Alien Food Taste Test

  1. It's crazy but I feel it in my soul that Felicia should be the permanent 3rd on the show. No one would be more perfect. She would complete you lol

  2. For some reason I thought the girl was JK Rowling for a second and went damn they didnt put her name in the title? Then realised it was some random person and was upsetted a bit

  3. Who else was waiting for her to make a supernatural reference or Rhett or link to mention supernatural

  4. you literally don’t understand i love supernatural so much i saw her and i screamed charlie then i realized her name isn’t charlie so i was like FELICIA idk i’m so happy

  5. "I'm here to try all the sci-fi foods!"
    "no, i don't want that."
    "no, i don't want that."
    "no, i don't want that."
    "no, i don't want that."

  6. Might I mention that along with the sci fi stuff she’s in, she was in a Bring It On movie too lmao
    (But most importantly supernatural)

  7. The only disappointing part was that the Poppler didn't have a thought bubble that read, "bye Felicia." And maybe also that the dad from Alf didn't make a cameo.

  8. Tbh when I read the title my first thought was
    Oh yeah so we can relate and bribe the aliens at the Area 51 Raid
    And I oop-

  9. I love Felicia Day but damn she literally looks like she's never stepped outside a day in her life compared to Rhett and Link. She's making my screen glow.

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