Chinese People Try Panda Express For The First Time

– Panda Express to me is like
white people’s Chinese food.
(Chinese folk music)
– This is so gross.
– Wow, this looks like a candle.
– It’s like soggy on the inside.
(Chinese folk music)
– If you actually know
real Chinese chow mein,
you’d be like, “This is
American Chinese chow mein.”
– Ew, it smells like stinky feet.
– It actually tastes pretty authentic.
– I think it’s not that bad.
– Wow, you’ve never had
authentic Chinese food before.
– Yeah, this is judged.
– I’d rather eat this than the egg roll,
I’ll put it that way.
– Low standards. (laughs)
– That’s how I end up with her.
– He looks down at Panda Express,
but he eats McDonald’s all the time.
I don’t understand.
– Melanie likes it.
Do you want mine?
– Good job says my grandpa.
(Chinese folk music)
– If you blind folded me,
I’m eating plain rice.
– It kinda tastes like cardboard.
(Chinese folk music)
– It smells so bad.
– It smells like putrid.
– Wow. (laughs)
– It’s really sour. (laughs)
– Yeah, I do not like that.
Nope, no.
– This reminds me of taking shots,
like the bad aftertaste.
– They don’t like it.
(Chinese folk music)
– This is my dad’s favorite.
Like if he were here, he would hate this.
– Oh it smells good.
– Actually it smells OK.
– This smells good, yeah.
– Really? I feel like it smells weird.
– I like this.
– Oh, it’s really salty.
(Chinese folk music)
– Orange chicken is not real Chinese food.
My mom calls it the food
that fools Americans.
– Oh, no, no, no, I know what this is.
Burnt soy sauce.
– Not sure what that is, you know.
– This chicken is sad.
– He had to finish all his orange chicken.
He says it’s so good.
– I can’t imagine anyone
thinking that Panda’s
actually Chinese food.
– But you know what my
dad used to always say
is that you can’t leave one
grain of rice on the plate.
– [Melanie] Yeah, that’s
what my mom always said too,
so I don’t like wasting food.
– Right, did you not get that
when you were younger too?
– Oh no, all the time.
– The grain of rice.

  1. want to have the next best thing to authentic asian culture food? visit vancouver, based off my experience and my own opinion it was hands down my favourite

  2. Come on, people. Look at the food tastes of your grandparents. Would you trust them? Their favorite restaurants are suburban chains. AND Chinese elders are more acculturated to be "nice" in public and don't live in a world where their peers think Panda Express is real, traditional Chinese food.

    Yeah, the younger ones are hamming it up, but their non-Chinese friends probably think Panda Express represents their culture when it doesn't.

    I'm Chinese.

  3. I hated that gray shirt guy throughout the video and when I was done watching it I checked the comments and it turns out everybody else disliked him too lol

  4. I worked at Panda Express and I can tell you that for one, that food looked like it had sat a while before being served. And two, Panda has it on their sign that it is "American Chinese Cuisine". It is not exact Chinese food.

  5. Love how it shows the elders liking it then shows the younger ones disliking it and saying that it doesn't taste like the authentic

  6. Yo elder folks got more supported cause what they said fits the title, chinese food first time trying, and right that they are older experienced Chinese folks who already lets assume they figure out their lives and accept the characteristics of Panda Express, man I love panda express. I had tried a lot of restaurants when i was in China(my uncles opens restaurants too), and love panda express too. Who cares which are better, mathafaka they are different. Real fact too that panda express have dishes that are main from Canton/Shanghai area food system(total of 8 food systems in china), they are stir fried/ sweet and so on. Man i want eat it now, 12am night.

  7. I don't think the Chinese teens actually hated the food they were paid by buzzfeed to act as rude as they want

  8. The younger people seem more to have a dislike towards america itself than the food, they even said its white peoples chinese….I didnt realize liking panda Express was innately a white thing, classic buzzfeed

  9. Baby at the beginning he said “Panda Express to me is like white people’s Chinese food” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. How could it be American Chinese food of the owners of Panda Express are Chinese? Wtf don’t get it. So what are they doing wrong.

  11. All mother f**ckers really trust the food in Panda express is actually authentic Chinese food? That's really sad. I am from China. And I can tell you those are not authentic Chinese food at all. Everybody criticizes the young guy when he is telling the truth. Very sad.

  12. I'm chinese and I've been in the US for 10 years.I walked in Panda Express only once and I walked out without ordering anything. To me the food looked … well I can't say disgusting but definitely didn't impress me in anyway.

  13. Y'all make me laugh, eating FAST FOOD and asking if it tastes authentic.

    That's like asking if a McRib is authentic barbecue.

    We all know it isn't, but it doesn't matter because it's FAST FOOD! It's never going to taste like the original. It tastes like fast food.

  14. American Chinese food is HORRIBLE. One giveaway is the size of the ingredients. In real Asian food everything is chopped fine – no chunks!!!

  15. I don’t get how all these Chinese people here in America don’t speak any English and they been here for many many years 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️Deport them back home

  16. Oh the irony that the younger guy eats a bastardized version of the hamburger. McDonald’s isn’t a real hamburger anymore than Panda Express is real Chinese. A real hamburger Americans have every right to be proud of if done right and is delicious!

  17. The grey shirt guy says wow u haven’t ate real Chinese food before for the chow mien yet he keeps eating it🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  18. Even when some teenagers say the food is slightly good. The annoying ass gray shirt guy is disagreeing with them all the time. He says shes probably never eaten chinese food bit for him, thats the closest he'll get to it

  19. The older Chinese people are being honest, and taking the food as a compliment the younger chinese people are just being harsh for no reason when in reality it’s similar. They just want something to say but probably do eat it off camera 😂✌🏼

  20. Chinese teenagers complaining about non authentic chinese food, yet i bet they love taco bell and call it real tacos

  21. I had Panda Express for lunch and I watched this while eating my favorite orange chicken with chow mein. It was so good and the restaurant had a lot of Asian people ordering. And my lunch was delicious.

  22. Well us Americans change stuff to suit our needs and it is not authentic because we make it like our culture not China’s

  23. I'm gonna be honest everyone's shaming the young group of people because they believe that Panda Express is not good Chinese food and I can completely agree with them iv been too many different Chinese restaurants and Panda Express is literally the McDonald's of the burger world and tbh it's not even cheap and they give you such small portions iv been to better Chinese places that are cheaper have better quality food and also are very generous with the portions they give you

  24. Interpretations aren’t the real thing but if somebodies trying to emulate something you do it shows that it’s a influence and not a jab at someone’s culture and food cannot be owned( least I don’t think)

  25. To all the people calling the boy in the grey shirt an idiot, maybe he grew up knowing what is or what isn't Chinese food. His parents probably inforced that stuff in his brain.

  26. It’s annoying how the teenager on the right actually kind of likes the Chow Mein, and the other two just picks on her for “not knowing what authentic Chinese food is”

  27. I like how the teens kept on saying it’s American Chinese food like yea what did you expect out of “American Chinese food “ it’s literally under 10 for food there

  28. I have ate a lot of Chinese food and I am Chinese. Panda Express is like a different category. Some actually taste like Chinese food but some don’t but are still pretty good. Mostly your opinion. I still eat it. Taste good still. The young people probably are insulting it because they haven’t had Chinese food from China cause food in USA compared to China is pretty different cause of the ingredients sometimes. So they might have a different custom to it. For the older people depending on where they had lived in China taste is also different. It is like the United States. Friend Chicken from California won’t be the same as the South. There are different taste but some prefer it. Also I would have love to try and taste Panda Express food like before they became a fast food. Cause keep in mind Panda Express was founded by Chinese people. I wonder how different it taste or maybe how similar.

  29. Damn you know I kinda changed my opinion through the video. In the beginning, I tried to defend the young people, in the middle, I was like, ehhhhhh and finally I realized those kids were just rlly snobby

  30. China is such a big area that something that tastes authentic to one person from China isn’t necessarily going to taste authentic to another person. The young guy is acting like all chinese chow mein should taste similar to his perspective of chow mein, yet some of the other people find it to taste similar to what they grew up with.

  31. These California-born soy-children prolly had their family come to America in the 1890s and think they are hardcore traditional Chinese. They don't even speak the language and they are saying it doesn't taste authentic, while the ones who don't speak a lick of English want seconds.

  32. The Young Chinese people are bullshitting because they want to act like we don’t know anything but the older folks tell it like it is

  33. Probably one of the most disliked video I came across. I can see why though especially since the comments are flooded with the same thing.

  34. One of the few times in my life I’ve found myself identifying more with older people than young people. The young people were obnoxious.

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