Dum pukht recipe – ( دم‌ پخت )

Dum pukht recipe | howto make restaurant Food Street style dam-pokhtak Recipe- ( دم‌ پخت )

  1. Mam from where we can buy charbi (lamb fat)… Because in our meat shop it's not available… Kindly help… Aur hamare pas bhi aise hi dechki (pot) hai glass wali us k top cover glass mei hole hai tou kia us ko bhi cover krna hai..

  2. owzm
    or agr gosht nirmal.25 minute.main pjny wala.ho.to.ustrahn k.gosht ko.kitna time dengay dumpukht main

  3. مجھے بڑا غصہ آتا ہے جب ہم آٹا ضائع کرتے ہیں دم دینے کے لئے ۔۔۔۔۔

  4. After 3 hours meat is not looking to be fully dissolved ………… people keep charcoal on top and bottom then it melt or dissolved

  5. Kya Behooda Dish Hai ?. Lahaul valla kuwwat"'.

    ill Trained Poor Folks Trying to be a Connoisseur.

    Kabhi Humaray Lucknow Aaiyay, Toh Patta Chalay Asli Dum Pukht Kya Hota Hai. Waisay Y tube per kafi Jahil Hain Jo Isay Bhi Umda Khana Karrar Dengay.

  6. I am sure it is very tasty but also you getting too much fat in your diet… bonus clogging arteries.

  7. Miss ap ne ye nhi btaya ke iss recipe ko pressure cooker mein bana sakty hyn ya nhi. ….? Lazmi bta dyn

  8. What fat??? :(( this much. I never knew dum pukht is prepared like this. Apart from fat everything is perfect

  9. مکمل غلط بنایا ۔یہ ہم پشتون جس طرح بناتے ہے وہ ایسا نہی ہوتا۔یدم پوخ ہمارہ روایتی ڈش ہے۔

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