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welcome to ghar ka khana

take a pan and add 1 litter water

add 1 medium size potato medium cut
add 1/4 cup green peas
cover the lid and boil in a medium flame for 5 mins

1/4 cup fine chopped french beans
1/4 cup carrot medium size cut
1/2 cup medium cut cauliflower
mix well cover the lid and boil again for 5 to 7 minutes

add 1/4 cup sweet courn

1/4 cup fine chopped green capsicum
again cover the lid and cook for 2 to 3 mins

add salt 1/2 tsp
take a mesher and mesh vegies lightely

now we will put 1 spoon Oregano. It is easily available in all stores

now we will put 1/4 spoon Black Pepper powder

mix well

now we will put 1 spoon Olive oil. it is optional

our vegetable soup is ready
now we will turn off the gas and serve the soup
our diet and weight loss recipe, vegetable soup is ready. if you like our recipe please tell us in the comment section

  1. Good move. After consuming hot stuff especially non veg to overcome winter diet soup looking nice. Haan weight bhi jayada ho jata hai sardi me. Hope you will surely make such more stuff now.
    I saw ek ladki to dekha to aisa laga
    Usme Anil Kapoor is fond of cooking. This movie is superb and subject thoda different hai usko digest Karne ke liye positive mind hona mangta hai. A must watch movie.

  2. Soup for the soul.!! Very healthy receipe deepu ji n tasty also ..much needed in winters.. thnkyouuu deepu ji. Always keep smiling πŸ‘πŸ‘β€β€πŸŒžπŸŒžπŸŒžπŸ²πŸ²πŸœ

  3. Muje recipe ka to pta nahi but jo smile vapis ai dil khush ho gia jiounde raho hamesha khush raho khurana ji

  4. Great recipe of veritable soup. Ingredients are common but healthy. Nice thinking. Great demonstration. Beautiful descriptions. Very delicious and tasty soup recipe. Great sharing my great debates sister Deepa. God bless you. Take care. Smile always. Be happy always.

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