Eating Healthy For COPD

There are treatments for chronic obstructive
pulmonary disease, or COPD. However, there
is no cure for the condition. But that doesn’t
mean that patients with COPD can’t take personal
steps to improve their disease-related health.
I’m Valerie Cavitt with your latest health
COPD is a condition in which it becomes progressively
more difficult to breathe due to an inflamed
and/or easily collapsible airway. A recent
study found that patients with COPD who recently
ate a diet rich in healthy foods, such as
grapefruit, fish, bananas and cheese, had
improved lung function. The researchers believe
that diet may be a risk factor for COPD that
patients can change.
Discuss healthy diet options with your doctor.

  1. Increase nitrates in blood by consuming- Beets (Powdered Beets), "Rocket lettuce" and or Rhubarb.(Results in better utilization of oxygen.)

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