Hi Bold Bakers! We’ve had great success with our crazy series. From crazy bread, to cookies, and even muffins. Well the next installment in the series is
something that I think you’re going to find really useful. It is crazy frosting. One frosting, endless flavor possibilities. Now as always the recipe for this can be found
on BiggerBolderBaking.com along with all of my other recipes. Okay, let’s get started by whipping up our
butter. So here I have my room temperature butter,
now this is really important because you want it to whip up well, so have it out at room
temperature for at least a few hours. Now as you can see I’m using a stand mixer,
but feel free to use an electric hand mixer as well. So the first important step in frosting making
is to whip the butter up all by itself. Just to get some air into it. This’ll take around eight minutes on high
speed. Okay, time is up, this is exactly what you
want, it’s pale in color and it’s light and fluffy. So at this stage, we’re going to add in
our icing sugar. Now my icing sugar is sifted and you want
to do this, make sure that there’s no lumps, and you also get air into your icing sugar. The name of the game here is air. That’s what’s going to yield you a lovely
frosting. So now another secret to frosting making is
adding in the sugar slowly, spoonful by spoonful. Add in a little bit, let it whip up, and then
add another little bit in. And we just keep on doing this, it takes a
few minutes, but it will yield you a really fluffy frosting. You would not believe the amount of messages
I get on a daily basis about people struggling with frosting. Bu honestly it is not that hard, if you just
follow a few of my simple tips you will have success every time. Okay so our sugar is all in here, while the
machine is still running on a medium speed, I’m going to add in a little bit of milk. Now all this does is just lighten up your
frosting. Lovely. Then I’m going to add in a little bit of vanilla
extract, this is what we’re going to use for the base. Now what we want to do for the last few minutes
is whip this up on a high speed again for roughly three to four minutes. So this is what your frosting should look
like once you’re done. Check that out, it is thick, it has gone really
pale in color, it is fluffy, look at all those air bubbles, this is what we’re going for. Now we’re going to take this and make it
all different flavors. So you are going to see with the addition
of just one or two ingredients, how you can make pretty much any frosting flavor you like. The first one I’m going to start out with
is fudge frosting. Now what we’re going to do here is add in
some cocoa powder. Now I like to use unsweetened cocoa powder. I don’t use Dutch process because it actually
can be quite bitter, and not very nice to eat raw. Also, if you’re thinking to yourself, “I
don’t have cocoa powder but I do have hot chocolate powder,” do not use that! Hot chocolate powder is not the same thing,
it has sugar in it, and all sorts of funny stuff. So you want to go for unsweetened cocoa powder. So here I’m just showing you how to mix a
little bit of frosting, but on the website I’ve got how you can flavor the whole batch. And also, the beauty of this recipe is if
you want to make a batch of buttercream frosting and flavor it chocolate, strawberry, vanilla,
all out of the same batch, you can do that. Okay, perfect, this is looking great, there’s
our chocolate, I’m going to set this aside and the next flavor we’re going to make
is a strawberry frosting. So now I get a lot of requests for strawberry
frosting because it goes really well with any type of a vanilla cake, especially in
the summer. So what I have here is a little bowl of strawberry
purée, and I’m going to add that into my frosting. Now you only want to add in a little bit,
because if you add too much liquid, it can make your buttercream very soft, and also
it might separate it. So you just want to add in a little bit. I like to use fresh strawberry purée because
of the flavor, but if there’s some sort of a strawberry extract out there, you could
also use that. So now there’s a method to my madness, why
I’m showing you how to make chocolate and strawberry frosting. Next week is Bigger Bolder Baking’s 4th
birthday and I’m going to make this gorgeous three-layered Neapolitan cake and you’re going
to need these frostings for it. So store that in the back of your noggin,
and come back and watch that video. Okay, set that over to the side and we’re
going to make our next frosting. So our net frosting that we’re making is
actually a peanut butter frosting, now this goes so great with chocolate cakes, it just
really balances them out, chocolate and peanut butter go so well together. So here I have some smooth peanut butter and
then all we’re going to do is mix it in. So next week I actually have two videos coming
your way, and the second one is going to be a chocolate and peanut butter cake and it
is to die for. So you’re not going to want to miss that,
you’re going to need this frosting for it. Okay this is looking good, I’m going to give
it a little taste. Aw yeah. Salty and sweet, man. You can’t beat it. The next frosting we’re going to make is
a lovely lemon. So this is really simple, all you need is
a lemon, fresh one, and a zester, and then all you want to do is grate the zest into
your frosting, as much or as little as you want. I love this flavor because it reminds me of
springtime and Easter, it’s just really fresh and light tasting. It’s just so yummy. Okay and then all you do is simply stir that
in. So now I know lemon is usually a yellow color,
so if you want, you can add in a little tiny bit of yellow food coloring, just to give
it a little bit of a tint of yellow, and then mix that in. But that’s totally up to you. And remember use good quality food dye or
my homemade food dyes. Okay, lovely. That’s another flavor, I like the variety
that we’re doing, we’ve got chocolate covered, fruit, then something fresh like
lemon, going to set this aside and move on to our next one. The next one up is my personal favorite, coffee
flavored frosting. So coffee granules are my secret weapon when
it comes to flavoring any of my desserts coffee. The thing about these is that they’re concentrated
flavor so add in a tiny bit of liquid to it, dissolve it, and then you’ve got a concentrated
punch of coffee. The thing about it is it doesn’t make great
coffee to drink, but it is perfect for baking. Into our frosting. And then you know where I’m going after this,
mix it all together. So you know when you’re a kid and it comes
around to your birthday and you always get your favorite? Like chocolate or Funfetti, when I was young
all I wanted was coffee cake. That’s every single year I wanted coffee cake,
and I would eat so much of it. And still to this day it’s my favorite cake. Okay, I’m going to set this aside and we’re
going to get on to our next frosting. Last but not least, a really fun flavor as
an ice cream and a frosting, it’s mint chocolate chip. So here I have some chocolate bar that I chopped
up. It was a nice bittersweet bar, so I’m going
to add that in there. Next we’re going to add in a little bit
of mint extract, now you know that I’ve made my own before on Bigger Bolder Baking, it’s
really easy, or you can use good quality store-bought. Now mint chocolate chip is always traditionally
colored green, you can decide to do that or not, but I’m going to add in a tiny little
drop of food coloring, and then stir it all up, and you’ll start to see it come together
and really start to smell and look like mint chocolate chip. Mint and chocolate go really well together
so this frosting would be really great on any of my chocolate cakes or cupcakes. Give it a taste. Oh, yeah. Yum, I love, love mint. If you love mint, you’re going to love this
frosting. Now that you know how to make crazy frosting,
the world is your oyster and you can make any flavor your heart desires. Are sure you share photos of your crazy creations
on my website, because I love seeing them, and I’ll see you back here really soon,
for more Bigger Bolder Baking. Mm! Bye!

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