Donald Trump serves fast food to White House guests

And so I had a choice:
do we have no food for you
because we have a shutdown?
Or do we give you some
little quick salads –
that the first lady will make
along with the second lady?
They’ll make some salads.
And I said you guys
aren’t into salads.
Or do I got out, Lyndsey Graham
and Tim Scott,
do I go out and send out
for about 1,000 hamburgers?
Big Macs …
So we actually did that.
We bought 1,000 Burger King …
All American companies.
Burger King, Wendy’s
and McDonalds.
We have Big Macs, we have
quarter pounders with cheese,
we have everything that I like,
that you like
and I know no matter what we did,
there’s nothing you could have
that’s better than that,
And so we ordered.
We literally have …
And I don’t know, have they
started eating and devouring?
I wanted to see, so it was piled
up a mile high.
I just wanted to see
what was left.
I saw it at the beginning.
How much is left back there?
How much?
Not much.

  1. Why are people saying that it would be fine if Obama did it?
    They are saying becuase it's true
    I've seen some old videos of what Obama was doing, everyone was like "he is just a normal person", "even if you don't like him, you gotta say he's cool" , "OMG, it's great to have a president with a sense of humour"

    Where as now fat feminists who on regular days say that weight is just a mysogianistic myth are seen tweeting "wow, he's gonna get even fatter now"

  2. I am pretty sure this is exactly what college students would prefer to eat. I don't think most of them like lobsters are what not

  3. When else would you get the chance to eat a Wendys burger, a Burger King burger and Mcdonalds burger at the same time? I have always wanted to try it and compare which one is best. Donald Trump for the win! He could have just got 1 but he got all 3! 🙂

  4. I don’t really see a problem with this… but I don’t know, I just feel like you gotta eat that stuff fresh. How long was it sitting on that table for? Didn’t see any heat lamps or anything

  5. This is how he became rich, eating Mc Donalds, cold burgers and cold fries. Spending billions on the needless Trump Wall and eating burgers, not even home made burgers.
    Why you Americas have to reverse youself every eight or so years, like driving on the opposite side of the road.

  6. Thanks trump but i never got one i had to go to the drive thru do you think i can have one mailed? If so I'll give you my address and you can send it… also will you be my dad? I dont want your money though i just want you to teach me how to play baseball and how to poop correctly on the toilet… please take some time out of your busy schedule to help a guy out… thank you and thank you for serving our country both with your presidency and fast food festival…. just remember if you come over to knock first because i might be naked painting a portrait of sacagawea

  7. All american hamburgers???
    Where are the best and the MOST AMERICAN burgers from Texas at???
    WhatABurger,Dairy Queen,and Griffs at???

  8. I can't believe he severed the food of peasants. He should have spent tax payer money on expensive steaks and overpriced wine. That's how you get the media on your side.
    – Liberals

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