37
    2) Doing Too Much – 2:35
    3) Not Prepared – 3:40
    4) No Kitchen Tools – 5:37
    5) Unforgiving – 8:34

  5. What causes me to fall off of my diet over and over again is how monotonous the diet gets after awhile and at times it just seems like a chore more than anything…if that makes sense.

  6. Kevin, thanks for the motivating video!
    I have been cooking your meals from the "5 cold meals" due to not having a microwave available since uploading it. These are great meals but after a while it lacks in variety.
    You thought about uploading a part 2?

  7. Great video! Can you tell me your thoughts on spiralizer attachments for the KitchenAid? I have a cheap manual one that works OK, but wondering if the attachment is worth it. Thanks!

  8. Instapot or any pressure cooker. I'm very interested in adding a pressure cooker to my stack of tools, but can't decide on the best option. Not certain if you ever reviewed one, but I would like to see a review. Thanks.

  9. my pit fall is usually when august comes around, for some reason it is always downhill from there. so my goal this year is to make it all the way to New Year's

  10. Hey Kev, im on the look out for a smoothie maker. i dont know what product to go with, nutribullet, vitamix or ninja. want something for those meal replacement smoothie and great snacks for the kids. thx for all you do.

  11. Kev, why you so smart!? I was nodding my head throughout this whole video…you basically summed up why I have failed everytime in the past and why all of a sudden what I am doing now seems to be working (except I need to get on that meal prep train…at least like a little bit).

  12. Hey Kevin, been using my knife for awhile now and notice it getting a little dull. Recommendations for a good sharpener without breaking the bank?

  13. I'll throw in a shameless plug and advertise "5 steps to loving vegetables" on my channel–the perfect follow up video to this!

    I really enjoyed these tips Kev! I currently have a planner where I'm setting all of my goals! Thank you!

  14. What kitchen products do you recommend from kohls that i can get on amazon?
    Tip:I love the dash egg maker
    Hamilton beach steamer
    Hamilton beach kettle glass

  15. This was a great video. Thanks, Kevin! I just started a new job and I'm kind of falling back into old habits of not-so-healthy meals. But I just need to get it together and prep! I'd love to know your opinions of lunch containers. I remember a bento box you used a while back that you liked. I know that's not exactly a kitchen product, but it's close.

  16. Great advice, but small criticism: white text with black borders works on every background. Keep up the good work, you're an inspiration!

  17. Hey kev when it come to kitchen products could you recommend a juicer or blender one that's good, and one that's good for those on a budget.

  18. I have four kids… I homeschool our 14 year old, we have 4 year old twins one twin is HF Autistic, and we have a 10 month old. Seriously I want to meal prep so badly, but it is really hard for me to do.

  19. Kev, thanks for the video man. I've downloaded the app, (the paid option) and watched your videos. Have used your recipes for the past 6 months and have lost 50 pounds 210-160, along with my mom 185-140, and dad 180-160. Thanks so much!

  20. Even though I'm in the UK I really need a good cooking pan set and also a hood knife set! As mine just ain't good enough!

  21. I've been fighting the same 20lbs for a year. I need to lose about 120. I can't find workouts I can do at home in the house that don't require a large person jumping and making the people downstairs experience daily earthquakes. My fiancée has never been overweight. He's 46 and I'm 27. He just ran they Key West marathon this weekend on his 10 hour reset (he's a truck driver) on a whim because he saw it and was like oooh look a marathon. I'm so embarassed that he is so healthy and I'm just a big blob

  22. I don't trust any God as for anyone who dares to question and is willing to understand the reality she or he's living in, there's a world full of amazement and discovery.

    Common sense 1:14

  23. number 2 wasn't really the thing for me. I changed my diet overnight. Got a meal plan and changed. Together with my diet I started working out.That created a shock in my life and it stayed. Ofc this is not the answer for everybody cause we all are different.

  24. Just wondering if you have looked into a sous vide for meal prep? I've been looking at them but not sure if they would be helpful in the long run

  25. Burning out on the same food happens to me. Chicken brown rice and broccoli gets old. I will be adding a new veggie or grain to my meals. Thank you Kevin!

  26. Good day Kevin. I got a KitchenAid stand mixer for Christmas. As I am attempting to eat cleaner I want to know how to incorporate the use of the stand mix. Please any suggestions.

  27. Heya!!! Which book or channel you recommend to have knowledge about healthy diet..like in reading way.. I loved ur video😃😃..keep making such..😀

  28. Thanks for all of the motivation and I hope your channel and app continues to grow. More people should be following these tips as you make it realistic for the working class folks instead of some body builder that has time to spend hours in the gym. No I am not putting down on anyone that does that, as their dedication is amazing, but with work and kids, some just don't have that amount of time.

  29. i keep telling myself that i will go tomorrow…i even start…but then i get lazy…i cant wake up early in the morning…its tough for me…it is just not going the right way for me.
    i am really dying to be consistent and my diet has improved much more than it was before…infact my consistency with the diet is better than going to the gym.
    so i hv to somehow stop being lazy…i feel so guilty when i dont go and i keep watching motivational videos and posts of models on instagram.
    wish me luck tomorrow.!

  30. Another strong video, Kev. I have been meal prepping for years and I can attest that when I fall off I FAIL big time. I'm usually found in the back of a Chick Fil A scarfing the eats. Thanks for a great video.

  31. Adorable video. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas. Prep is the key for me. My jump-off point is getting to the grocery store on Saturday, that's the ticket. If that errand is completed, I'm good to go for everything else.

  32. Hi kevin, I am curious if you shouldn't cook certain items on these skillets you mentioned because I have ruined all of mine. I feel like when I season my sweet potatoe or chicken the seasoning burns the ceramic pan 🙁

  33. I love following you! such ridiculously good content! thanks kevin!!! I was wondering about the copper skillet too — now I'm definitely going to get one! the ceramic ones seem to not do well with coconut oil

  34. fantastic video thank you so much, the forgiveness part hit me it is so very true, 1 bad meal does not ruin an entire week. when you touched on the preparation part a saying popped into my head my mum used to say it all the time … the 7 p's … proper planning and preparation prevents pretty poor performance…all of your recipes and videos are so helpful I hope to use a few of your essentials to set up my new kitchen in my new flat… new year starts in feb for me… thank you from Exeter, Devon , UK

  35. Super pumped about your partnership with Kohls! You always make informative and inspiring videos; they help me and my fiance keep on track with our fitness goals because you have such tasty and healthy meals and it will be great to get some review for quality kitchen products from someone we trust because we are just about to graduate college and get an apartment and we will have to buy kitchen stuff! Thanks again and keep up the good work!!

  36. #3 Just happened to me. I needed to look for something new with the limited time that I have. Also #4 is so important cause you really do need the right tools. If you have the tools you are setting yourself up for success. So true my brother keep these videos going!

  37. #5 really got to me. Thank you so much for this video…I'm a new subscriber and your channel is amazingly motivating ! ❤️

  38. i have a bad sweet tooth! Once to kick my sugar habit I made a card with 7 boxes on it and would check a box each time I ate something with over 20 grams of fine sugar. I made a new card each week with one less box. I found that allowing 3 sugary treats a week is the best way for me to stay on top of my goals without binging on sugary treats because of cravings. I am hoping to shrink that down even more, but this is where I'm at right now.

  39. The thing about patience is the most impotant one i think. I am tying to lose weight. Its not much but i thought i could fix it in a month. Nothing happend that month. Because at first it looks like nothing is happening. I started January 1st. is March right now and now im losing weight every day. Im not losing kilos a day obviously but still its working. I can already see the difference. If it looks like it doesnt work.. DONT GIVE UP! it will work eventually

  40. Thank you for the great videos and awesome advice. I love following your channel. I get so much motivation and great ideas from you. My diet and food choices are excellent, my issue is finding and sticking to the right portions (esp. for carbs), and keeping a food log/journal. I struggle with this, especial now since my schedule is busier.

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