Coding your Keto-Mojo Blood Ketone Strips to your meter

It is very important
when you receive your meter
or new ketone strips that you calibrate it
using the code key.
The code key comes in your
bag inside the mesh pocket
and to code it, quite simply,
you place the code key
into the meter like that.
It’ll show CH for checking.
And then it will show the same code, 750,
that you have on the vial of your strips.
In every single box you
will also find a code key.
And it’s generally you will find it hidden
and tucked to the side of your actual vial
in the box itself.
Lets get that out and take a look for you.
There it is.
And this one we will see that this one
is 794.
The code key imparts the
linearity of the enzymatic batch.
This is our way of telling your meter
the electrical resistancy
of that enzyme batch
which is the reactive agent
for measuring ketones.

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