Hello you lovely people. Jamie here. So we’re gonna do an incredible classic family-friendly beautiful ragu. Perfect
as a base for loads of great dishes like spaghetti bolognaise lasagne, chilli and cannelloni. It’s
economical. Filling. Dead easy to knock up in a big
batch and store in the freezer. Plus it’s a great way to sneak extra
veg into your kids at meal times. There’s loads more great recipes like
this over on Family Food Tube right now. Please go and check out our channel after this video. Right, lets get cracking. We’re gonna get ourselves some Rosemary. Two nice big sprigs. Grab the stalk and pull it off. Chop that up and then next to it I’ve got some lovely smoked bacon. 100 grams. I’m just slicing this bacon up. If you are parent of a baby that’s weaning you wouldn’t use the bacon because it’s got salt in it. We’ll put a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil in a pan, whack it onto full-whack. Go in with the rosemary and the smokey bacon. So that’s the beginning of our story. I’ve got one kilo of minced beef, and one kilo of minced pork. Init goes and we’ll just break that up. If budget is a real issue what you can use is half as much mince meat. No problem at all, and maybe go in with a similar amount of lentils. And honestly sometimes if you get the method, like I’m going to teach you right, it’s really hard to tell the difference. Can you see how the water is coming out of the meat. That’s fine. We’ll keep stirring it for about 10 minutes until it starts to fry again. Until we get a lovely lightly golden mince meat. Listen guys can you hear that? That’s a good sound! If it’s sticking if it’s sizzling. That means flavour. And of course if you say that a couple of minutes later that means burnt. So don’t burn it. Keep your eyes peeled. Now look, that’s now browning off beautiful. I’m going to rattle a load of my veg in here. It’s easy, it’s quick and it’s very unformed. So we’re going to use two onions, four carrots, and zip it up. Cut that up to the same size as the mine meat. Go in with the onions. Do exactly the
same. You could add other things in. A little bit of squash, zucchini, or courgettes is really, really good. Four sticks of celery. Lovely colours. Stir all these veggies in. Intense flavours. It’s going to be absolutely gorgeous. So look, I’m going to stir that every minute for the next 10 minutes and
then I’ll add all the wet stuff. So, have a look at that. This has been cooking, come here. This has been cooking now for about 20 minutes in total. Okay so we’ve really developed flavour. Go in with two heaped tablespoons of tomato puree. This is just gonna give
it a lovely depth. And then we’re gonna go in with four lovely tins of plum tomatoes. Now, another little tip. If you want the best, sweetest, most perfect tomatoes, always plums. As far as regular tomatoes are concerned anything that is not quite perfect then gets chopped or turned into passata. Fill up your four tins that are empty with water and it’ll look quite wet when you stir it in, but don’t worry because that’s gonna simmer now on a gentle heat for about one and a half hours/two hours
and that will reduce down. The plum tomatoes will just naturally
break up when you give it a little stir. And you’re gonna create the most wonderful, beautiful robust ragu sauce. Remember we’ve made twice as much as we need. That’s you know, possibly another ten meals. You can bag it up in the freezer for months. Just run it under the tap and plop it out of this bag into a pan and you can reheat it in minutes. Minutes, minutes, minutes. Brilliant little tips. don’t forget to label it. Squeeze the air out. The thinner it goes, the quicker it’s gonna freeze and the quicker you can reheat it. Okay, so we’ll zip it up like that. Let it go to room temperature, and then actually put it in the freezer shelf just like that. Okay and then it’ll go super hard and then you can rack it up. Almost like a library of kind of edible books. Really good little tip. That is my classic humble family ragu. My guys love it. I hope you love it. If you want the
recipe hit the link below. Somewhere down there there will be a recipe. Also guys we’ve just launched a new channel, and that’s the Family Food Tube channel. Hit the link now. Hit the link. And go subscribe if you’re a parent and that channel is
all about doing recipes and talking to parents and really trying to help them make being a great parent and cooking beautiful fresh food. Easier, and better. But guys until next time. Thank you very much. Bye! I’ve used this Ragu to make a dead easy lasagne over on Family Food Tube. Your family
will love it. Hit the box on the screen or follow the link in the description box
below to watch it right now.

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