Everything About SHAWARMA: Preparation, New Recipes, Secrets & Garlic-Free Chicken with Chef Charbel

Where am I? I’m in the kitchen, there is Shawarma behind me stay tuned and watch how the Shawarma is made many people ask how do they do the Shawarma I always say that I can’t eat chicken Shawarma cos it has garlic in it today I’m going to be with chef Charbel so we can cook together and make Shawarma also make delicious sandwiches I’m still chewing cos I just finished 2 amazing sandwiches I started backwards 2 hours video in the kitchen lets watch what happened together I will introduce you to Charbel we’re going to work together today I’ll help you while you’re cooking, then I’ll give you the camera for a while so we’ll be together Charbel called me and said that he will make a challenge of making chicken Shawarma without garlic unfortunately I can’t eat chicken Shawarma because all the chicken Shawarma is dipped in garlic other than the garlic white sauce that would kill me so today we’ll make chicken Shawarma without garlic one of the most asked questions is how do they make Shawarma you see the Shawarma on the skewer how do they make it, prepare it, dip it and put it on the skewer and many other questions will be answered with Charbel as Anthony said, today we’ll make Shawarma we’ll make Shawarma without garlic for the people who don’t like or are allergic to garlic like Anthony so today we’re going to soak the chicken, we use the chicken breast we will prepare it and then soak it usually it takes 24 hours to soak the chicken but today we’re going to work faster cos Anthony has to taste it before I leave so we’ll work faster today the chicken should be soaked for 24 hours, but we have to do it quickly it should be done in 24 hours maximum the meat and chicken needs to be soaked for 24 hours not for 3 or 4 hours as people say 24 hours is enough you’re very good in front of the camera I didn’t know that he was going to start explaining directly I thought that we have to make an introduction and meet Charbel then we start we’ll start cooking now follow me so that you’ll know everything about the Shawarma and the most important thing is to tell you where is the place my name is Charbel Mhanna I’ve been outside Lebanon for a long time I worked in many places around the world I made many concepts outside Lebanon so basically I’m a chef but I was missing Lebanon and the Lebanese cuisine so I came back to Lebanon to open a couple of small restaurants here we have 7 types of spices everything is measured on the scale its very important to scale the ingredients ofcourse the food should be done with passion and love but I say that the kitchen is a scientific place, like when you’re doing pastry everything should be scaled every time here we have Coriander ground Mahlab powder Fenugreek powder Bay leaf Cumin Ground ginger Cardamom so for making chicken Shawarma you need the spices here I’m mixing to types of vinegar White vinegar and apple vinegar to give it more taste also some mustard for the sauce to be firm cos we’re not using garlic so today I will add a spoon of mustard for the sauce to be firm and give it texture and consistency we’ll use an orange to take the zest from it and some lemon juice also some tomato paste to add some color that’s it the white part is very bitter so its better to remove it all before boiling it I want to make this clear I’ve visited many kitchens and almost all of them don’t use a scale today I’m seeing that you’re using a scale by grams as if you’re in a pastry shop how did you have this idea of making a recipe and scaling everything? while I was traveling I met a lot of chefs in Europe and Asia I worked in all cuisines in the world and learnt that the consistency comes form the scale sometimes you use the same scale and measurements with a chef but the food would taste different, this is when the passion takes over its about how much you fry the garlic and onions and about how much is the oil temperature this is why food differs from one person to another but its all about techniques and concentration while cooking so tell me, when I buy a Shawarma sandwich it needs 5min to be done, then I eat it in 10 min but how long did it take for the meat or chicken to be cooked and skewed? it needs a lot of time first of all the chicken should be cleaned from the inside and remove the veins and remove the fats as much as we can lets talk about the skewer its not about how big it is some people make it 100kg, 200kg or 300kg the main thing that people say is that the meat should be in the fridge so how come this stays outside the fridge the whole day? so of course the meat inside would not be good by the end of the day of course it depends on the how big it is and how its grilled the temperature is very high you can feel it of course the temperature would be around 300 to 350 Celsius if you’re roasting it the temperature would be around 1,000 Celsius the skewer is 30cm wide so from your experience you got from around the world, the Shawarma skewer should be 30cm maximum this big now there is global standards for the Shawarma how much would it weigh? in Europe they examined the Shawarma from the inside this meat is fresh, it was soaked and sliced yesterday the diameter should be around 25 to 30cm you add the diameter when the skewer is smaller nothing stays till the next day its about hygiene, technicality and people’s health so this skewer is put next to fire we put it before time it should be cooked on a light fire for the temperature to reach inside so its very important to slow cook from the inside before the meat outside is ripen we learned to main things first thing is that it should be maximum 30cm wide it shouldn’t be very large second thing is that you should not keep the remaining meat from the skewer in the fridge for the next day. I’ve been saying this for 10 years so don’t eat Shawarma somewhere you don’t know, you should be sure that the meat is good or you can eat it in a place where people are eating Shawarma a lot it means that the skewer will be finished by the end of the day also you can buy it from a restaurant that you trust that he would not put it in the fridge by the end of the day they would make the remaining meat Kebbeh or anything but the most important thing is that it shouldn’t stay till the next day today we will make chicken Shawarma with truffles so we’ll add some truffles and make wrap Shawarma we’re using the bread of the Manouche but without yeast, it is very thin we bake it on the Saj directly then add the sauce hopefully it would be very delicious I knew this place for its great and bizarre inventions I always said that the Shawarma sandwich is very traditional as you said, its either chicken with garlic or meat with tarator sauce but chef Charbel you invented new things like what? when I made this concept I remembered that the burger was made only with ketchup and mustard and used to be sold on the streets of America in the 1800s so when I came back to Lebanon I found that the Shawarma is still being sold on the streets you find that the shops are next to the street and there is no glass separating the dust from the street and cars so I said to myself that this product should be upgraded like any product in the world but of course the base stays Lebanese and the taste is authentically Lebanese so our classic sandwiches are meat with tarator sauce and chicken with garlic then we started adding new sauces but all of our sauces are Lebanese based I’m making a smoked sauce like BBQ sauce but we use smoked Molasses so when you add it to the meat or chicken it would taste great we also make some chili sauces we also make chili paste we add some spices then we’ll cook it and show you later so the chili would become smokey this is an addictive sandwich in our restaurant before adding it we thought that the chicken and sujuk sandwich is the top of the menu but the atomic chicken and meat sandwiches are competing on the first place and people are ordering it its very chili it makes your ears red we still want to upgrade this product and make it known worldwide so people around the world would not only know about burgers, but also know about Shawarma this is our goal you mean the Lebanese Shawarma? yes of course lets talk about the chicken they cut it and clean it from the inside its all chicken breasts we use chicken drumsticks also but they don’t have any fat on it, we removed a lot of fat as you can see here I’m soaking the chicken breast in the sauce make sure that the sauce is cold don’t add the hot vinegar on a the lemon sauce because it will change the flavor of course you shouldn’t soak the chicken in a hot temperature sauce because the chicken would become rancid quickly if you want the meat to stay juicy, you should add salt before soaking it I added salt to the chicken that I’m using to preserve the juiciness inside if you’re doing meat or chicken Shawarma at home for people who don’t like garlic, you can soak it the same way I did and for those who love garlic they can add to it so you should add a bit of salt before soaking the meat or chicken to keep the juice inside I cut the potato very thin so it won’t absorb a lot of oil I add it to the sandwich because it adds crunchiness I should say that it doesn’t need garlic, onions nor anything because the flavor is very strong it doesn’t need anything cos it will ruin it so as you can see Anthony, this skewer is smaller than the original one this is small we make the special sandwiches from it this skewer is one of them the skewer is ready it weighs almost 9.5kg after trimming it it should look like this, not only for the look of it but when we cut it symmetrically and start cooking it, it will ripen equally if it wasn’t straight the meat would ripen from the outside and not from the inside so now we’re going to put it on the middle skewer and start cooking it with light fire and wait for it to ripen from the inside I shouldn’t cut deep no you shouldn’t stay cutting from the top layer we call it chicken gourmet the acidity at the end is wonderful you can feel the lemon zest you can feel the mustard also but just a little it doesn’t have garlic in it, all the flavors are equal its very juicy the lemon tastes strong and very delicious lets try it? sure the ingredients are chicken, truffles we added truffle oil lettuce and some fried potato how can I eat a normal Shawarma after trying this? there are no words to describe the juiciness and the truffles are amazingly mixed and balanced the vinegar reduction is great the crunchiness of the lettuce gives it freshness you stay eating and I’ll explain 10/10 10/10 you can also taste the grilled chicken and the roasting process so please don’t tell people you don’t have this flavor when they come asking for it today we invented new flavors but I still didn’t finish and hopefully it will be added to the menu soon lets try the second sandwich the second sandwich is the soaked chicken with mustard we’ll make a mustard based sandwich with a little bit of honey honey mustard sauce, its a bit sweet so we put the bread on the grill we add some cheese this is grinned Kashkaval cheese you should try this its amazing its not a normal street food Shawarma sandwich it very very very delicious gourmet the flavors are great the chicken and the mix wonderful this bread preserves the juice inside even when you order it 10/10 nothing more to say thank you chef Charbel when we met we decided to cook traditional Lebanese food but on the last minute we changed the plan and made Shawarma but we’re going to meet again so you can meet this guy who toured the world and cooks with love and passion I felt that there is a scientist next to me I guess that’s why the place is called Shawarma Lab he’s a professional in the techniques of mixing the sauces for the meat and chicken we talked about many things I’ll show you as much as I can I will end this episode with the 3rd bite and tell you bye

  1. great video, and thank you for adding English subtitle 🙂
    real chefs use an scale , this guy is a real chef 🙂

    Does anybody had a exact scale of each of those , spices ??

    I will just make it and see how this sandwich would taste .

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    how he fried those potato that they do not stick together ?
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  7. Hi, Anthoney , I like your videos,
    You always say the food is delicious 🙂 how about if you think the food is Not delicious ? !!
    IF a food has low quality , how we can get it from your Polite words ?
    how you say that food is not taste good in a polite way ?

  8. Can you please post the spice names in English.
    Makes it easy for your subscribers who go not understand Arabic.


  9. It seems to me that you are more interested in eating the food than going through the process of preparing it. You should be showing the complete process. Having said my observation, I think you should be commended for bringing the Lebanese cousin in the limelight, which needs no more praise because the taste of Lebanese food speaks for its self. The best food recommended by most high 5 star hotels around the world. No nation or country can compare its food to Lebanese food. Thank you Lebanon.The world envoys the quality of your food and the clear and pure way you prepare your food in your
    Clean kitchen. I am proud to be Lebanese.

  10. والله اروع اكل في لبنان والنضافه شوف شكل الساندويشه والله بشهي تحيه للشيف بس مش مبين اسم المحل شاورمنجي ولا شو ؟

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