– I’m Lena and today, I’m on the quest
to make the best guacamole ever.
I’m going to test some celebrity recipes,
some classic recipes, and some
downright strange recipes.
We’ll taste test along the way
until I find my perfect guac.
Recipe number one. Have it
right here on the shelf.
We must always do what
Beyoncé tells us to do.
♪ Okay, ladies, now
let’s get in formation ♪
– All right, I’m gonna hop to it.
So, I’m gonna get this pit out.
Safety first. Always use one
of these to avoid avocado hand.
Avocado hand is when
someone tries to take a pit
out of their avocado without
the proper safety precautions
and they just take it
and they just whack it
and then they cut their
hand and it’s just gross,
and if you’ve seen the pictures, you know.
So, I like to use just
a little kitchen towel,
just for some added support.
And then you wanna use
the base of the knife
to get into the pit. Ta-daa!
One of my favorite people, Beyoncé.
Hers is a very classic;
it’s a good way to start.
Nothing crazy, although she
does require you to smash
the avocado with a spoon.
I will be making smaller
versions of all these
because avocados are expensive,
and I don’t wanna waste
too much ingredients.
So, we’re gonna do small batches of each.
Recipe number two: our girl
Chrissy Teigan’s recipe.
– I’m like, it’s happening!
– [Lena] Ground cumin,
cayenne, garlic powder,
diced tomato, chopped
cilantro, yellow onion, garlic.
She uses cheddar cheese in her guac.
She’s a nut-job, but we love her.
– I love it!
– Recipe three: peach guac.
I’ve had guac with mango
before, but peach sounds really
good to me, so I’m excited to try it.
Besides that, it’s a pretty normal recipe.
You got your typical avocado, lime juice,
jalapeños, red onion.
It also is our first recipe
of the day with jalapeño,
which is kind of crazy to me.
It’s like an integral part, I feel like.
My perfect guac has to be spicy.
Without it, it can just
taste a little flat.
So, our next recipe, we’re grilling
our avocados,
so we’re putting the avocado
straight on the grill,
until it gets like, a little bit charred.
I’m really, really stoked
to see how this turns out,
’cause I feel like some smoky flavor
could be really nice with our guac.
And then we’ll mash it
up; proceed as usual.
Recipe number five comes
from the New York Times,
via this restaurant in
New York called ABC Cocina
that makes a green pea guacamole!
– [Man] That’s nasty!
– I’ve always wanted to try this recipe
because it sounds crazy.
It’s a lot more difficult
than your average guac recipe.
You have to use a food processor,
which is like, one of the
great things about guac
is that you don’t need
any special equipment.
So I’m already a little
salty at this recipe,
but I’m gonna try it, starting
with (mumbles) the peas.
I just put this jalapeño under the broiler
and got it super duper charred.
It’s been sitting covered under
plastic wrap for 15 minutes,
just to sort of allow the skin to steam
and be easier to release.
We’re just peeling off
all that charred bit
and leaving the nice,
cooked jalapeño below.
I just put the peas in the
ice bath to stop the cooking
so they wouldn’t get too
mushy and overcooked.
Going in to our food processor:
roasted jalapeño, fresh
jalapeño, cilantro, salt.
I feel like I’m making
baby food right now.
This recipe got a lot of attention.
Obama tweeted, I don’t
want peas in my guac.
New York Times was never the same.
I think once Obama throws
shade at you, you’re just over.
– Obama out.
(audience laughing)
– So these are five guacamoles
that we are trying today.
– [June] Okay. Beyoncé.
– [Lena] Beyoncé. Very classic.
– It looks the most, like
loose. Almost watery.
– But it looks like the most classic like,
normal homemade guac.
– Yeah. I feel like it
could go a little harder
on the lime–
– [June] Harder.
– [Lena] But I’m like–
– [June] It’s still pretty fatty.
– [Lena] Yeah.
– That’s like a six-point-five, seven.
– Yeah, yeah. It’s passable.
You guys might already be
familiar with Chrissy’s recipe,
but it uses cheddar cheese.
– Yeah.
– [June] Ready. It’s
spicier. Which I like.
– There is a lot of cumin.
– Mm hmm.
– Cheese just doesn’t belong.
– Lime juice plus cheese,
just like, not a good-
– [Makinze] No. I like the spice level.
The cheese just– I can’t.
– But I think if this one
could have a little more spice,
just to oomph it up, this one is
probably better than this one for me.
– Do you guys put tomatoes in your guac?
Do you like tomatoes in guac?
– I think I like it.
– I like tomatoes in guac, but
when I’m normally making guac
it’s like, oh, let me just
throw some stuff together
really fast-
– [Lena] Yeah.
– And I normally don’t add tomatoes.
– [Lena] Yeah.
– But I do like it.
All right. Make sure I get peach.
– I got excited cause I thought those
were mangoes when I first saw them.
– It’s not as bad as I thought.
– I would want the skin peeled.
– Grilled. So this has been
sitting out for awhile,
so it’s pretty much at room temperature.
But when I first pulled it off,
it was like very-
– [June] Do you want it to be warm?
– [Lena] I don’t think I
would want it to be warm.
– [June] ‘Cause I don’t
think I would either, yeah.
– [Lena] Yeah.
– I don’t know how I
feel about warm avocados.
Okay, but actually, I like it.
– I kind of like it, too.
– This is my favorite.
– Yeah. It’s got the like,
the cleanest avocado taste.
I could almost go for
just like, more grill.
Like just keep grilling
all the stuff, right?
– Also, acid.
– Yeah.
– I was gonna say, yeah. It
still needs a little more
lime juice or something.
– [Lena] Yeah.
– But other than that, it’s really good.
– Any peppers, jalapeños?
– Yeah. There’s some jalapeños.
– [June] I just want
more spice and more acid.
– [Makinze] Yeah. I’m a fan.
– [Lena] Maybe I’d grill the jalapeño too,
but not the onion. I feel like
the onion needs to be fresh.
Finally we’ll understand what
everyone was so angry about.
– [June] I’m so upset about this.
– It’s not guac. It tastes
a little like baby food.
– Yeah, also really sweet.
– It kind of heightens the jalapeños’
fruitiness a little bit,
which is very interesting.
I also see sunflower seeds in here.
– Yes. For garnish only.
– Okay, I actually like this quite a bit.
– [Lena] Yeah?
– I wouldn’t say it’s my
favorite, but it’s different
and it’s quite refreshing for a guacamole.
– It’s light.
– Yes.
This one is great. It
has solid avocado flavor.
– This is like service, to
me, at a fancy restaurant.
– [Lena] Yeah.
– But this is what I would
make and serve to people.
– [Lena] Right. Great.
Thank you guys so much.
Lots to think about!
– Bye!
– Ready for round two. Five more recipes.
This time around, I’m really intrigued.
There’s a lot of recipes online
incorporating various
types of dairy into guac,
which I know sounds kind of intense,
but we have a dip on Delish that’s like
a spinach artichoke avocado dip
with cream cheese that’s really,
really good, so I’m trying
a batch with cream cheese.
I’m trying a batch with
low-fat greek yogurt.
Love me some yogurt. And
a batch with mayonnaise.
And also, I saw a couple
little interesting
flavor add-ins online
that I wanted to try.
Worcestershire sauce and we have tequila.
(Lena humming)
– Tequila!
– Let’s do it!
I think we should just start with
the one I’m most nervous
about, which is the mayo.
I am a recent convert to mayonnaise,
and now all of a sudden I’m like,
kinda makes everything taste good, right?
I worry that mayo and
avocado are super similar,
super fatty, and I’m just wondering
if it’s gonna be too much, but you know,
there’s nothing to it but to do it.
(drum roll)
It’s heavy. It’s really
heavy. It’s not bad!
You could not do a big scoop
and feel good about it.
Just too much fat on fat, I think.
I understand the idea of
why people would like it.
It is super creamy and smooth;
it’s just a bit too much.
Yogurt, on the other hand, much less fat.
Maybe I will like it more.
Also nice, actually.
Much nicer than the mayo.
It is a little distracting.
Like the flavor,
you know the Greek yogurt
has a certain like,
astringency to it, kind of
takes away from the avocado.
It’s good; it doesn’t feel guac to me.
Last dairy-heavy one. Cream cheese.
Sort of similarly to the yogurt,
there’s like a nice tang that
comes from the cream cheese,
but I again, just sort of worry about it
kinda sitting like a lump in your stomach.
It’s like, very heavy.
It’s pretty intense.
It does taste good, I will say.
Cream cheese is delicious, and once again,
anything it touches makes it taste better.
Might be a little hard to snack
on something that intense.
Worcestershire Sauce. Did I say it right?
A little bit like, malty. Salty and malty.
I kind of like it, but it
also just kind of steers us
away from a classic,
rightly limey, citrus-ey, herby flavor.
It’s got something to it, though.
I do kind of like it. I’m scared!
The texture doesn’t look too good.
It’s interesting!
If you really love the taste
of tequila it’s not a bad idea,
but it gives you that hit
in the back of your throat.
To summarize this round,
I don’t think I really loved any of these.
If you’re gonna add some
dairy to your guacamole,
I would choose something with more tang,
like yogurt or cream cheese,
but realize that addition
is gonna make it pretty heavy.
From what I have gathered
from the tests of the day
are that adding more fat, not so good,
but adding a little smoky
flavor via charring, very good.
First, I’m gonna preheat my
grill pan to medium heat.
Cut open my avocados and put
them cut-side down onto my
grill pan along with two whole jalapeños
and two garlic cloves
with the skin still on.
I’m turning the jalapeños occasionally,
along with the garlic cloves,
just to get them nice and charred.
And as soon as the avocados
have a nice char marks,
and the peppers and garlic are tender,
I’m gonna just take them out.
We’ll scoop our charred
avocado into a bowl,
along with our garlic, which we will peel.
And we’ll mash them together,
add in some lime juice.
With the jalapeños, we’re
gonna take the stems off,
cut them open, take out the seeds,
and them flip them over and scrape off
some of the darker brown
bits from the skin.
Chop those up, add ’em to the bowl,
with the avocado and garlic,
and then we’re just adding
some cilantro, onions, and some tomatoes.
Stirring it all together,
seasoning with salt,
and good to go!
I’m tasting it one more time,
just to make sure it’s all good.
It’s really good, very avocado forward,
if you’re into that kind of thing.
The onions lend a really good
crunch, very crucial part.
A little heat from the jalapeños,
lots of freshness from the
herbs and the tomatoes.
It’s my ideal.
– This is so good, Lena!
– This is really good.
– [Lena] I’m so glad you like it!
– I’m getting chips all over myself.
– I like the lime flavor.
– This is the kind of guac that
you just don’t walk away from.
– [Lena] That’s okay.
– You all know what I’m talking about.
– Thanks guys. Really appreciate
you guys eating some guac.
– It’s very good.
– Thanks!
– Can I keep it?
– Yeah!
What do you put in your guac?
I would love to hear. Put
it in the comments below.
(electronic music)

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