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  1. You can learn more about crawfish in the following books:
    Looking for crawfish
    An abundance of crawfish
    Crawfish towns
    The fault in our crawfish
    Crawfish all the way down

  2. Between this and the meat sculpture, I ain't sure which one is more excessively full of tasty creatures.

    Though this looks a lot… Cleaner… Than the meat sculpture.

  3. I have enjoyed the journey that this channel has taken and I can't understand why more people don't watch these videos.
    My goal for 2018 is to introduce this channel to all my friends.

  4. I thought it was such a weird coincidence that I own the same shirt Sarah's using! Then I realized that I bought it from this show! Oh my goodness those crayfish crawling!

  5. Food seems gimmicky and also unappetizing –can't make myself watch these. LOVE the regular ones (to Marfa, to LA, the case for X, etc.); they are a revelation.

  6. Wait, there was no fishbones ? Jk, this was an awesome episode ! Made me remember that I sort of really like Dali. I am going to go make some Tacos now 🙂

  7. The secret of the construction of the tower is to sew the crawfish together by their butts with butcher twine and hang them like tinsel on a Christmas tree.

  8. Sarah certainly has to know how funny she is with the writing in her script, but she never lets on.
    How I would love to go to a dinner party there.

  9. my mouth is watering, while my heart is bleeding a little. i keep crustaciens as pets .. and i love shellfish!
    give humble thanks instead of feeling guitly, and dig in! i would have loved at least a few snapshots of this feast being enjoyed.
    PS :for heads and bones for a good fish stock, look for a russian store in your area.

  10. Bravo bravo – seen two books through your channel I would so love to hold in my hands … by chance I have some uniquely rare art books. Would so love to add to that collection.

  11. It really upsets me that you would kill crayfish. It also upsets me that you would say they go from being alive to not alive in the disclaimer instead of just saying what really happened— that you killed them. You softened what you did to them. crayfish are sentient and you are in a position where you do not have to kill them to survive, yet you choose to anyway. That's extremely disturbing to me. Why would you hurt something when you don't have to? You took away its whole life for one meal. And lobsters and crayfish suffer immensely when you boil them in water too. I used to really love the art assignment, but I cannot support something that condones the murder of innocent creatures. This is not a one-off thing either. I see in the recommendation bar a recommendation for "meat sculpture," do you have a disclaimer there saying that you are using a tortured cow's body to make art out of? I am very disappointed that the art assignment has gone in this direction. It's enough to be surrounded by unnecessary torture all of the time, but then to find it in a space meant for art, a space where I would think people would be more sensitive to the plights of others. I think you have forgotten to be awesome and I ask that you please do better.

  12. I actually made this for a Mardis Gras dinner a year ago after getting Dali's cookbook for Christmas. Bompas & Parr actually recommend a plywood pyramid and a staple gun to attach the crawfish (which I did. . . . ). Everybody was wild for it.

  13. I really like this 👌🏻 not just because is Dali is the interpretation of the Crayfish dish😍😍😍

  14. Shudders every time you say cray-fish instead of craw-fish 🥴

    Also, in case you are ever tasked with cooking crawfish again, which I doubt will happen…but still…make sure the water is vigorously boiling before adding the crawfish.

  15. Come to Louisiana and we gonna show yall how CRAWfish (lol) is really cooked.. spice, more spice, salt, garlic, onions, potatoes, corn, sausage, lemon and cooked live in a big pot of rolling boiling water with all ingredients above. Strain when deep red.. dump on a table covered in newspaper or plastic.. and eat.

    (Optional ingredients.. oranges, pineapples and one time I seen celery) ENJOY!

  16. Personally I have a very bad opinion on Salvador. He betrayed the conceptualism around the Dada movement and anti-consumerism, and turned it into surrealism. Art that was once rejected for exhibition, is suddenly allowed based on popularity of the creator (also what Dada fought against). This went against Duchamp's philosophy and turned surrealist, abstract works of art into a popular form of art. You could essentially call surrealism "Dadaism that forgot itself".

  17. Currently binge watching all of the Art Cooking videos. By far this is my favorite; like I shouldn’t be saying this but now I want some seafood.

  18. As a proud Louisiana girl, I can appreciate this painstakingly assembled crawfish (it’s blasphemy down here to call them crayfish) tower.

  19. Love how the top crayfish is holding a piece of parsley out in its right claw like it's reaching up to plant the parsley flag on top of the summit of a mountain where a million crayfish are all trying to swarm it planting parsley flags….oh, surrealism….

  20. Putting the Crawfish in the freezer for a bit and then putting a knife through their heads before boiling them keeps them from feeling pain

  21. Because I live near the Dali Museum, I've gone there many times with my membership, and have eaten at the Gala Café. However, Dali may likely have experienced mental instability or a personality disorder which few people care to address. His father was abusive which I believe influenced Salvador's behaviors to become bizarre at best.🤔

  22. This is one of the best series on youtube… I love how much information is chocked into one episode and how fun and digestible it is (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°)

  23. I quite liked reading the comments before watching the video, then slowly unraveling what they meant by crayfish tower and crayfish unboxing.

  24. My psychology major brother over heard the part where you quoted how Dali felt about eating suits of arms and said "that's exactly how a schizophrenic's logic works." That explains so much about Dali .

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