Well hello. We are back in Lima again. I think
this is like the third round. The third time?
Third time in the last year. Yeah, so we’ve
been coming here quite often and it is lunchtime
so we’re going to go make a video and today
we’re going to be doing a Peruvian fast food.
So there is a place called Bembos which is
kind of like a fast food chain like a McDonald’s
or Burger King so we’re going to go check
it out and see what kind of burgers they have
there. Yeah, and they have some specialty
burgers that are unique to that chain. You’ll
only find them in Peru. Yes, you’ll only find
them in Peru. So, exciting times.
So our food is finally ready. It is not really
fast food over here. It probably took like
15 minutes for everything to come out. But
check out those burgers. We upgraded to the
large size and those are massive. I think
we’re going to have trouble just holding them.
So on the menu they have two burgers that
are Peruvian. So we got a lo pobre which is
this one here. And then we also. Lift up that
one. Let’s check that out. That is like a
really thick burger, a fried egg and we’ll
see what else once we bite into it. And this
one here is called Huachana. And I think it
has some kind of pork. So yeah, those are
huge. Those are like some of the biggest burgers
I’ve ever seen. We also got fries. Here, they
are like spilling over. And for our beverage
we got chicha morada which is a purple corn
drink. Very Peruvian so we had to get it with
this meal. Um, but this might be in soda form
actually. I don’t think it is just juice.
Yeah, and we got some special sauces too.
And some sauces. I got a little bit of ketchup
but I mostly loaded up on this – it is called
aji and it is a spicy sauce. We like our spice
so we’ve got two little pots of those. Now
let’s dig in.
Okay, so Sam is up first. His is hamburguesa
a lo pobre. Yes, and it gets its name from
the a lo pobre. Lomo a lo pobre which is a
Peruvian dish that is really popular. It is
basically a steak with a fried egg on top.
Yeah, exactly. So we’ve got tonnes of mayo
on here. We’ve got a fried egg and one of
the cool ingredients it looks like we’ve got
some fried plantain too. Oh, wow. Oh man,
and then we’ve got the veggies on the bottom.
Man, that is so thick.
It is massive. I want to see you bite into
That was a big bite. Yeah, that is a nice
burger. That is a very thick piece of patty.
Piece of meat on there. And it is good quality
too. I mean it is a fast food style burger
but I would say this is more like a premium
type of burger. A premium type of fast food.
Really really good and the egg is a nice addition.
And wow, those fried bananas, it gives it
a little bit of extra juiciness. I really
like it. Want to take a second bite? Just
for research purposes, you know. Research.
To make sure you like it a second time around.
Some extra plantain.
Oh, yeah. Satisfied boy over here.
Okay, so it is time for mine. This one is
Huachana. I had never heard of this before
up until this morning. And I was trying to
do a little bit of research online and it
would appear that Hauchana is kind of like
the stuffing for a sausage, a pork sausage.
That is what I got out of it. It also has
these crispy little fries. I’m not sure what
these are called in English but I know you
can buy it as a snack. Kind of like crisps
or chips. And what else is in there? Some
lettuce. So let’s just dig in.
This is huge. I don’t know how I’m going to
bite into it.
Nom, nom, nom.
That is a big burger. Wow. Yeah, really juicy.
I’m not entirely sure. I’m still not sure
if this is pork or what. This orange stuff
but it is really spicy. So I like that. It
gives it a bit of extra flavor. And honestly
I feel like you can come to Bembos and just
order the regular size burger and that would
be enough. I feel like the large is enough
for two people. Hahaha.
We’re going to struggle to finish these. Yeah,
but it is also kind of cool how this has chips
in it. I don’t think I’ve ever had a burger.
A hamburger with chips. Like crispy chips.
Mmmmm. Good stuff. I’m usually not a huge
fan of fast food. Sam had to convince me to
come here but I’m glad I did.
Okay, french fry taste test. So one dunked
in ketchup and one dunked in the aji sauce.
Oh la lah.
I’ll try that ketchup first. Mmmm. It’s good.
Yeah, it is you know your classic fast food
french fry with ketchup. I find that it is
extra salty here. Yeah, they really loaded
up on the salt which we like. Salt and grease.
Wow, now that is a unique sauce and it is
spicy and it has got a real tang. That is
good. I’ve never had this sauce come to think
of it. This is my first time to try it and
I instantly like it. So it is cool, I’m glad
that you got us a second thing of it. Yeah.
And now it is time for the beverage. Chicha
morada. Mmmm.
That is nice. So okay, I thought it was going
to be kind of like a fizzy soda drink since
we’re at a fast food chain. But it is actually
the juice. the proper juice. The purple corn
So if you want to have a look inside that
is what it looks like. And yeah, it doesn’t
taste like corn so don’t be scared if you
come to Peru and you’re like they’re drinking
corn juice. It is really sweet. And it also
very refreshing on a hot day. It sure is.
So someone still had enough room for dessert.
I don’t know how that is possible. Not really.
We’re doing this for you guys. We’re stuffed.
For the taste test. We’re doing this for the
taste test. So we got a Doña Pep ice cream.
And this is the Doña Pep. It is kind of like
a cookie covered in chocolate with sprinkles.
Yes, and then down here we have your classic
soft serve ice cream which appears to have
some sparkles in it. So, let’s try those.
Sprinkles and fudge.
He approves. He approves the dessert. That
is a nice way to end things off. Yeah, with
something sweet. It looks like such a magical
dessert with all those sprinkles. Look at
So that was a super filling fast food lunch.
What did you think of Peruvian fast food at
Bembos? Yeah, it was like so much bigger than
I thought it would be. It was a massive burger.
I’m just so stuffed I think I need a siesta
now. And I thought the ingredients were really
cool. Having things like plantain in a hamburger.
Really unique things that I would have never
considered putting in a burger. It was pretty
awesome. And price point.
Price point was forty five Soles which is
about $12 or 13 USD dollars right now. So
that included the two massive burgers, the
fries, the chicha morada and the ice cream.
So yeah, pretty good value and it is time
for us to go take a nap.
Okay, let’s got to the apartment for a siesta.

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