College Kids Try 2019’s Biggest Food Trends | College Kids Vs. Food

– I can’t believe this
is gonna be one of
the most popular foods
in 2019.
– I don’t need any more
vegetables or fruit.
I’m just gonna eat cookies.
– Can I get another one?
♪ (French accordion music) ♪
– (FBE) Every year,
new foods gain a popular following.
With that in mind, we have
some dishes for you to try
that are expected to be
big trends in 2019.
– See, that worries me,
’cause trendy doesn’t necessarily
mean good.
– I’m a little nervous,
’cause I don’t know
what’s going on in
the food world.
– Not even a challenge?
I just get to try foods?
This is amazing.
There’s no punishment?
This is so cool.
– (FBE) So, we will have you
try the foods and then
have you vote on each
if you think this should
be a food trend in 2019
or you think it should not.
– Okay, all right.
I might be biased,
’cause I’m starving
so everything might taste
amazing to me.
– I don’t know about
food trends,
but I’m a huge foodie.
– Okay, I see it.
I see the vision.
I like it.
Let’s get to it.
– (FBE) Here’s your first
trendy food.
This may look like
a normal cookie,
but it has CBD in it,
so it’s up to you
if you wanna try it.
– Ay.
Yeah, I’m gonna eat it.
For sure gonna eat this.
– CBD and THC are
the two components in weed,
so THC is the psychoactive
compound and CBD
is the physical compound,
so it’s more like–
if you’re an athlete
or something,
it’s more like a numbing
agent almost.
– This is just a calm cookie.
This is catnip for people.
– Usually, I’m allowed to consume
anything that messes
with me mentally,
if that makes sense.
For that reason,
I shall not be partaking
in this CBD cookie,
but thank you so much
for the opportunity.
– A little dry.
– Not gonna lie,
I’ve eaten pot cookies before.
Doesn’t taste like
a pot cookie,
’cause there’s probably
no THC or anything like that.
Like you said, it’s just CBD.
It kinda tastes like
a protein cookie.
Where they’re trying
to be healthy,
but they’re not.
– It tastes like–
If you didn’t say anything,
I wouldn’t think there was
CBD in this.
– Tastes like a regular
peanut butter cookie.
I really didn’t taste anything
aside from the intended flavor.
– (FBE) Food and drinks
infused with CBD
are expected to be
a big trend in 2019.
These do not have THC,
so they will not get you high,
but studies show it may
have health benefits
including pain relief,
heart help, easing
anxiety and depression,
and even potentially
reducing acne.
– Wow, no way.
Reduces acne?
Oh my God.
I needed this when
I was in high school.
– Pretty crazy to think
that a cookie can
help your heart
and if it helps my heart,
I’ll eat all these cookies.
I don’t need any more
vegetables or fruit.
I’m just gonna eat cookies.
– What CBD is gonna be
is that for some people,
depending on your level
of anxiety, it could
really replace anti anxiety meds.
– (FBE) Time to vote.
Do you think this should be
a food trend in 2019?
– Yeah.
It’s kind of becoming
a normal thing in LA.
– Yes.
– Yeah, why not?
So you could just
take something more natural
like this.
– Nay from me.
Yay for people
with medial conditions.
– On a scale of one
to hell yeah,
I’ma go with hell yeah.
That’s quite the treat.
– I think so.
I think it’s gonna hit it big.
Can I get another one?
– (FBE) So, here is your next.
– Ooh.
This looks like things
my grandma makes.
– This looks like angel hair
pasta but I know
it might have an Asian name.
It smells fantastic by the way.
I’m ready to just put
the whole thing in my mouth.
– What is up with these noodles?
They’re see-through.
Like plasma noodles.
– It smells a little spicy.
Maybe a little fishy.
It tastes just kinda like
generic meat.
This doesn’t feel trendy to me.
This just feels like
something that anyone
would have ordered
over the past 100 years.
– Mm, okay.
This is what’s up.
This is so good.
I can’t believe this is
gonna be one of the most
popular foods in 2019.
I’ve been eating this
since I was a wee baby.
– That’s a different type of noodle.
I don’t think it has
a ton of flavor and stuff like that.
I feel like I need to add
some spices.
Tastes more like an egg sprout
or like a more natural noodle.
Is that where we’re going at?
We’re gonna get–
this is healthy pasta?
– It’s good.
It’s comforting.
It has vegetables in it.
It’s warm.
There’s nothing wrong with it.
Can I take another bite?
– Are these 3D print noodles?
What’s going on in 2019?
Oh, it smells good.
There’s no seasoning.
Where’s the seasoning?
I’m pretty mixed about this.
Tastes like wet straw.
– I’m really curious to know
the origin of the dish
and also what it’s called.
– (FBE) This is pancit bihon.
It’s a popular Filipino noodle dish,
which brings us to our next
expected trend,
Pacific rim flavors, including
Filipino inspired dishes.
Food trend experts expect
restaurants and staff
to become more influenced
by Pacific rim flavors,
such as tropical fruit,
fresh seafood,
and sometimes some tangy flavors.
I for one have been noticing
more Filipino restaurants in LA.
– I mean, I love all kinds
of international food just
’cause I think it’s fascinating
to see different standards
among countries.
– I think this is kind of
the first Filipino food
that I’ve ever had,
to be honest.
And the more I eat it,
the more I like it.
– (FBE) So, do you think
this should be a trend in 2019?
– So good, yes.
– Yeah.
– I vote yes.
– Hell yeah.
I like it.
It tastes very healthy.
– I’m with it.
This should definitely
be a food trend.
– Yeah.
I’m super pumped
to get more exposure
to the rest of the world.
– (FBE) Here is another
expected 2019 food trend.
– Chocolate!
Just chocolate?
– It looks like chocolate.
I see the letter H
engraved on here.
– Kind of curious about
what this chocolate bar brand is.
– It tastes kinda like
a tangerine to me,
but I feel completely off.
– It tastes like healthy chocolate,
but still really rich.
– Whatever flavoring is in it
is super subtle.
– It’s definitely not bad.
I wouldn’t say it’s
my favorite chocolate bar.
It kinda just tastes like
a better chocolate bar.
I’m gonna try to open
the in–
yeah, see?
There’s definitely something
– I have no idea what’s
on the inside of it,
but it tastes good.
It’s not like a peanut butter
or anything like that.
– I can taste cocoa powder.
I feel like I just took a scoop
of unsweetened cocoa powder.
I don’t like this.
Whatever this is,
we can leave it in 1987.
I don’t like that.
– (FBE) This chocolate bar
is Pegan.
Pegan is the love child
of paleo and vegan.
Pegans have organic vegetables
take center stage in their diets,
but are allowed to eat
a small portion of
antibiotic free organic proteins
including meats.
They stay away from sugars
and processed foods.
What do you think of that?
– I think they tricked me
into being healthy
and I don’t wanna be tricked.
– (FBE) Should this be
a trend in 2019,
Pegan diets?
– Yeah, I mean this
is healthy for you.
– Yeah, I’m very surprised
right now.
I thought it was just orange–
chocolate with oranges in it.
– Yay on Pegan
chocolate bars.
– This is an abomination
of chocolate.
– It’s not gonna be a trend
for me, but if other people
benefit from it,
that’s awesome.
They get an opportunity.
– This could be a trend,
it’s just not gonna affect me.
I’m just gonna eat
a Hershey’s bar.
– (FBE) Here’s your next food.
– Ay, we got some milk here.
It better be some good
almond milk.
– This is not cow’s milk,
I’ll tell you that.
What trendy milk bull [bleep]
are people drinking?
– Ew.
– Yeah, that’s gross.
– Whoa.
I love this.
Oh my God.
– I don’t like that.
I don’t like that.
The texture, it tastes like–
it’s like watery milk.
– It’s really watery.
This has gotta be
some kind of nut.
– I mean, it’s not bad.
I’d eat cereal with this or cookies.
– If I drink milk, it’s to dip
cookies in.
I could dip cookies in this,
so I’m fine with it.
– It’s like I’m drinking water,
but it doesn’t have a taste
except the aftertaste is
tasting like chalk.
– (FBE) So, this is oat milk,
the dairy free milk alternative
being called the new
almond milk,
which has been a huge
trend for a while now.
One reason it is becoming
so popular is it has
a much better impact
on the environment
compared to almond milk
and other alternative dairy milks.
– All right.
I kinda like it.
It tastes like oatmeal,
now that you say it.
It’s got that little gritty taste.
– (FBE) Should this be
a trend in 2019?
– I mean, there’s no
reason not to.
I would totally drink this
or use it in cereal
or dip my cookies in it.
I don’t feel like–
but I think it’s a mindset thing.
– Honestly, I don’t think so,
but if it came into my life,
I wouldn’t be mad.
– I’m gonna say it’s a trend
just to get almond milk
out of there.
Almond milk is gross.
– I’m a fan.
– Heck yeah, dude.
Honestly, I really like
how it tasted.
– As like, “I’m gonna pour
a big glass of cereal
and use oat milk”
I’m not.
That’s not me.
– (FBE) Okay, here’s your next.
– Okay.
– What is this?
Oh, this smells so good.
– Probably beef or lamb.
It’s definitely not chicken.
– That’s good.
What is it?
It looked like cow vomit
at first and then
you go inside and it’s
actually a meat inside.
It’s like a beef
and it’s really delicious
and I have no idea
what it is.
– Has a nice tang to it.
A little rubbery,
but it’s not bad.
– I honestly still can’t tell
if it’s beef or lamb.
– It has the consistency
of pork.
It tastes good.
It’s really good, actually.
– The flavors I’m getting,
it’s a little spicy.
I like spicy.
Curry’s pretty good.
It’s not my favorite,
but I’ll eat it.
I like it.
– (FBE) This is goat meat curry.
– Oh, I think I’ve had goat
before, too.
I should have thought of that.
– (FBE) Food experts expect goat
meat to be a big trend in 2019
for ethical reasons.
Over 100,000 male goats
are euthanized a year
in the UK alone
because they can not
produce goat cheese
or goat milk, which is becoming
increasingly popular.
They feel it would be better
to use the meat
instead of letting it
go to waste.
– I’m down for it.
If it’s seasoned like this,
I’m gonna start eating some goats,
– (FBE) Should this be a trend
in 219?
– Yeah for goat meat.
2019, for sure.
Goat meat tastes fan–
honestly, most people
honestly wouldn’t be able
to tell the difference.
– Yeah, it doesn’t taste
super different from other meat.
I’m fine with going to
a nice restaurant
and ordering a half rack
of the goat ribs.
– Yeah.
I could ride with this
going into 2019.
– I’m hoping to see this
as a trend.
Maybe I won’t have it
in my normal diet,
’cause I’m not a huge fan
of it.
– People are like, “Ew, goat.
It’s so weird.
I’ve never eaten goat before.”
It tastes really good.
Yeah, I would eat it again.
– It sounds weird that I’m
like, “Yeah, let’s go eat
some goats.”
But I’m down for this trend.
– Obviously, most of these
are probably gonna
fall by the wayside,
but we’re moving
into the future.
Things are changing
and this might be the way
of the future someday.
– It’s a fun social gathering
thing to have people
come together and have
a meal together.
I feel like food really
grounds people.
– Especially in a 2019 day and age,
everyone’s still always looking
for not necessarily new,
but bring a new idea
to the table.
– There’s so much more
information that our
generation’s getting
that there’s gonna be
a lot more food trends
and we could have a huge
cultural shift towards goats.
– Thanks for watching us
try food trends
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  2. Not gonna lie… I watch these when I’m hungry. I’m sitting in my car at work and eating Jalapeño Cheetos just wishing I had this.

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  4. Here in the Philippines we have varieties of Pansit but bihon is the most common and popular food for any occasion and the ingredients are flexible can be any meat.

  5. right after finishing this video my mom called me and said taste this meat it was sooo good i said i could guess it
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  6. From the U.S and grew up eating goat. It is common here. Just shows some people don't explore outside of their upbringing.

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    Male kid goats are not the problem to solve. The goat dairy industry is the problem.

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