Bacon Double Cheeseburger Recipe – The Sweetest Vegan Fast Food

  1. Miss Edwards, I could just marry you for the way you cook and the passion you seem to put into that, awesome, even if you burp loudly while you have your meal 🙂

  2. ok.okokok .
    first of all. humans need to eat vegetables and fruits even more than meat. second of all. there is enough food for them livestock dear Cameron. 90% of the weath and 50% of the soy on this earth to be exact. third of all. There is actually not enough food for HUMANS. They don't have money, but they dont have enough land to plant much food themselves. But there are billions of livestock that get stuffed with it. And eat everything.
    How unfair is that? Who is eating whos food now?

  3. Lol. some guy wants you to send him like 100?
    I'm just going to need you to marry one of my sons and help us get Vegan.
    Oh and bring Grandma; we love grandmas over here.
    I've been dreaming of this burger all my life.

  4. I am not either, let's not be marriage materials together! 😀
    Just kidding, keep that channel up, sweetie, that's all we can ask u.

  5. I'm trying to cut down meat for a little,but tried those black bean burgers with some fresh greens salad, GOOD GOD , they were delicious. Thanks for the video <3

  6. i love your recipes, they look all so good ! I want to try some ( i only found you on youtube now and saw like 7 videos ^^) bt my problem is, i am german: i speak english, but your talking very very fast, lets see i i can do it xD but there is also something in the infobox, i hink that will help a lot ! i want to try this burger so badly !!! im so hungry now but its 2.00 😀 😀 And you are great 🙂 you spread so much hapiness out of you ^^ thank yu for the videos !

  7. That was not very nice of you to say. Shocking coming from you. I don't know if you're kidding but I'm sure mooncooninc83 was. If you weren't, then you should learn how to laugh at a joke. This is the internet. People make outlandish ridiculous comments all the time. Also, everything you do is gluttonous. It doesn't make it better because it is vegan. If you don't want people to be gluttonous, make healthy yummy vegan things instead of cake, cupcakes double cheeseburgers and other awful things.

  8. my goodness that sounds divine I'm doing some major research on becoming a vegan and this is bringing me so much closer to becoming a vegan just wish it wasn't so expensive.

  9. Hi Sweetest Vegan, this looks so good I had to try it. But I realized last minute that I forgot to bake the sweet potato 🙁 So I used avocado in the cheese instead and the cheese tastes kind of bitter. Any suggestions to fix it? Rest of the burger was great!

  10. it's only expensive if you buy a lot of mock meats, fake cheeses and processed Vegan foods. Fruit and Veg are way cheaper than meat and dairy 😉

  11. HAHAHA – you got sauce on your nose LOL…

    Thanks for that recipe – My wife and I are going to give that one a try.

  12. I love your videos Tasha, and I almost died laughing when you burped at the end of this one! Nice ending to a yummy video. Lol. 🙂

  13. I am so glade to see that someone can be good and eat healthy and not give into temptation. I cant say I am agenst eating meet and fish but I am agenst killing and crulity . I believe if you see someone kill something eather buy acedent or buy will that god would want you to eat the greature so as for substance to feed you and not let the more anamel have died for no resin

  14. I know you didn't mean to, but the food mess on your face tickled me funny. Which is more endearing to how good the food is, so I definitely will try this out. Thanks!

  15. My boyfriend has been a vegetarian for a year (I've been vegan/vegetarian for 3) and I recently found out when he was a meat eater he loved baconators so I'd love to surprise him with this :3

  16. I tried I but did it a little different and they taste so good thanks for the recipe now I can loose weight with your food

  17. The only problem with vegan foods is that the ingredients are sometimes hard to come by. This does look tasty though

  18. Thank you!!!!! I was getting a little depressed because I tried eating a cheese burger cause I missed it and got a bad stomach ache!
    And I eat mostly vegan cause it works well for my body.

    I'm so happy I don't have to give up these foods! Thank you! I'm subscribing!

  19. I make a mean bean burger. I got it from here

  20. Delightful women and I adore she does vegan recipes but she needs to pace her talking it sounded like you didnt stop to take a breath anyway great channel xxxx

  21. Pleease make more videos! I love all of your recipes. I made your strawberry cupcakes in cake form for my friend's birthday and she loved it!

  22. My friend and I recently went vegan. I was not thrilled because, I thought I would miss dishes with dairy. However, I made your vegan mac 'n cheese, and we both really enjoyed it! Tonight I am trying your black bean burgers with cheese. Wish me luck (I am not a good cook).
    What I really wanted to tell you is how much I enjoy your videos!!!!
    You are so upbeat and happy. Also, you keep things simple enough for a non-cook like me.
    I thought going vegan would be really hard, but you make it seem simple, and fun.
    I also want to say that, if you had a cooking show, I would watch it (I have never watched a cooking show in my life). You are entertaining to watch, your attitude and smile make me feel happy, and you look so healthy!!
    My friend's birthday is this month, so I will be watching your cake video next.
    Thank you for sharing all of your ideas for "traditional family recipes!"
    By the way, do you have a recipe for pizza?
    Thanks, Jenny
    P.S. This is the first time in my life that I have ever posted a coment on the Internet – that shows how great I think you are!!!

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