– I want a breakfast sandwich right now.
(upbeat dance music)
– Jack in the Box has the best breakfast.
– McDonald’s.
– McDonald’s all day, every day.
– Everything is nicely layered,
and clearly processed.
– This is like a breakfast sandwich
you get in middle school.
– This croissant is on point.
– That’s a good breakfast sandwich.
– Everything’s got the right textures,
but the flavor’s just not there.
– This one looks like
the eggs are so fake.
– Is this steak sausage?
This sausage is amazing.
– This is too much bread.
I don’t appreciate this.
– Oh, I’m lovin’ this.
Every bite I take is
better than the last one.
– This one has to be McDonald’s.
– That one’s McDonald’s.
– Mm,mm,mm, mm.
– It smells like alcohol and pancakes.
– Nope, never mind, it’s not McDonald’s.
– Not McDonald’s.
– Uh-uh.
– Good presentation.
– I don’t wanna look at the meat.
– There’s very little cheese.
– There’s no cheese.
– No, that’s the worst one yet.
– Yeah.
– This is the worst smelling one by far.
– Yeah, this smells like McDonald’s.
– This cheese, it just looks
like Frankenstein cheese.
It looks orange.
– McDonald’s is symmetrical.
You can tell McDonald’s cuz it’s like very
clearly made by machines.
– It’s not great.
It’s pretty good.
– This tastes like America.
– If this is McDonald’s
I’m really disappointed in McDonald’s.
– Yeah, this would only
be like if I was free,
and if there wasn’t a banana around.
– Oh my gosh.
– They’re not skimping on the bread.
That’s for sure.
– [man on right] No.
– Why is this sausage so dark?
– Oh my God, squeeze it.
– Yeah, this biscuit feels great.
– It tastes home made.
It tastes like my grandma’s biscuits.
– Bread’s drowning out the rest of this.
– If they fix their bun to meat ratio
you’ve got a winner.
– Everything came off clean
except for the cheese left
a little bit of residue.
– This egg looks real real.
– Look like it was made on a griddle.
– Everything has butter in it.
It’s amazing.
– This is good.
It’s really like the most mild in flavor.
– I don’t like the egg,
but it’s so easy to just whip it off,
and throw it out the window.
– This has to be McDonald’s.
It has to be.
– Overall I choose this one.
(bell ring)
(bell ring)
– Jack in the box. (bell ring)
– It’s delicious.
– Yeah, Jack in the Box is so good.
– That one (bell ring)
is still my favorite.
– This one (bell ring) was my favorite.
It was so good y’all.
Who’s this?
– [Voiceover] Jack in the Box.
– Ahh.
– So that was Jack in the Box.
– I knew it.
I called it from the beginning.
This is like Ryan Gosling,
and this is George Clooney.
This one’s just like a little
bit more like sophisticated.
It’s a lot better.
– What’s this one?
– That’s just–
– That’s Pee Wee Herman right there.

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