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  2. I ate something similar at a hotpot once. It was delicious but those peppercorns taste terrible in my opinion. They taste like liquorish or something.

  3. I'm obviously not as intelligent as I think I am. I want to eat that meal. As my father used to say, "Bite marks in the toilet roll"

  4. Death Row Convicts should order these food for the last meal so when je got injected by that leathal injection hell be numb.ha ha ha ha

  5. Drinking ice cold milk when eating spicy food milk is fat soluble and it cleans the mouth or any milk products and helps the stomach it washes the capsaicin out of the mouth

  6. There are eight major cuisines in Chinese food, and there are small cuisines. Some people think that Chinese food is very greasy. Actually it is not in some restaurants. We also feel greasy, but the dishes we make in our own homes are not greasy. Some types of cuisine are light, slightly sweet and some are salty. We must have rice and steamed bread when we eat, because the vegetables are salty, and those greasy foods usually appear in markets and tourist attractions. The characteristics are different, for example, the northern vegetable is too oily because the weather in the north is dry and cold in winter! The south part of the south likes to eat spicy because of the dampness, and the southernmost dish is light. Thank you, I hope you will come to China to play, Chinese people like peace, you will love it.

  7. "I want to try the shrimp" _ "Oh no, you have a vagina, you could not possibly handle it, I am worried for you" _ "Sod off"

  8. dude i love spicy food ill eat it anyday but that hotpot looks like liquid fire no way in hell i would eat that hahahaha

  9. All seaseme seed oil. And piled all the beef on top of each other. Wow…. Don't know which meat it which lol.

  10. Omg you don’t throw the eggs in there, you use them as a cool down method so you can eat more before you die of spice 😂

  11. Here in Nuuk, Greenland, we have a thairestaurant where I scared the servers. They saw I had used some 14-15 teaspoons of their homemade chilioil, where people usually used one half if they just wanted it spicy, to two teaspoons if they were hardened. They rushed to get a fresh pitcher of icewater, and kept an eye on me. It tasted terrific, and the amount I used was about 2/3 of the chilioil that was available on the table and the rice and meat was dark and covered in chiliflakes and oil. Now they just shake their heads and laugh. Hehe. This also looks like some superspicy hotpot that I made with ready made hotpotbroth/-seasoning I ordered in china. Store mailed me back to confirm I really really wanted the superspicy. They don't mess around with spice, if they say it's spicy, it really is. It was great, but it was painful and you could feel it was full of sichuan peppercorn that give the numbing effect. Strange feeling to loose sense in the lips when eating.

  12. In China if u saying bad against the state ur arrested and out in prison school. So guess wonder why u never see anything bad about it. Guess u say “yes yes good good to everybody and everything “ even if it’s bad

  13. He literally said the same thing over and over and over again I just wanted to grab the back of his head and smush it in the damn pot

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