Easy Egg Bake Recipe

chef buck here and what the
hell is this we’re going to call it an
easy egg bake you know it’s like a
quiche without a crushed it’s like an
omelet in the oven it’s like a big eggy
vegetable thing that has lots of
leftovers and tastes fantastic and it’s
SuperDuper awesome cold the first thing
we’re going to do is figure out what
we’re going to put in it you know you’re
going to saute your vegetables so get
you some oil in a skillet when the oil
is heated up add whatever the hell you
like you know I’m using green onions
just the bottoms you know I’m sauteing
first I’m putting some garlic putting in
a whole jalapeno pepper
you know I’m cleaning out my fridge I
got some bell peppers I’m going to add a
little bit of artichoke hearts I’m going
to add some mushrooms I’m going to add
some tomatoes but first I’m going to
give these ingredients here a few
minutes head start you know to get them
nice and sauteed but clean out your
fridge just think of this as an omelet
and put whatever the hell you want in
your omelet I’m going vegetable crazy
throw you some ham or sausage in here if
you want that’s already cooked but
literally clean out your fridge I’m
putting a lot of wet ingredients in here
and that’s some of the green onion tops
I’m adding in there but I’m also going
to reserve some for a little bit of a
garnish but whatever you want add some
spices some seasonings I’m just doing
salt and pepper because I’m going to
keep this kind of a kind of like on the
mild side you know because I eat this
mostly for breakfast although we’re
having it for lunch here because I’m
making this in the afternoon but the
leftovers is what I really like so first
thing so I’ll tell your vegetables
second thing you know whisk up your eggs
a little milk you know sometimes I chop
up chives and mixed in here with the egg
or a little bit of basil or tarragon you
know just like the herb omelet I make
but you know you don’t have to add
anything that you don’t want to do this
just make it up as you go along so I’ll
tell your vegetables get your egg
mixture ready then boom you know grease
you up lightly grease a baking dish and
then we’re going to take some cheese and
you know cover the bottom of your dish
with cheese whatever kind you want you
don’t have to mash it down just cover it
up I got a little bit of cheddar and
grier cheese grate it up but it’s
fantastico with Monterey Jack
as well layer the bottom with cheese
take your sauteed vegetables layer that
over your cheese nice and even and out
nice and flat and then you know if you
got any cheese left over go ahead and
add a little bit of that to the top of
your vegetables it doesn’t matter you
know how much cheese you put in here
other than the cheese on the bottom
because the cheese on the bottom it
doesn’t make a like a crust but it kind
of firms up the bottom so it helps to
hold its shape gonna take our egg mix
and we’re just going to gently pour that
over there so it doesn’t discombobulated
the pieces you know it doesn’t
architectural II compromise your dish
you know so gently pour it over there
and then you know you want the egg mix
to completely cover it up you know so
depending on the size of your dish is
going to depend how tall or skinny or
whatever the hell it is but once you’ve
got everything in your baking dish slide
it in the oven cook it for about 40 you
know 40 or 50 minutes I took it out
after 40 minutes and I still had a
little bit of cheese left over so I
threw that on top but you don’t have to
do this part you don’t have to make it
as cheesy as I’m making and I just had
the cheese grated up so what the hell
you know and it made it look pretty too
but you know after about 45 or 50
minutes it’s gonna be done you know this
is a very wet dish because I put in the
mushrooms and the tomatoes and the
artichoke hearts but you know you can
use drier ingredients than that I let it
sit around for about 10 minutes to kind
of firm up as you can see I’m holding
the dish you know the dish is cool now
to touch but the egg is still hot
because this is a big thick egg baked
right so I’m going to slice it up and
since it’s lunchtime we’re going to
serve it over some salad greens and this
was great on a salad because I didn’t
even have to dress the greens because
this is so moist and juicy and eggy you
know that it was fantastic just like
that but I actually prefer the leftovers
of this and this is great for breakfast
you know I ate this all week for
breakfast little itsy-bitsy pieces and
you know you can just snack on it
anytime you want or you can heat it up
in the oven it doesn’t really matter but
it’s muy simple muy fantastico
and the leftovers is the real treat for
me so make this you know once a week you
know make this on a Sunday and then
you’re going to have breakfast for the
whole week if you like
alrighty mine’s all ate up and the
Kimber girls working on her last bites
new bald haircut kind of a semi fancy
egg bag kind of threw everything in
there but the kitchen sink you don’t
have to put all that stuff in there man
I just went crazy and I had a lot of wet
things in there tomato artichokes
mushrooms made it very moist so the
SuperDuper perfecto to put on salad
greens you know but you can put in a lot
less if you wanted to you could make it
bigger you can make it smaller you know
you can have leftovers like this here
they’re going to be fantastico cold
I actually prefer this dish cold when it
sits overnight and kind of marinates
those flavors just fantastic I never
warm it up this last me four or five
days having a piece of this in the
morning you know if I got to get up and
go to work and I don’t want to fool with
anything it’s just a great protein boost
you know to get you going in the day and
like I said a lot of times I will just
make this with a spinach tomato and a
white cheese just like a Monterey Jack
cheese and I really love that flavor but
go ahead and give this recipe a try let
me know what you think Bon Appetit
thanks for watching and subscribing and
giving it the thumbs up send it to your
grandma although she probably already
makes eggs you know I would hope if
she’s a good grandma but anyway I see in
the future and

  1. Your recipe and the way you explain it is perfect. Thank you! I made it today, it’s so delicious. Also shared it with my daughters and friend because it is so good!

  2. I am doing something similar, boil cauliflower then get rid of water and smach it with fork, add grated cheese, with some eggs add some seasoning, put it to glass bowl if you want it more juicy or on baking paper then on baking tray. and if I want it eat as main meal i put on top bacon which is cut on squares. all I bake approximately 40 minutes, depends how drie I want it

  3. discombobulate. That is a great word. This is a great recipe and I have to agree, it's better the next day and the next day after that. Thanks Chef Buck. You Rock.

  4. You're making me hungry Buck here 👋😁👍oh la la. Hey let's keep in touch 👀🤗

  5. Hello chef buck
    Yer this is what I do as I’m on a budget
    So all my things left in the fridge .
    You remind me of me ..
    Great 👍

  6. I've been looking for a one pot/dish keto friendly to meal prep. This is excellent. Will have with bacon bits on the top. Thanks

  7. Just made this last night and it was delicious.  This was easy to make and tastes better the day after.  I used ground turkey, spinach, mini sweet peppers, and cheddar cheese.

  8. I am a huge fan chef buck. my husband and 2 teen boys love everything I've made from you, except cauliflower pizza. If your ever in Chicago please do a meet and great.

  9. I put lots of herbs in too, eggs an cheese are my weakness, I tend to make this sort of thing when there are lots of eggs left that need using up, I buy loads of eggs as I do a lot of baking,

  10. In the old days, lol, we called these egg casseroles. Yours looks like a delicious combination! My husband would love those peppers added in there. 😝 😤 These also freezes well, too! Enjoying your channel. Take care now. ~ Carol

  11. I love Chef Buck, but how do you convert cups to ounces/pounds? I cannot understand how to measure veg into cups! Can Chef Buck convert the recipes?

  12. Chef Buck is the undefeated World Champion!! I Lost 30+ lbs …. and got ripped … 8pack abs … with this recipe … this is my secret weapon! Thx chef!! SALUTE!!!

  13. I am laughing the whole video….what the hell ….send to my grand ma😂😂😂😂is she still alive?😂😂😂😂

  14. Hmm…..chef Buck the Jennifer writing this comment knows that "you" chef Buck is being affected by some type of force due to you putting oil in a pan that is nonstick…..Depopulate

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