Baby Box Turtles Trying New Fruits & Vegetables!

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  1. I forgot continously that turtles have nostrils on their face and it looked like they kept vibe checking thr fruit every time

  2. We were pet sitting a Russian Tortoise last weekend. He mostly eats organic lettuces but also enjoyed some pepper & strawberries. I also found fresh dandelion greens for him. Easiest pet sitting critter ever! We had a box turtle we rescued from a forest fire for over a year, until his claws & tail healed. He loved peeled grapes. Alas, the call of the wild got his hormones raging & he dug out of his enclosure. We live in Georgia & had an acre with a creek, I hope Smokey made many box turtle babies.

  3. I have red-eared slider that I've rescued when he was the size of a quarter. Four years later he is about 5 inches long. I love the turtle but I can no longer keep him. Can you give me some information in how I can find him a new home? Great video!

  4. harriet somehow reminds me of my adorable lil turtle named gray
    i named him that cuz hes grey
    hes an african side neck and hes super chubby and wide

  5. Warning about feeding your animals Beats if they eat too much of the beats your animal will have pink colored urine or red colored urine which may look like a bladder infection or a UTI infection because of the natural dye and coloration that is in the beat itself can turn pee different colors mostly pink in red

  6. I've recently inherited a box turtle from a family member who passed away, I'll try all these out and see what he likes! He's an old man– almost 30– so I think he'll like the soft and sweet strawberries best 🙂

  7. lol omg when you say ‘in the wild they’re not all mushed up’ I suddenly knew exactly what you’re gonna sound like as an old person – very fun vid

  8. Thank you for your advice on eastern box turtle 🐢 because I plain on haveing Eastern box turtle as a new pet

  9. Hello! Looking for some suggestions from all of you (if you see this).
    I currently have a 10 gallon tropical tank with eco earth. It used to hold a pacman frog who sadly passed away recently. (Don’t worry, I cleaned the whole thing thoroughly) I’m looking for suggestions as to what other amphibians/reptiles would be suitable.
    I’m willing to change things such as:
    •layout (hides, dishes etc)

    If the animal is only suitable for the 10 gallon as a baby and will need a bigger upgrade later, I’m willing to do so! Please let me know what you think is suitable for this tank, thank you 💓

  10. Before it became illegal, we used to play host to wood turtles my dad had rescued from the road. We'd let them roam free on a screened-in porch for a few weeks before releasing them back into the wild. Each one seemed to have its own food preferences. One loved strawberries & blueberries; another would only touch banana; still another loved raw hamburger. They were also excellent climbers – they'd dig their claws into the screen mesh and end up six feet off the floor, where either my mom or dad would have to retrieve them. They acclimated quickly to being handled, and were very tolerant of being carried around. They'd pull in their legs & tails, but kept their necks extended – one could almost imagine them enjoying the view.

  11. This is off topic, but I haven't added any plants or tall things to climb on into my new baby corn snakes tank…..should I add any plants or things to climb on???

  12. My friend's Dad had a small garden, and a box turtle problem. Lol He kept telling his wife it was the same turtle, even though he'd drive it a mile away every time he'd catch it looting his tomatoes. The problem was the turtle would eat the bottoms of all the tomatoes it could reach, not just eat one tomato. So he put one small dot of paint on it's shell, drove it a mile away and some time later…. sure enough he came back! Same turtle. Lol Mike put a barrier around the tomatoes, but always set ONE out for the turtle.

  13. I’m finding so much comfort watching these types of videos, my 7yr old yellow bellied slider passed away a few day and I’m so upset, miss you marmalade! 💖

  14. YES please I need box turtle care vids I struggle with knowing if my boy is healthy or not😭 Actually I know he’s not but he’s so picky idk what to do

  15. Come on, we all enjoyed the cuteness of watching baby turtles eating 😍 I was definitely making the “awwww so cute” face by the end 😊

  16. In all seriousness, I love this. And against myself , All I can see is "Etrayue..avoid the nothing"

  17. Corn and peppers are no feeds. Peppers have a low calcium to phosphorus ratio and can contribute to kidney stones and mbd. Corn binds calcium and can cause problems long term. The other foods are perfectly fine though.

  18. Hey GoHerping or anyone who knows i just recently got a ball python and he just ate his first mouse which was not live but he swallowed a little of the substrate which was wood chips and im worried, should i be?

  19. My red eared slider, Jeorgie, ate everything. Fish, turtle food, veegetables, fruit… We'd sometimes hand a lettuce leaf over the water and he'd bite pieces off it until he can't reach anymore.

  20. I also live in North Carolina and one time my family and I were driving in the night and I saw a we drove over a small black thing and I immediately thought it looked like a turtle, I told my mom to stop the car and when I saw it was a very clean polished small box turtle. It looked like it was abandoned considering it was in the parking lot of a shopping mall center. We got it and put it in a pond foresty place and I hope it has an epic life.

  21. Do you plan to become a zoologist in the future? I just recently discovered you so sorry if this is a stupid question. But I work at an emergency veterinarian hospital and in my opinion I think you would be great as a doctor.

  22. I had a box turtle and a red eared slider when I was a kid. If I had a big enough pond I’d love to have turtles. My favorite place to visit turtles is Balboa park San Diego same area as the famous zoo but they have extensive water featured with water lily and many turtles!

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