what’s up guys Anton Antipov here Nutrex athlete and IFBB pro and today we’re going to do something a little different
i wanted to show you guys that you can eat anywhere according to your diet even
fast food places so what we’re going to do today is we’re going to go through a
couple of drive-thrus at fast food places and get something to fit our
diets so we’re going to do two scenarios one is when you’re dieting and you’re
cutting down and then the other one is when you’re lean bulking so do those two
and see what we can find our first stop is at wendy’s we’re pulling up to
the menu this place is going to mainly have burgers salads fried stuff so what we’re
going to do is we’re going to get the simplest stuff for the people that are
cutting down we’re going to get a stick to the salad
we’re going to get the dressing on the side people and for the people who are lean bulking we’re
going to get one of the burgers but we’re going to get the chicken patty
we’re going to toss out the bun and just eat that we’ll get everything with on
the side can I get the grilled chicken salad power
Mediterranean can I get the dressing on the side please so we got the extra
chicken to make sure we got plenty of protein in the salad so they got the
baked potatoes with sour cream chives bacon and cheese we’re going to get it
plain can I get number nine no sauce please no mustard no ketchup nothing can
I get a baked potato as well just plain hi how are you
thank you yes all right so we’re going to pull over now check out
what we got for the first meal we got a grilled chicken sandwich it’s perfect so
this is what we’re going to do we’re going to take off the bun we’re going to
take out the patty basically dump this and we got our grilled potatoes um
baked potatoes here you got your lean bulk meal
you got your potatoes you got your clean carbs grilled chicken protein we’ve got
a little bit of a veggie and that’s pretty much it that’s meal number one
all right and meal number two what the hell it looks like they added either
cheese or chicken or maybe both you know what it’s fast food you can’t always get
it perfect or the right way that you need it so we’re going to do old-school
and scrape out whatever we can off of the chicken and just eat what we need so
basically we’re just going to eat the salad
take out the cheese scrape this off and eat it as is you know when on the
go you got to do what you got to do now we’re going to hit place number two to
see what we’re gonna get at our second location we’re going to
try to get a little bit more creative the menu here’s a little bit bigger we
got more variety so we’re going to try to order breakfast and we’re going to do
lunch yeah hi I’m just wondering does the breakfast burrito does that come with cheese yes can I get it without cheese okay great so can I get a
breakfast burrito no cheese we’ll do sausage and then could I get um fresh
brewed unsweetened tea I’ll do the number two the supersonic double
cheeseburger but can I get that without cheese please without any dressing or
mustard you know what I’ll do natural cut fries on the side as well and that
would be it so when you get fast food you just want to make sure that you go
through ingredients and you get what you need and you toss out whatever you don’t
need chances are they’ll modify your order and take out so for people that
don’t eat dairy or they’re like cutting back on their fats you know I always ask
for like if it’s a sandwich or in this case a burrito to get no cheese
so the fats you get are coming from the sausage that was one of the protein
option the other ones were ham and bacon and then the same thing for the double
cheeseburger I mean I’m assuming the patties here pretty fat so fat not phat and so we’re going to get our fats from that and then we got the
veggies then for the carbs we’re going to get I’m going to just eat a couple of
fries and that would be it for that hey good how are you great thank you yep medium fries no cheese right okay and
the burrito is in here as well right okay cool
all right so oh did not realize look at that no cheese didn’t realize the burrito is
so small so in this case we should have gotten two wow this thing is tiny okay so
when you order probably need two of these to satisfy your breakfast cravings
so that would be a breakfast option and we got the burger which is also small and it’s not a double so yeah one I
ordered a double burger and then like here’s your double burger and we’re
missing the other patty but yeah anyway I’m going to call her and get that fixed
but yeah we’re also missing veggies but we did get the fries so we got our carbs
here for those watching their diets you probably shouldn’t have this but if
you’re a little more laid-back with the with that you can get your carbs from
from the fries they are pretty oily though so just
be warned but anyway so we got our protein we got our carbs we’ve got our
breakfast and we got our drink which is unsweetened iced tea that would be that
would be another option at a place with more variety hope this video helps you
guys a little bit more picking certain options at fast food places and just
know that there’s always options you know hope it helps make sure to
subscribe below we’ll see you guys next time

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