Fast Food Salad Taste Test

  1. Beans, beans its the musical food, the more you eat, the more you toot. The more you toot, the better you feel so beans, beans for every meal.

  2. I like this format of brand taste tests far better than other types you guys do. The direct comparisons and actually revealing was great.

  3. Mcdonalds made me love salads in the early 2000nds with their ”McSalad Shaker Ceasar Salad”. It was awesome! And now it’s nowhere to be found! Do you still have it in America? Please! I’ll move if you do!

  4. Who goes to a fast food establishment for a salad? Go to the store and buy the stuff to make a salad. McDonald's is for burgers, not salads.

  5. I’m just gonna guess that Wendy’s salads are the best😂💀I work there and those salads are hella good😇😇😅
    Update:nevermind💀they picked the freaking harvest one💀they should’ve done the southwest avocado or the apple pecan imo

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