False Facts You’ve Been Believing About Fast Food

It’s hard to ignore the many disturbing myths
and urban legends you’ve heard about fast
food chains.
The fact that these restaurants serve full
meals within seconds of taking orders understandably
leave people wondering what’s really going
on behind the scenes, but luckily, some of
the worst rumors have been proven completely
Snopes has done some deep-digging over the
years and debunked a bunch of fast food myths
— here are some of the most outrageous.
Robot takeover
A whole series of reputable news outlets claimed
that Wendy’s was rolling out self-service
kiosks where customers could place their orders
and pay without dealing with human employees.
So basically, robots would replace employees
in the face of rising minimum wage requirements,
which is a pretty dire look into our future.
But you don’t have to worry about the rise
of the machines just yet.
In 2016, they did add self-service kiosks
to about 30 restaurants, but considering there
are more than 6,500 locations in the US alone,
that’s a tiny percentage.
Their official statement was that they weren’t
replacing workers at all, they were just shifting
the balance of their duties elsewhere.
You go to Dairy Queen for ice cream, right?
Well, not exactly, and the fact they technically
call it “soft serve” has led to the rumors
their products are dairy-free.
This is a potentially horrible thing for someone
to tell a friend who’s lactose-intolerant
or allergic to dairy, because it’s not true.
DQ calls their delicious frozen treats “soft
serve” because their recipes don’t meet the
FDA guidelines for what can be called “ice
Their soft serve falls short of earning the
title because it doesn’t have enough butterfat.
Still, the first ingredients in the soft serve
are milkfat and nonfat milk, so while DQ’s
signature dessert might technically be low-fat,
it’s definitely not dairy-free.
Coffee, donuts, pot
There was a story going around that Tim Hortons
was breaking into the marijuana market with
the spreading legalization of the drug — and
many customers were excited about the early
morning one-stop-shopping possibilities, including
Canadian stand-up Mark Critch …
“You’re already buying your weed in the parking
lot, I’m just saying go inside where it’s
But it turns out, the original story came
from a site called The Global Sun, which is
a spoof news site like The Onion.
Tim Hortons hasn’t made any official statements
about becoming a coffee-and-donuts-and-marijuana
shop … though the move would probably give
their donut sales a huge boost.
No meals for the homeless
McDonald’s was painted as the bad guy when
a rumor started circulating that they banned
customers and employees alike from buying
meals for local homeless people — but no,
it’s not true.
The rumor started on a site called True Activist,
and a couple incidents in England helped fuel
the rumor mill.
In one, a man was reportedly denied service
because employees thought he was homeless,
and in another, a local teen claimed she hadn’t
been allowed to buy a meal for an elderly
homeless man.
In both cases, McDonald’s not only apologized
but stressed they had no such policy in place.
It’s also worth giving a special shout-out
to McDonald’s in East Asia, as many of their
24-hour locations open their doors to those
in need of a dry, warm place to sleep.
Mother’s Day lunch
It’s not entirely unthinkable that Chick-fil-A
would offer moms a free Mother’s Day lunch.
So when images and advertising appeared on
social media in 2017, people believed it — but
it wasn’t true.
Apparently, the ads were nothing more than
some old-fashioned social media trolling,
done just to cause some uncomfortable moments
for families and Chick-fil-A employees alike.
After all, who’s going to get the blame when
a family goes out for Mom’s free meal and
the doors are closed?
Also, Mother’s Day is on the second Sunday
in May in the US, and Chick-fil-A is closed
on Sundays, meaning, moms who show up are
out of luck.
Free food for life
It’s usually easy enough to enter one of those
“free food for life” giveaways: just send
in your email, share a post, and you’re entered
to win a few free-food passes being given
away to celebrate an anniversary.
Sounds like something they’d do, right?
It’s been linked to nearly all the major fast
food chains — and no, it’s not real.
Clicking on any links takes you to a Facebook
clone site, then asks you for information
many people might not think twice about entering
— especially when there’s free food involved.
But they’re all scams, so don’t be fooled.
Pig fat shakes
You’re probably familiar with the unusual
texture of McDonald’s shakes.
It’s different than other fast food shakes,
and that’s led to a whole series of rumors
about them — including one particularly
nasty claim that they use pig fat.
It’s just not true, and McDonald’s says not
only is there no pig fat in their shakes,
but there are no meat-based products of any
kind, and they’re safe for vegetarians.
In 2013, McDonald’s Australia shut down the
pig fat question, too, claiming that the thick,
distinctive texture comes courtesy of the
blending and cooling process the shake goes
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  1. Snopes??
    Does anyone still believe Snopes.
    Its one couple in California Bought and paid for by the likes of George Soros.

  2. McDonald's has a tone of complaints and videos of kicking customers out for buying food for homeless peoples. I have seen it happen at a few McDonald's down town Chicago. They will refuse sales to anyone wanted to feed a homeless person or they weren't allowed in to eat

  3. Back when McDonald's had a Q&A site, someone asked if it was true that the shakes contain beetle juice. The answer was that of course they do not. It then went on to detail how the strawberry shakes are colored with crushed cochineal bugs.


  4. Just because the McDonalds rep you talked to says it isn't true, doesn't mean they're telling you the truth.

  5. Last I read from McDonald’s own packaging was that “ice cream” based products ie shakes, cones etc are actually made from an “edible oil product”. Essentially the same stuff that is in cheese wiz.

  6. LOL……..snopes……….'spent so much time'…….cause that couple can research everything(wait, didn't they get divorced?)? For the record, just even mentioning Snopes in most sectors now immediately discredits whatever follows.

  7. Ok so the first, Wendy's only 30? That's called "Test Marketing". And guess what? They are lying about replacing most likely by simply cutting hours, have you ever worked for any corp? Now to DQ, so your saying the low fat (which we all know means more of something ppl don't want) makes it a dairy product? Well let me just put a dab of this milk here in your coffee. Thirdly, as if McDonalds will admit to being cruel to the poor. And lastly, you seem to believe what any big corp will say instead of real investigating. Your basicaly a marketing agent.

  8. Us logical Canadians understand that Tim Horton's will not actually carry marijuana. It's satire, I don't think anyone had taken it seriously, Mashed….

  9. Usually at the Grand Openings of fast food restaurants in the U.S., they will give out one free food item for a year to the first certain amount of customers in line.

  10. I went to a fast food resturant that sells shark penis. When I went in and ordered a deep fried of shark's ding dong, I have gotten a large penis that was wayyy to big for a sharks. I took a bite of that cock and realise it was a sperm whale's dick. So the next time you vist it to orlando, you should order the whale's cock for a good price and a good dick sucking.

  11. The McDonald's in my town just replaced cashiers with kiosks. They only way to talk to a person is to use the drive thru

  12. Part #2343 of how to advertise for Fast Food Chains without admitting it under the pretence of some BS fake question o_0

  13. WA resident. Empirical evidence suggests marijuana stores next to or near restaurants don’t bring more business.

  14. Bullshit about the McDonald's vs homeless. There is video of a police making a homeless man leave at the request of manager after kid bought meal for the guy.
    You need fact checkers

  15. Good thing that you pointed out that Chick-fil-A locations are closed on Sundays, and of course that Mother's Day falls on the second Sunday in May, so yeah no free lunch for Moms on Mother's Day, or anybody want get a lunch from them, in less you buy their food ahead of time, and put them in your fridge and get them warmed up on a Sunday.

  16. Warning: This comment section contains 50% political arguments about Snopes. Best to avoid these threads.

  17. Ummm… Just ordered at a Fast Food Kiosk. McDonald's has them in a lot of areas. McDonald's is planning on adding self-order kiosks to 1,000 stores each quarter. Wendys will follow suit.

  18. I don't know what's dumber – the idea that McDonalds would turn away a paying customer regardless of who was eating the food after it was paid for, or believing that bullshit story.

  19. Ok so..

    The machine thing is in fact true, it just isn't going to happen overnight. A Combination of machines and AI will in fact replace the vast majority of fast food jobs at some point in the future. Actually AI is going to be disruptive to quite a few industries. This isn't some new concept, I was writing automation scrips all the way back in 2003, it is just becoming way more advanced. The fact is this is going to eliminate jobs, this isn't a debate. The only debate is how many jobs will it eliminate and how many new jobs will it create?

    I don't believe I have ever heard a single person say Dairy Queen was dairy free.

    I can't imagine a single reasonable intelligent person ever believed the Tim Hortons rumor, that is just stupid on its face.

    The homeless thing was obvious stupidity and even if something like that did happen it would be a individual franchise thing, not corporate.

    The Chick Fil a thing was funny af to be honest.

    Free food for life..again stupid on its face, no rational person would ever believe that.

    Pig fat shakes..believed by literally no one ever.

    This entire list is literally 90% absolute nonsense.

  20. I would love to try a pig fat shake, and I hate Macdonalds. It's the only thing that could make me go and eat there.

  21. Vegetarians can eat milk based products, but they wont eat the animal that same milk comes from….that's a bit of cop out eh??? Thats like saying I'll only eat eggs but not the chicken, and dont tell me those liars do that too??!!

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