– To fast food and beyond. – Let’s talk about that. (funky electronic music) (fire crackles) Good Mythical Morning. – Are you one of those people
who only shops on Amazon? We can help with that,
check out our Amazon store for shirts, apparel, movies and more. It’s all at Amazon.com/Mythical. – These days there are more
vegetarian burger options than you can shake a stick
at, which is interesting ’cause most of them taste
just like an actual stick. But one company has created a
truly tasty plant-based burger that is slowly taking
over an industry near and dear to our hearts, fast food, and the burger I’m talking
about is the Beyond Burger. – Yes and for months now, select Del Tacos have been offering Beyond Meat
tacos and even more recently, Carl’s Jr. Unveiled the
Beyond Famous Star burger. It looks better in the
commercial. (chuckles) At over 1000 Carl’s Jr.
locations across the U.S. And we’re gonna be trying both of these in Good Mythical More. – But at this very moment, we’re faced with the obvious question: what are the next fast food
items that you get Beyondified, and which ones shouldn’t? It’s time for Stuff We
Try That You Can’t Buy: Beyond Fast Food Edition. Mythical Chef Josh has picked
up some fast food items and then surgically removed
the beef by putting it in his mouth and eating
it and then replaced it with Beyond beef which he
cooked and prepared accordingly. – And we’re gonna taste each Beyond dish and then decide, use that fake meat, or, no thanks, Pete. – Who’s Pete?
– Don’t know. – Okay.
– Okay, now tampering with the Big Mac
in any way may be considered by some to be sacrilegious
but maybe it’s time for us to convert.
– Mm-hmm. Here we have–
– I’ve got the original which we’ll save for a second. – Yeah I don’t wanna
taste that first because– – We’re gonna taste the Beyond one first ’cause we don’t wanna have that, you know, you want the idea of the
Big Mac to be in your mind, not the actual taste of the Big Mac. – Right, ’cause that’s really
not how you would do it. You’d order this and
you’d think you love it. Let’s see if we think
we love it, and sink it. With everything else the same– – I would think I was eating a Big Mac. – A setup for success. – The Beyond Meat doesn’t
have quite the pop, not pop, but like, you move
through it a lot more easily than you do real beef. – Open that up, now, if
we were to compare the two in terms of calories,
given our calculations, it’s 270 calories versus
368 and in terms of fat we’ve got 20 grams versus 33.6 grams. – [Rhett] And there’s
actually more protein in the Beyond Burger patty,
20 versus 16, so, okay. – So let’s just see if we
don’t pick up on the meat and we just thought we did. – It’s better. – It’s definitely better. – But hold on. But it’s not, I was enjoying myself– – Yeah definitely.
– Thoroughly until I started eating that, and then I was enjoying
myself thoroughly thoroughly. I don’t know, especially
because of the taste of the Big Mac, the essence
of the Big Mac is retained. – Yeah.
– ‘Cause it’s really in the sauce and the lettuce
and the cheese and the bun. – I taste a little bit of that Beyond Meat which is, there is a distinct
taste, you finally get to it. But I’m not complaining about that. I definitely think it’s worth it. – Yeah so I think this
one really holds up. So we’re saying Big Mac– – [Rhett and Link] Use that fake meat. – In addition to Frosties and french fries that are best enjoyed
when dipped in Frosties, Wendy’s also has some
low-key delicious beef chili. But should they offer Beyond chili? – [Rhett] Hmm, it looks like
chili that I’ve enjoyed before from Wendy’s.
– Yeah. Good work Josh. How many beans do I wanna get? – I’ve got four. – Do you get the chili a lot because you’re a bean-lovin’ man? – No ’cause it makes me
feel fancy when I get chili at a fast food restaurant
and put it on a baked potato. Have you done that? – Oh so you don’t do it for
the beans but you do do it. – I do do it and the beans are great. The beans make it even better. – This tastes good, again,
having not had this– – The texture, the texture’s
a little bit different but I don’t think I would know that. I would just think maybe
i’m in a different region of the country where the
beef has a different texture. – Did you know that when Dave
Thomas opened Wendy’s in 1969, chili was–
– One of the original– – [Both] Menu Items. – Don’t read my notes and
try to take credit for it. (Rhett laughs) – Also, you know that there
was a 2016 fake news article that said that a Wendy’s
employee had pooped in the chili? – But, that story wasn’t true because of Snopes.
– Snopes proved it wrong. Right. – Yes. – I love having information. – [Link] You said that you think that the consistency is different but I actually disagree.
– Oh you disagree. – Mm-hmm. It’s actually, well, it’s heartier. And I thought you meant
that it was mushier. – I don’t know about that, man. I feel like the original is surprisingly significantly better. They’re both really good though. – That’s not the original,
you’re pointing to that. I just wanna make sure. – The original in the Wendy’s thing. – Yes this?
– I’m not confused. Don’t confuse me.
– Could I be confused? – There’s something about
the way that beef stews and kinda releases its fat in a soupy way that is not replicated in a chili. Like a stock kind of feel. I’m not getting it with this at all and the more I eat ’em side by side, the more I realize that–
– I’m taking Beyond Meat floating in the chili. – I don’t think that it works, man. – Okay so there you have it. Wendy’s chili. – [Rhett and Link] No thanks, Pete. – In 2014, Taco Bell introduced
the Beefy Fritos Burrito, a beef burrito stuffed
with rice, nacho cheese, and, wait for it. Now stop waiting, Fritos,
and guess how much it cost? Wait for it. Now stop waiting again, $1. – $1.
– People absolutely loved this burrito but could
the Beefy Fritos Burrito be just as popular
without the titular beef? – (sputters) Without the what?
– Titular beef. – The what?
– Titular beef. – There is no, what?
– Titular beef. – In this, this is Beyond what? Titular beef. – No, no, that’s not what they call it. Don’t call ’em beef. I don’t wanna do false advertising here. – Now this right here, I’m
not gonna eat this first, I’m just gonna, oh my goodness. – [Rhett] We got a lot more beef. – [Link] Josh, you’re stacking
the deck a little bit. – [Josh] You know, I
gotta do what I gotta do. – Are you being paid under
the table by Beyond beef? – [Josh] Not yes. (Rhett laughs) – [Both] Not yes. – Okay so let’s try the Beyond version. Definitely a lot more beef. You can afford it when it’s fake. – Hey you should work at Taco Bell. – [Josh] Can you give me an interview? (Link laughs) – No. – Hmm, a lot of beef in here. (chuckles) – Where’s the Frito? – I think it’s being overpowered
by all the Beyond beef that Josh decided to put in there. – [Josh] The Fritos melt
after about three minutes. – The Fritos get kinda
soft and just become part of the overarching
experience but I do taste the essence of Frito.
– Okay, all right. – Again, not bad. – I don’t know.
– I’m not leaping for joy. – I feel like the Beyond
flavoring is doing the wrong thing to the Taco Bell mix ’cause
everything at Taco Bell is supposed to taste
exactly like Taco Bell no matter what I even get. – I bit a part that just
had a little bit of beef and it just sings. – [Rhett] Mm. – It’s not even that much beef. – Mm-mm. – And it’s like a soloist in a choral ensemble of ingredients that they sing a bunch of different songs but it’s
really all the same song. You see what I’m saying?
– And then they drop out and it’s just the guy in the
back hitting the big drum and then a woman in the
front singing very high. – Yeah and the lettuce is soggy. – I don’t know there’s just
something about the Beyond beef that is kinda throwing off
the overall Taco Bell essence. – Plus the beef at Taco Bell is titular. – Oh yes it is so I think we’re
saying Beefy Frito Burrito– – [Rhett and Link] No thanks, Pete. – When it comes to famous
papas you’ve got Papa Smurf, Papa Roach, and paparazzi,
but Papa John’s is trying to claw its way back on the list. And if they replace the cheeseburger on their Double Cheeseburger
Pizza with Beyond Burger, could that help repair its public image? – Okay so Josh basically
took a cheeseburger pizza from Papa John’s, ordered it without beef and then added his own Beyond beef. And what’d you say the
price difference was here? – [Josh] Okay so the Double
Cheeseburger Pizza was $17, but when I removed the
beef, it was only $7. It might have been a glitch in the website or Papa might be a
terrible business person. – Okay maybe it’s a glitch, we don’t know. – That’s a hack though,
just add it yourself. – I’ve never had the
nads to order this pizza. – I’ve never, I’ve got lots of nads but I don’t use them to order pizza. – It just feels… Like you’re already ordering pizza, why you gotta make it
a cheeseburger pizza? – I’m losing some of the Beyond beef. I wanna get it on there. What’s this sauce? – [Josh] They call it burger sauce. – Big Mac sauce basically.
– Pretty much, yeah. – Mm. Dang.
– That’s good. – That’s a good pizza, Pete. And then it you go with the original Papa. – Make sure you get some beef. – I don’t know.
– I think there’s a similar thing happening here that happened with the Big Mac. – Yeah well–
– Cheese does so much for something.
– This pizza is imitating a Big Mac in many ways. – I think I might like this better. – It definitely has more meat
than Papa chooses to put on. So we’d have to tell Papa to up his game in his distribution. – I mean, I definitely
think that they should move in this direction because I think it might actually be better. Okay so, the Double Cheeseburger Pizza. – [Rhett and Link] Use that fake meat. – For our final round we
thought why limit these Beyond Meat opportunities
to just fast food? Why don’t we find out
if fancier restaurants should start offering
Beyond Meat options as well. So we turned to the
fanciest restaurant we know. – It’s time for Stuff We
Try That You Can’t Buy: Beyond Olive Garden Edition. – Okay so Olive Garden
restaurants don’t actually have checkered tablecloths
or romantic candlelight. This is just a representation
of how fancy we feel when we eat there and
we’re gonna find out if their classic spaghetti
and meatballs would work as spaghetti and Beyond balls. – (chuckles) Good name, let’s try it. – [Rhett] So you’ve got the Beyond balls. – [Link] It’s a big one too. A little bigger than that. See, Josh is really wanting this to work. You’re a Beyond fan. I think you’re being paid under the tabe. – Mm. I don’t know, man. When you put that much Beyond
Meat together in a ball form, it kinda begins to get exposed. You know what I’m saying? – It needs salt. – Well tell it to your
man over there about that. – [Link] Let’s try this. – There’s just something
about the ball form. Oh. What is wrong, I mean– – Well you didn’t want me to throw it. I didn’t wanna throw it
over my shoulder, that’s– – But why’s it in your hand to begin with? – I didn’t want it to
hit this and taint it. – But why is it–
– This is a test, man. – But why’s it in your hand? I mean there’s no spaghetti in my palm. I’m just using the fork.
– I didn’t wanna eat it ’cause that’s not the point. – Then don’t pick it up. – You know what, I accept your apology. – So I’m really enjoying myself over here. – Yeah but not over here. – No.
– Again, you’re exactly right, I
mean, it’s too much meat that’s Beyond concentrated into one place. I hoped it would work, it looks great, but it’s just not happening, man. – I wanted them to be
able to go Beyond balls, but I think balls is the limit. – [Link] Spaghetti and meatballs. – [Rhett and Link] No thanks, Pete. – So with much plant-based humility, McDonald’s and Papa John’s,
please consider adding Beyond Meat creations to your menus. The rest of you, you just keep doing you. – Thanks for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – I’m Jennifer. – I’m Mark. – [Both] From Sedgefield, South Africa. And we’re freaking out right now. – Thanks for making our day, guys. And.
– It’s time– – [Both] To spin the Wheel of Mythicality. – So Jennifer and Mark are
not that Jennifer and Mark and that’s why they’re freaking out in South Africa.
– Freaking out right now. Yes!
– Click the top link to watch us try Beyond Meat
McRib in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where the wheel lands. Our Amazon tees now go overseas. Mythical Amazon tees are available in the U.S., U.K., and Germany. Go to Amazon.com/Mythical.

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