Hello, our dear friends Today, our family eats some almonds after having lunch. Tom is eating Oishi snack red pumpkin and he shares to Doo his junk food Doo is eating snack that Tom gives him Would you like some almonds? Yes, please Doo…you must be good. Daddy’ll give bro Tom first.. Mom… filming little bro Doo, please Thank you so much, Daddy Let Daddy peel almond shell for you, dear Doo Who dropped your Oishi? Nobody… The wind blows your Oishi down Both Tom and Doo like almonds We’re very happy to see they eat so delicious Almonds are good for children’s brains, help control cholesterol and prevent diabetes In addition, almonds also help strengthen bones and teeth, support digestive system and improve immunity Uhmmm.. so delicious Thank you, honey I can eat it myself. Please peel the shell for Tom and Doo Tom and Doo eat these almonds so cute When eating, Doo also must sits close to his Daddy Do you like to sit close to little bro Doo? Tom loves Doo a lot and always sees Doo as his little brother Little bro Doo eats a full scrotum Doo loves me, Daddy.. Tom always says: I am the older brother so I have to love and protect little bro Doo Hope you like this video Thank you so much for your watching Have a nice and happy day with full of smile and love We always love all of you so much See you next video

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