Cheesecake Factory Calorie Challenge

  1. How are the calories that high? That's insane! My daily count is about 1900 calories a day. It doesn't make sense to me lol

  2. The caloric count is totally messed up. There is no way any of these meals is over 800 to 900 kcal.
    I am pretty sure you guys have mistaken Kj numbers for Kcal numbers, which gives people wrong perception of how much they should actually eat in a day.
    I am eating around 4300 lean calories a day, which is around 18000 kilojoules… so honestly 1870 kj for a salad isn't all that bad, which most of the high caloric numbers are contained in the avocado which is great fat and very benefitial for your health.

    Honestly kind of dissapointed by this mistake

  3. I love you guys but personally get a weird vibe off that other guy, Jordan. Ive tried to like him but he kind of puts me off your videos. I cant explain it. Keep up the good work.

  4. Do people actually count calories
    No one looks at a dish they want and sees “oh it has a a lot of calories” and DOESNT order it

  5. My life is a lie….I don’t have a Cheesecake Factory anywhere near me and I thought it was a place that ONLY sold cheesecake..I am disappointed…

  6. so jordans dad is a colorful man…. so hes dad could maybe possibly be cotton candy randy even if he plays that role himself

  7. Definitely the wildest part of this is how a salad has more calories than an Oreo cheesecake. That’s ridiculous.

  8. Glad I just rewatched this! I had forgotten just how hot they look in those biking outfits…especially Link!☺

  9. It's crazy that you guys think the number of calories determines if something is healthy or not. Calories are not just inherently unhealthy. They are required for life.

  10. As someone who has gone through disordered eating, this is why anything from cheesecake factory was one of my fear foods

  11. How can you tell it's going to be a good GMM video?
    1. Jordan is in it
    2. There's a competition
    3. There's food

  12. Are calories measured differently in America? Because in England a slice of cheesecake would probably be around 400 calories. And that salad would nearly fulfil your whole day of calories

  13. 1850 cal for a SALAD?! Is that not lettuce? Is it green cheese? You americans are crazy. I live in Sweden and most pizzas here arent 1800 cal.

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