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hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with easy chicken enchiladas that’s
right we are stacking instead of rolling
since i thought that would make these
chicken enchiladas a little quicker and
easy but as it turns out it really does
and they basically took exactly the same
amount of time and by saying I actually
mean probably a little longer but forget
all that the real purpose of this video
is to show you how simple it is to make
your own homemade enchilada sauce which
is going to be significantly more
delicious and anything you’re gonna find
at the store and to get started with
that what we’re gonna do is melt some
butter in some olive oil over medium
heat and by the way if you want to use
one or the other go ahead but I like to
use both and once that’s melted we’ll go
ahead and toss in some roughly diced
onion along with a generous pinch of
salt and we will cook that for about
four or five minutes or until our
smallest pieces of onions just start to
turn golden brown and basically we’re
shooting for something that looks like
this and then what we’ll do as soon as
that happens is make a roux but not just
any roux a spiced roux which means we’re
gonna toss in some flour as usual but
then we’re also gonna add some chili
powder in my case ancho as well as some
ground cumin which in my opinion is one
of the most underrated spices in the
world but anyway we will continue on
with some chipotle as well as some
freshly ground black pepper plus a nice
big pinch of dry oregano and then of
course a few shakes of cayenne never
hurts and then finally last but not
least a technically optional but for me
critically important very small pinch of
cinnamon all right if you’re scared
don’t put it but I really do think it
does wonderful things here and also
never cook scared okay it’s a proven
fact that food can sense fear but either
way we’re gonna stir our flour and
spices into our butter and onion mixture
and we’ll go ahead and cook that for
about three or four minutes to not only
take that raw starchy edge off the flour
but also to kind of toast and wake up
our spices and then what we’ll do once
we think our roux is cook long enough
let’s go ahead and toss in some finely
minced garlic as well as a few
tablespoons of tomato paste and we’ll go
ahead and stir that in and fair warning
it is definitely gonna clump up but
nothing to be concerned about
all right just go ahead and stir it in
sort of smearing and pressing it against
the bottom of the pan the best she can
and while it would be a little easier to
have the tomato paste to the chicken
stock we’re about to add I really do
think it improves the flavor and maybe
even the color if we cook the tomato
paste first with the garlic at this
point okay it just seems to bring out
more of that savory flavor so we will go
ahead and cook that for a few minutes
ignoring the appearance the whole time
at which point we can stop switch to a
whisk and go ahead and stir in a couple
cups of cold chicken broth or stock and
by the way to avoid lumps it’s very
important that this stuff is cold okay
as you may have heard me say before how
true Kolak wood no lumps and that could
not be more true and then besides
whisking in our chicken broth we also
want to crank our heat up to high
because we want to bring this up to a
simmer so that’s exactly what I did and
then what we’ll do once our mixture does
start to bubble is back our heat down to
medium-low and we will let this mixture
simmer stirring occasionally for just 10
minutes okay you can go longer if you
want but I’d say 10 minutes is the
minimum and believe it or not that’s it
I’m gonna go ahead and give mine one
more stir before of course giving it the
mandatory taste and I decided to toss in
one more pinch of salt but I should
mention some people like to put in a
little splash of vinegar or even a
squeeze of half a lime just to add a
little extra tang enos to the finish so
if that sounds like something you’d like
to do go ahead
I mean you are after all the boss of
your sauce but personally I was thrilled
with how mine tasted including its
acidity so I didn’t add anything else
and that’s it once we’ve adjusted our
seasoning we are officially done
although I do like to do one optional
step which is blitz this for a few
minutes with my immersion blender and
what that’s going to do mostly is puree
and all those onions which is going to
make the sauce smoother and also a
little bit sweeter
although the trade-off is it does
lighten the color a little bit which
really doesn’t bother me and a lot of
that is from air bubbles it will
dissipate and this will actually get
darker and deeper as it sits so like I
said up to you but I do like to blend
this at which point the essential auto
sauce is now ready to use so we will go
ahead and set that aside and move on to
the rest of our components and of course
if we’re makin entral eyes we’re going
some tortillas preferably ones made from
corn and because I was going to stack
these I found some beautiful cute small
ones and one thing we’re probably going
to want to do first
whether we’re stacking or rolling his
breast is very very likely with oil and
then toast them in a hot pan for about
30 seconds per side okay we’re not
trying to brown them or get them crispy
we’re just trying to heat them through
and make them nice and flexible and also
that oil is going to insulate the
tortilla a little bit so it doesn’t get
too soft when we bake it with the sauce
and then besides some hot flexible
tortillas we’re also going to need some
cook shredded chicken and some kind of
cheese in my case pepper jack as well as
some chopped green onions and cilantro
and by the way do us all a favor and
taste your chicken before you do these
and if it tastes bland or underseasoned
add a little bit of salt okay so check
that out and then as far as assembly
goes we’ll start by putting some sauce
down and whatever we’re gonna bake these
in then we’ll place a tortilla over the
top at which point we’ll pile on as much
chicken and cheese as we want and then
once that tortilla has been chickened
and cheesed we will top that with some
cilantro and green onions and then
finish that layer with a generous
drizzling of our sauce and that’s it we
will place and gently press down one
more tortilla and repeat the entire
process and if you can’t I think it’s
very cool to cook these in their own
individual ramekin or pan like this but
these will also totally work if you do
like four or six individual stacks in a
bigger casserole dish and of course go
ahead and build these up as high as you
want okay I’m only doing two layers
which is three tortillas but I’m
guessing you could easily do these like
five or six layers high and if you do
send me a picture but anyway I went
ahead and finish that off with my third
tortilla which we will generously cover
with our sauce and then one last handful
of pepper jack cheese and that’s it that
is now ready to finish in the center of
a 400 degree oven for about 10 to 15
minutes or until our cheese is melted
and everything is heated through in our
sauce is bubbling nicely and I was so
taken with how gorgeous this was that I
almost forgot one of our most important
rules if we take something out of the
oven it has a handle we have to place a
towel over
nobody burns themselves and then as far
as garnishing this for service I’m a fan
of a nice big dollop of sour cream as
well as a nice big spoon of guacamole
which I kind of tried to food style a
little bit but unfortunately I don’t
know how but one thing I do know how to
do is distract people with a shake of
cayenne as well as a sprig of cilantro
and that’s it my easy unrolled chicken
enchiladas were done so I got rid of the
towel so I could take a few pictures and
then as soon as I could went in for a
taste and I’m not gonna lie I’ve had and
enjoyed and shalad is made with a
store-bought sauce but this homemade
stuff even though it’s a very quick and
simple recipe really is significantly
better tasting oh and I should mention a
few years ago I was served chicken
enchiladas with a spoon and I really
enjoyed the experience and I decided
from then on I was gonna use a spoon eat
enchiladas with which up until this
point worked very well but for some
reason mostly thanks to a long crooked
piece of chicken and I guess the shape
of the pan I could not successfully get
this bite on the spoon and in fairness I
should be eating where the tripod is and
I do find the reach-around a little bit
challenging so I went ahead and switched
to a fork because of course with a fork
nothing can go wrong
whoops well that was unfortunate whoops
I just dropped it again but anyway clean
things up and really focused and
eventually got the hang of it and the
point I really should be making is that
whether you use a fork or a spoon or a
spork or whether these are rolled or
stacked is that making your own homemade
enchilada sauce from scratch is really
easy relatively quick and will produce
some extraordinarily delicious chicken
and cheese enchiladas and yes of course
feel free to use shredded beef or pork
instead but no matter what you use I
really do hope you give these a try soon
so head over to food wishes dot-com for
all the ingredient amounts of more info
as usual and is all we

  1. If anyone out there is on the fence about trying this recipe, hop off that fence and make this! I just made it this evening and it was fantastic! It’s good on its own; with a little sour cream, it’s divine.That enchilada sauce is probably the best sauce, of any cuisine, that I’ve ever made in my life — and I’ve been cooking for a long, long time.

    The only adjustments: I used a pepper jack/cheddar combo and I added a dash of lemon juice to the sauce because it was almost too rich because of the butter. Other than that, I followed the recipe to a T, including a few shakes of cinnamon that I added without fear.

    I had a large container of chicken broth and a mostly full can of tomato paste in the fridge and I couldn’t think how I would use them up. Then, this recipe! The only thing I was lacking were the tortillas.

    This dish is going into regular rotation. It’s very good for Sunday meal prep. I have enough food for at least another dinner tomorrow. Maybe Tuesday, as well!

  2. Please call this Tex-Mex Lasagna or similar.
    Although I'm sure it is good, you will not get this dish certified by the Enchilada International Certification Organization, Ltd. any time soon.

  3. Homemade sauce +tortillas +chicken +cheese +green onions +cilantro along with a sour cream and guacamole?! Tsk tsk tsk of course equals HUNGRY 😋 yummmm

  4. When I am sad, stressed from my doctoral program or just unmotivated. I remember my savior…Chef John from Food Wishes (.com)!

  5. Cooking the tomato paste in the bottom of the pot a for a few mins is really not optional. It makes SUCH a difference.

  6. I just found your channel, not only do you make delicious food! You've also got a nice humour which makes it more enjoyable when watching your videos 😊

  7. Chef John, you hurt me again with pouring cold liquid into a roux! Always pour heated liquid in – no lumps and it thickens so much faster!

  8. At this point I can't remember what random video got me started on your channel, but I've been hooked all night/morning! Sure, the food looks delicious, but it's you that's caught my eye (well… my ears really). I think I've finally found the Bob Ross of cooking, and I'm only 3m people late! Thank you!

  9. JeeeeeeezUS!!!!!! I can’t ever go back to can since I started making homemade with chilies…. but shit the work!!! You just made my life easier… well not my Life… but life un the kitchen and thats “a’lada relief … lol ty.. will try

  10. OR fan the biggest corn tortilla's you can find in a 12" Cast Iron pan and cut in pie shape with Pico and crema over top after sauce of course ?? like lasagna …

  11. My uncle from New Mexico makes a roux for his enchilada sauce and layers them as well as tops them with an egg, I love them. My mom from Mexico completely different recipe very "authentic" (from Sinaloa) I love those too. Me, I use my mom's authentic recipe but I don't roll them I layer them because I'm lazy and top them with an egg because that's the way I like them. Chef John yours look delicious, I will definitely try them. You make me a better cook.

  12. "Hot roux, cold liquid. No lumps." I follow this advice every time no matter what my dear husband says. I tell him, "Go watch Chef John!" But where are the jalapenos?

  13. Sorry Chef… boss of your sauce? that's a bit lame… but! "You are the Eric Estrada of your enchilada". Now that's the more to your usual mastery of the language… haha.. great recipe. Thanks.

  14. Thanks for the tips, I can't wait to try to make it. I've made some of your other recipes, you feel the love my friend. I'm from the U.K and I have no idea where youre soothing accent is from? Can anyone tell me please? 👌💫

  15. Chef John, you are absolutely the best & making it look very easy to prepare & enjoy those super delicious foods that you always teach us how to make.
    Thank you & God Bless.

  16. I attempted to make bacon gravy with hot roux and hot broth because I'm melting pork broth cubes, and everything congealed and clumped up faster than my blood when I get cuts and wounds. I got it back to consistency but it's too thick to be considered gravy. I then watched this video and realized my mistake. Thanks John for your constant reminder.

  17. Chef John, the reason I can successfully make gravy is because you said a long time ago, cold liquid and hot oil/flour and no lumps. It works!

  18. You really should work on your delivery. It's like listening to a robot stuck in a human's body or a 1st year teacher giving a lecture. Painful to listen to.

  19. This is the second recipe of yours I’ve jumped up and made immediately. The first were those delicious and easy pork dumplings for soup. So good!

  20. Mexican living abroad (Japan) and this looks easy ingredients to find here and flavorful. I can't wait to make it 😆

  21. have to admit I've started watching chef John's videos for his unique singsong delivery, which is addictive after a time. I find myself trying to predict and mimic the highs and speed ups in the cadence. Yes the recipe is wonderful as well.

  22. I use to do this year's ago and my grandfather wasn't impressed and asked me if I was lazy by not rolling them up. Ha ha ha ha

  23. I always use that tip of putting a towel on the hot pan handle after one night picking up an All Clad 425 degree stainless pan bare handed by accident. Still have the scar.

  24. i thought chicken enchiladas were made with green chili or tomatillo sauce ..NOT red sauce…reserved for beef enchiladas…am i wrong?

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    I was wondering if you mind me sending our work if your in need of anything we can provide? if so how?? And how did you get some many views/subscribers?

  26. Are you the human of your cumin? Are you the Chris Rock of your stock? Are you the trouble of your bubble? Are you the iam of your lime?🇬🇧 are you the holy of your guacamole? Are you the dream of sour cream? Are you the dork with the fork? Are you the Mork of your spork?

  27. I made this tonight and while it was good it tasted more like a chili sauce than an enchilada sauce. Maybe it was the cumin or the chili powder. I use another enchilada recipe that uses dried japones and New Mexico chilies that taste like a more authentic enchilada sauce. I’ll use this recipe for chili.

  28. John you are so smart, entertaining, and interesting – and your food not only looks tremendous, it tastes out of this world! I've made your fondant potatoes a couple times now and the missus thinks I'm suddenly a genius! One constructive criticism: your intonation is like a very active roller coaster, and it can be distracting. Just speak straight – not like every line is a question, or a kids' book. Your insights are super sharp and your wit is both clever and intelligent. If you want to talk about this, or yell at me, PM/email me and I'll be happy to explain. You should be on the Food Network!! ([email protected])

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