Eating a Healthy Diet, by Diabetes Care Community

Hi. Welcome to the lab, the place where we learn about diabetes.
Some people believe that it’s tough to eat a healthy diet, and they don’t understand what a diabetes diet means.
Psst. It doesn’t mean anything because there really isn’t one.
A diabetes diet is about healthy eating,
so making better decisions, like maybe only having one cookie for dessert.
It’s something all people can do! Just know your food groups…
…and balance them out!
From there just portion it out!
I like to use the hand-jive to help me out.
No, not that hand jive!
The hand jive allows you to use your hand to figure out how much of each food group you should have for a meal.
Using your fist, palm and thumb to measure!
You may want to use your hand though; you may still be hungry if you just measure from mine.
Or, you can measure on your plate. Use this!
One half with vegetables,
one quarter with proteins,
and one quarter with starches.
Just balance and portion your meals and you’re one step closer!
If I can do it, you can do it. So do it!

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