Carbs vs Ketosis, Understanding the Keto Diet – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

you know I remember hearing that saying
keep it simple stupid and it was about this idea that if you try to make
something more complicated than it needs to be then you end up confusing yourself
and you don’t end up doing what you want to do and I feel like with keto it
really is a situation of if we keep it simple we will do better but when we
complicate it oh my god hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing
Health and Wellness with Violet I’m Violet I’m a psychologist the reason I make these
videos is help people to understand that your mental health and physical health
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who talked about ketogenic lifestyle we talk about health mostly cuz I’m trying
to learn I will admit that I don’t know everything and also when I watch other
youtubers it gives me stuff to research so that I can go and do better research
so obviously I watch a lot of doctors I watch a lot of people who have gone
through the process and talked about their story I’ve talked about my story
with my hip issue and trying to you know figure out like why my hip was hurting
me learning that that was inflammation learning learning that inflammation is
caused by carbs and then my way of getting out of that negative story into
a more healthful story by cutting the carbohydrates out of my life so I watch
youtubers who talked about keto and I also talked about you why am I telling
you this sometimes I watch people and I see that
they’re presenting information in a way that’s confusing for no reason and this
happened to me recently I was watching someone and the person said if you
overeat your carbs so they’re talking to a keto audience and they said if you
overeat your carbs you’ll fall into a grey zone and once
you’re in that gray zone you will not be burning fat for fuel but you’re not
really doing carbs for fuel so that you could possibly stall or gain weight and
I feel like that information is misleading because if I ate my carbs I’m
gonna gain weight it’s not a grey zone its metabolic reality I’m either in
ketosis that for fuel or I’m not in ketosis
burning carp ship fuel it’s one or the other our body works like that this is
the reason that dr. Westman tells everyone 20 grams of carbs are less
total not net because that’s the place that’s gonna guarantee for the majority
of people you are in ketosis because once you step out of ketosis your body
goes back to burning carbs for fuel what happens when you burn cars for fuel if
I’m burning carbs for fuel that means I’m also storing because if I’m not in
ketosis my body is focused on getting those carbs out because it means I’m
ingested too many carbs so our body’s focused on putting those carbs away and
storing energy that’s what my body’s focused on I want everyone to be clear
on what it takes to be in ketosis because if I’m not clear on that I will
make mistakes now here’s the thing what kind of
confuse me is that in this video went on to say that while I’m in this gray zone
my body will store 95 so 90 to 95 percent of the fat that I’m ingesting
but only 75 ish 70 75 % of the carbs that I’m adjusting and somehow this was
supposed to prove that I’m in a grey zone however to me what actually would
make a lot of sense there is that if I have been doing keto for any length of
time that I have actually was in ketosis and then I accidentally overeat carbs
there’s a high likelihood that of the carbs that I’ve over eaten I’m not going
to be as high as what I was when I was eating normally so I’m not it’s not that
I’ve eaten 300 grams of carbs like I used to do in my previous life chances
are that I might have eaten 30 grams I might be eating 40 grams even if I’ve
eaten 50 or 60 grams so if I’ve over in my carbs and so that would mean that
when it’s time to put energy away because I tend to eat high
at my body putting away 95% of the fat because it’s present versus only being
able to put 70 to 75% of the carbs away as fat so he’s talking about as fat so
rather than using it as energy they’re being put away as fat would make sense
because I didn’t eat 300 grams of carbs if I’ve only gone over by a small
portion then when my body is trying to put it away its it still has space to
put some in glycogen it’s still gonna use some as energy like it normally
would do and then of whatever is left it’s gonna put it away which might be
70% 75% versus of course I’m eating a ketogenic lifestyle the amount of fat
that I had eaten that day probably was still normal so of course I now I now
have a large amount of fat that my body is gonna put away as fact I also have
protein which was it mentioned actually interestingly enough that’s also gonna
be put away because when you over eat carbohydrates any excess energy that you
have gets put away as fat so yes some of the proteins even gonna be put away as
fat here’s a problem is that if I make the statement that this is happening
because I’m in a grey zone but I’m actually not doing is helping people to
understand that every time you overeat carbohydrates your body resumes storing
carbohydrates as fats because it is keeping your carbohydrates under 20
garms of carbs or less total not net that keeps you in ketosis this is not a
gray zone it’s the way that our bodies function some people it’s less than 20
some people have to be 50 in total or less some people have to be 10 total or
less again there’s a little bit of variation depending on your particular
body but what’s more important to me for everyone to understand at this moment in
time is that it’s not a grey zone this is how our body functions
scientists have reported on this doctors have reported on this
if you need more information go see dr. sybers
go see dr. Fung to go see dr. Westman they’re all talking about this
information that keeping your carbohydrates under 20 it’s what’s key
to a ketogenic lifestyle for me it’s really important for everyone to
understand that first of all about 20 grams of carbs or less is what pivots
between fat burning car burning but even more so no matter what I overeat I push
my body of the store if I overeat fat my body will store if I overeat carbs my
body will store if I read proteins my body works or because the key word there
is overeat if you overeat one of the macronutrients
your body will start it’s irrelevant which one overeat is over eat I want all
my longest worries to take the time to understand what you’re trying to
accomplish we’re trying to build the best possible body the healthiest
possible body using the best quality of food that we can and to do that we need
to understand what each of the foods do to us and we also have to stop calling
carbohydrates food which I said in the last video carbohydrates on our food but
that’s a whole other thing if you didn’t see that video please please go watch it
I’ll try to link it but we need to stop calling carbohydrates food they’re not
so let’s do our best to eat healthy and rather than looking for loopholes rather
than looking for gray zones understand that eating carbohydrates to an excess
of 20 grams for the majority of people will take you out of ketosis once you’re
out of ketosis your body is again storing carbs as fats but your body is
also storing any energy you eat as fats because you have excess energy as soon
as you go over 20 grams of carbs you actually have excess energy and it will
all get stored any excess energy gets them I really hope that I clarified that
because we need to understand what our body is doing in order to make better
decisions about what we’re going to eat if you’ve made it this far into the
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again next week because I love making these videos for you guys
I love researching information for myself because it helps me to better
understand how my body works but then I love sharing that information because I
think when we have good information we make better decisions thank you for
watching Mind Blowing Health and Wellness With Violet can’t wait to talk to you
guys again next week

  1. Your favorite low-carb youtubers seem to be similar to mine. I also watch Dr Sten Ekberg and Thomas DeLauer. I have others I watch, but those and the ones you mentioned are the cream of the crop.

    BTW, the Low Carb MD podcast is also really good. You'd like it because they they have (mostly) low carb medical practitioners as guests, and they all bring different insights.

  2. Thank you! When you talked about over eating the message was clear and helpful. I have struggled with Keto and as a diabetic it's the best lifestyle for me. (Tried a lot of options) thanks fir sharing your expertise with us 😊

  3. I had to stop the video to say that I've been doing keto wrong for almost a month and a half. I have 100lbs. to lose and I could not figure out why I was not losing weight. I am at my wits end, and wanting to give up. But I think this video is a turning point… I pray it is. I am going to give it another try, with the clarified info. that you gave….back to the video. Thanks again!

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