Fast Food Chicken Nuggets Ranked Worst To Best

Almost every fast food chain has its own version
of chicken nuggets, and some are definitely better than others. We’ve tasted nuggets from the most prevalent
fast food chains, all so you don’t have to put your stomach to the test. White Castle does a lot of things well, but
when it comes to their chicken nugget offering — if you can even call it a nugget — they
fall short. Let’s go ahead and say what everyone is thinking:
a chicken ring is just weird. It’s probably best not to spend too much time
pondering how White Castle molded chicken into a ring form, but it certainly goes against
nature. As for looks and taste, well, the ring is
pretty flat and it could easily be mistaken for an onion ring with its golden brown breading. It definitely tastes like chicken, but as
far as its flavor profile, there really isn’t much to make you want to reach for another
one. Remember the chicken nuggets in those Kid
Cuisine meals from your childhood? That’s basically what these taste like, only
with a hint of black pepper. Pass, and just get some sliders. Burger King’s flame-grilled burgers may be
top notch in the fast food world, but what about their chicken nuggets? Burger King uses all white meat in their nuggets,
which are coated in what they call a homestyle seasoned breading. The breading, however, is one of the main
differences between a great nugget and a disappointment, and this stuff falls short. The overall texture of the coating is dry
and almost dusty, though it does have a nicely seasoned flavor profile. The nuggets are overall pretty soft, and the
meat inside is soft and dry too, rather than firm and juicy. All that adds up to mean Burger King is definitely
behind the times when it comes to nuggets. They didn’t even start serving chicken nuggets
until 2013, when they replaced the chicken tenders formerly on their menu. Go for the Whoppers, go somewhere else for
the nuggets. “I didn’t know they served chicken nuggets
at this restaurant.” “It’s cod. It’s, uh, they made it special. Dennis has some dietary restrictions.” For all the hype surrounding Wendy’s spicy
chicken nuggets, their standard chicken nugget offering is a bit of a disappointment. The outer coating is a bit floury, and crunchy
rather than crispy, which is a hugely important distinction. Some may prefer crunch to crisp, but the coating
is inconsistent, meaning that areas of the nuggets wind up soggy. Then, there’s the meat. Wendy’s chicken nuggets are made with 100
percent white meat, but for some reason it’s oddly soft and squishy in this preparation. The meat is also under seasoned, while the
coating is over seasoned to the point of being a distraction from the meat. It does get points for coming with some tasty
dipping sauces but, that being said, due to the textural inconsistencies and seasoning
issues, these aren’t the nuggets to reach for to satisfy some serious cravings. Sonic serves Popcorn Nuggets instead of formed
nuggets. They’re made with all white meat chicken,
then covered in a simply seasoned coating and fried. These nuggets are big, with a nice meaty bite,
and a fairly satisfyingly crunchy outer coating. The chicken inside is juicy, too. The downfall of Sonic’s Jumbo Popcorn Chicken
is that it just doesn’t get crispy enough. The coating is good, true, but it just doesn’t
compare to the texture of real fried chicken. The pieces are also a little drier than is
ideal, but that just means you’ll definitely want to pair them with one of Sonic’s dipping
sauces. If you’re looking for a nugget that tastes
a little more homemade, KFC is a safe bet. That’s because instead of the usual uniform
nuggets, they serve Popcorn Nuggets like Sonic, although KFC’s are smaller in size. These chunks of white meat chicken are covered
in the chain’s signature coating, then fried until golden and crunchy. KFC’s popcorn nuggets are delicious when served
hot. The crust is extra-crispy, the little bits
of chicken are juicy, and it’s nice that they retain the texture of traditional chicken
meat. Unfortunately, when the popcorn chicken is
served cold, it can taste rather greasy. The seasoning blend used is also quite salty,
and that makes them delicious, but best eaten fresh and sparingly. McDonald’s classic nugget has gone under several
changes. As of 2016, the chain listed a new, shorter
set of ingredients for their McNuggets, and started making their crispy chicken bites
with all white meat chicken. They also contain no artificial flavors, colors,
or preservatives, and that gets them extra points. McNuggets have a uniform, crispy coating that
doesn’t taste too oily or greasy. The meat inside is dense, juicy, and well-seasoned,
creating a lot of balanced, savory-sweet flavors into each small bite. Some might shun the very standardized nature
of these nuggets, but McDonald’s has stated that the uniformity helps ensure that every
Chicken McNugget has the same cooking requirements, so they come out crisp and juicy every time. Jack in the Box didn’t get started on chicken
nuggets until 2012, and even though they got a late start, Jack in the Box serves surprisingly
good 100 percent white meat chicken nuggets. Each one is fried to a deep golden brown,
and the crispy exterior is salted and seasoned well. The meat inside is juicy, salty, and actually
tastes distinctly like chicken, and it has a firm texture that’s not rubbery or chewy. You wouldn’t mistake these for homemade nuggets,
but for a fast food nugget, they hit all the marks: crispy, hot, seasoned, moist, and identifiable
as chicken. In other words, so good. How good? “Are you crying?” “I’ve been waiting for you.” Let’s not kid ourselves, when it comes to
fast food chicken nuggets there are Chick-fil-A’s and then there’s just a list of wannabe nuggets
trailing behind. No offense to any other fast food favorites,
but there’s a reason the drive-thru line at any given Chick-fil-A regularly stretches
into the street, and it’s all about those nuggets. Maybe it’s the peanut oil the company cooks
them in or the marinade that adds to the juicy flavor before they’re dipped in buttermilk
during the breading process, but whatever the case, the result is a nugget that doesn’t
feel like it came out of a plastic bag and was then merely dropped in the deep fryer. No wonder Chick-fil-A decided it was time
to make its nuggets available in a 30-count — and no one will judge you if you order
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  1. My local butchery has a hot food counter and their crispy chicken strips are the best I've ever tasted. Fast food restaurants cannot compare.

  2. While I can't entirely disagree with the video, I am a fan of Wendy's awesome plain and Spicy nuggets. McD's of course, too. Have to actually give CFA's a shot though.

  3. Is anyone down with Burger King Making the 10 piece nugget $3.50-$4 rather than $1.50 like they are now, and the nuggets actually being edible? I mean, I would love to have the chicken tenders back too.

  4. All the comparisons are rigged and bias. The best nuggets are determined by Your Taste Buds. If you think one of the nuggets are the best, you have your answer. 😅❤✝🇺🇸

  5. I ordered a 12 piece nugget combo from chic filet today they were really busy I looked in my lil box and they gave me 15. They got everyone’s order quick af too.

  6. McDonalds r so bad… they make me sick everytime when I used to have them. KFC is actually really good cause it’s actually chicken along with chick filea

  7. I want dark meat chicken nuggets.. use to break them open to see which ones were dark at McDonald’s back in the day and eat them first.

  8. Idiots! The chicken ring tastes awesome! Even the texture of the meat kicks ass! Next time try it before you make a video talking b.s.

  9. Kamryn: Wendys has the best nuggets
    Also Kamryn: eats mcdonald's

  10. If y'all think Wendys nuggets are good wait till you try the Sonics BBQ nuggets. They are the best. Im not talking about their standard nugget tho, so you won't get them mixed up.

  11. Whataburger' s are outstanding nuggets, real chicken breast and the best country gravy. Screw all the others they are crap.

  12. ah damnit such a pity living in the other side of world that the only fast food restaurant which sell chicken nuggets is mcdonalds

  13. Love to see Jack in the Box nuggets getting their due. Love those things. And agree with Chicfila being number one. Nothin beats them

  14. Culver’s chicken nuggets are soooooooo gross. They basically paste when you chew them down. 🤢 Don’t ever order when you go there 🙅🏻‍♀️

  15. I've been eating Chick-fil-A products for three decades now. Aside from pizza joints, I think they're the only fast food joint I use. I must say, in 30 years, their quality and taste haven't dropped a bit!

  16. Wendy’s nuggets by itself are better than McDonald’s but McDonalds nuggets are better in bbq than Wendy’s in bbq imo

  17. there isn;t Wendys in my country so i dont know how they taste but in my opinion burger king nuggets ar ethe best (my opinion)

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