Donald Trump hosted college football’s Clemson
Tigers at the White House last week for winning the national championship. Trump served the athletes a smorgasbord of
fast food items, including burgers from Wendy’s and MacDonald’s. The President said he paid for the food himself
because the White House chefs were furloughed due to the government shutdown. The president joins me now. Good evening Mr. President. Good evening. Mr. President, why did you order in all of
the fast food? These are great, American dishes, tremendous
foods made by tremendous American businessmen. Like Ronald MacDonald, the Burger King, and
Wendy – great businessmen. But no Taco Bell, no habla Taco Bell. These young men are high performance athletes,
how did they react to the junk food? These are big guys, huge guys, incredible
guys. They ate all the food, every bite. They’re very large people. They ate all of the burgers. All the fries. The burgers and the fries. In a statement on the day of the feast you
said that the White House bought 300 hamburgers for the event. After the dinner you said you bought 1000
burgers. There are 130 coaches and players on the Clemson
team. If you ordered 1000 burgers that would mean
that each player ate 7 burgers, that seems hard to believe. It’s incredible, isn’t it? These are high performance eaters and high
performance players, and I congratulate them on their win, and also on their incredible
burger eating and nugget eating. They ate so many nuggets, each boy ate 100
nuggets. Which is so good for our nugget farmers, it
really is. But Mr. President, that is impossible. You’re exaggerating the number of burgers
eaten in the same way you’d exaggerate the size of your inauguration crowd or the trade deficit. You’ve been caught in an absurd lie, what
do you have to say for yourself? (indistinguishable) President Donald Trump. Good evening.

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