7 Digital Detox Habits to Reduce Stress and Boost Productivity!

  1. Yass!! These are such great Digital detox tips! I’ve been on one since November (deactivated IG- No FB) and I’ve neverrrr been happier!!! Sometimes we just need a break to reset our mind, body, souls and I swear these are so underrated! Thank you for your light, beautiful soul! Tons of positive vibes your way ✨✨

  2. Loved these tips Nikole! Great minds definitely think alike hahah. Also I had no idea/or how I could adjust the screen settings on my Mac, doing that stat.

  3. I always use my laptop instead of my phone. I always turn off the notification of the apps I am using. Thank you so much for this 7 ways to digital detox to ruduce anxiety and stress.

  4. I'm here from Megan's Channel so excited to know about your channel can't wait to get to know you more ☺️

  5. My boyfriend and I have been doing not going on any social media for at least an hour after waking up…usually I just wake up and out of habit scroll through Instagram or fb…I actually really like not looking at social media the first thing when I wake up…sometimes it can already set your mood for the day depending on what you see

  6. Great video!! I’ve been talking about this a lot with coworkers/friends. A great current topic! Thanks for sharing. Also speaking of phones, what brand is your phone case? Thanks!

  7. For many years I made myself unavailable on Sunday evenings. It has been wonderful. To avoid hard feelings I have a cover story that I'm remotely rebooting servers at work. It's true I do that but it only takes 15 minutes not all night 😄

  8. Omg I just stopped ur vid to go find and download a timer app. Lol My phone stays in me 24/7. I need to put it away. But I only use my phone for taking pics when out with my hubby or family friends etc.I can't use those glasses. I wear glasses. Ugg.and I use the dark mode too in the dark for sure.

  9. I have a tip for going a step further: turn your phone black-and-White. It makes it much less shiny and appealing!

  10. You'll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine. Habit will sustain you whether you're inspired or not. Successful people are simple those with successful habits. We get to reach where we are now because of what we constantly do productively each day.

  11. I love Meghan Livingstone's channel. One of the first youtubers I started following. Being immediately available is something I totally struggle with.

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