Cheeseburgers, Weed & The Seahawks: Chef’s Night Out in Seattle with Josh Henderson

  1. I've been fasting for 8 days so far leading up to 18 and this series is my saving grace.

  2. you hate SF cuz the NFL made you hate them. Can you remember when the whole Feud began? don't be stupid.

  3. Omg that's a Seahawk haha haha dumb fucks just because the dude was a fit African American he isn't a Seahawk the nerve I would whoop they're ass if I bumped into them

  4. Well before hipsters people didn't eat or drink. We all just wiggled around in mud! Fu#king hipsters.
    I swear everything they say is like they just invented it and dare not question where in the F#ck they came up with that brainstorm of an idea!

  5. Y'all hating on that one guy but we all have that friend let's be real, food looks sooooo good right now at 2 AM

  6. “We love the Seahawks!” @5:10 “is that one of the Seahawks?” Typical Seahawks fans…if you can call them that..

  7. Munchies is so hipster/millennial oriented. Fucking gross. I don't know why my Bon Appetit channel suggested this for me. Who gives a fuck about sports?

  8. Seattle is the town that I would live in if I would live in the US. At the nature is very similar to my country, Norway.

  9. i am from the bay area no hate. we both live on the west coast. love. hate if you must. our sourdough is better. ha ha

  10. Beta males! Guys should be ashamed to act like this but they aren’t. Sad state of where the male is in 2018!

  11. It is what it is.
    It’s wonderful to see actual freedom.
    To be stupid, fat, what the fuck ever.
    Haters,,, 😔

  12. These ‘men’ are so goddamn pretentious you can simply tell by their vernacular … bunch of god damn sissy fucks hahahah

  13. SEA-HAWK 💚💙💨💨

    Love from the Basin

    Side note … even being from the country part of WA and having butchered HUNDREDS of chickens … still refuse to try gizzard 🤣🤣

  14. WARNING: There might be a drug reference in this episode of Munchies' CHEF'S NIGHT OUT. Viewers of YouTube, if you're under 21, please skip that part immediately!

  15. If I would visit Loretta's and somebody gives me complimentary marijuana, I would refuse. "Say yes to booze and no to cigars!"

  16. I do want to hate all of this but it’s tough. Being a chef that obsesses with obnoxiousness, facial hair, and getting drunk and high is just hard to argue with. Bring on the loose chicks and it’s really on.

  17. "like" , "like" , "like" , "kinda" , "sort of" , "like" , "kinda" , "sort of" , "like" , "kinda" , "sort of" , "like" , "kinda" , "sort of" , "like" , "like" , "like" , "like" , "like" ….

  18. PBR? Check. Flannel? Check. Gross beard? check. telling everyone hes high like a kid who just smoked his first joint? check. football band wagoners? check. yep these guys are some hipsters.

  19. When guys talk about smoking weed and sex the way these guys do it means they don't regularly smoke weed or regularly get laid.

  20. Seattle! Land of douchebags, racists who don't want to called racist, and passive aggressive assholes!!! And where NO ONE can drive a vehicle properly!

  21. Whats with all the hate? These dudes were just havin fun and enjoyin themselves, sounds like ya'll r jelly xD

  22. Wow how much do I NOT want to hang out with any of these guys… "The Huxley Wallace Collective" named after his kids lol, wow…. and the dork with the hat keeps referring to himself as a "big guy" because he knows he's not… he's got a big gut that's about it

  23. So this is the jagoff that turned the Hollywood Tavern from a lovely dive to a overpriced renovated shit hole.


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