Fat Burning Coffee (With MCT Oil)

Good morning, it’s Dot from dot2trot.com,
I woke up this morning, experimented and made
me a chocolate fat shake and it came out and
it was very tasty.
My husband decided to take a little taste
and promptly ran off with it.
So, that means this morning I have to make
something else and I’m going to make me a
bulletproof coffee, essentially.
What’s known as a bulletproof coffee.
A little bit different.
My ingredients are … usually a bulletproof
coffee is extra-virgin coconut oil and butter
and you mix it with coffee.
I’m going to use MCT Oil instead, and I’ll
get into a little bit what that is.
And a little bit of cream with the butter,
mixed into my coffee.
Essentially, the idea with coconut oil — using
that in a coffee, or using that in salad dressings
or to cook with is that coconut oil is wonderful.
Not only does it fill you up as a fat, it’s
a healthy fat so it fills you up, it helps
suppress the appetite.
But more importantly, it has a little thing
called “MCTs” or it is, to get this correct:”Medium-chain
Which are the MCTs.
And what they do, essentially, is they boost
your fat-burning ability.
So, instead of running off of glycogen ( which
is why we’re always told to eat a lot of carbs,
because we “need the glycogen” for our muscles
and to burn that for energy), our body also
is able to burn … has a second fuel source,
which is “ketones.”
And what MCT does … it goes to the liver
and the liver then starts producing ketones,
which our body uses for energy.
And your brain can use to function off of.
It helps burn more … turn more fat cells
in your body into ketones, essentially, getting
you into a state called “ketosis.”
So, not going a whole lot into the science,
I hope.
I’ll include some links below if you wanna
learn a little bit more about coconut oil,
MCT oils, and ketosis, you can knock yourself
But, what I’m gonna do right now is … I’m
going to mix these.
Now, a word of caution about using MCT oils,
and I should say MCT oils are extracted from
coconut, so, these come straight from it.
So it’s much more concentrated than using
straight old-fashioned coconut oil instead.
The serving size is a tablespoon.
You don’t want to use more than one or two
tablespoons a day.
However, when you’re first trying MCT oil,
you do NOT want to use a tablespoon in any
serving whatsoever.
The reason why is your body has to adapt to
it slowly, because it’s so concentrated.
I made the mistake of deciding, “Oh, MCT Oil!
I’ll try it for the first time.”
I made myself and my husband coffees with
It tasted great, but about an hour later both
of us experienced really bad cramping.
And, I won’t go into, sort of, what else we
… other symptoms we had.
But basically your body has to adapt to it,
so you start off slowly.
So, you try out, you basically build up, so
you try a teaspoon every day for a week.
And then after that, you can build up to two
teaspoons, and then you can work yourself
up to a tablespoon serving.
You just want to save yourself a lot of headache.
It’s not the food or, you know, the coffee
But it is … your body just has to adapt
to it because it’s in such a high dose and
you don’t want to do that.
So, let’s go on over to my coffee pot and
I’ll start making this quick dish.
All right, we’re going to start making me
some bulletproof coffee, essentially, so,
I got my butter so I’m gonna go ahead and
add it into a container.
And you do need to mix them so that the fat,
which is the butter, and the MCT oil mixes
well with the coffee.
I’m adding a little bit of cream to mine,
that’s usually not traditional, but the nice
thing about this is I’m not making an actual
bulletproof coffee, but I am making a bullet
coffee essentially, so, Ido add myself–I
just use a little bit, I don’t use a full
serving size of cream, which is a tablespoon.
I use about 1 or 2 teaspoons.
Next, what I’m going to do is add in my MCT
Now, as I stressed, you have to build up to
I’ve done that.
I’ve been using it for a while, so I’m going
to add a tablespoon of MCT oil … So I’ll
go ahead and drop that in there … Put that
in there to wash … Let’s put the lid on,
because I am prone to knock bottles over that
are open.
Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to go
ahead and add my coffee.
I’m making a big coffee.
It’s a long day of cooking.
And then I’m going to use my immersion blender.
You can use a regular blender but as always
be careful because it is hot and you don’t
want it … the lid tends to pop off and explode
on you.
With the immersion blender, just go ahead
and start blending.
So, now what I’m gonna do … is go ahead
and pour my coffee.
It’s a little foamy.
And voila.
It is a bulletproof coffee.
Nice and hot.
Smells delicious — it … to me it always
smells and tastes a little bit like maple
for some reason.
I don’t know why but, that’s just the way
my nose and my tastebuds work I guess.
That’s good coffee.
So, if you like our videos and you enjoy the
recipes that I make … go ahead and click
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And comment, let me know if you want me to
try something, or if you’re having issues
with recipes or how to convert things … favorite
recipes over into low carb, I can certainly
help you and give you any advice possible
that I can offer.
Like I said, I’m not a professional cook.
I’m just someone who likes to eat healthy.
So, till next time!

  1. how do you find the SR MCT oil I got same MCT from amazon after opening the bottle they tell you to keeping in fridge , but it get real thick in fridge

  2. i made bullet coffee for first time and it turned out very well !!!
    i had been watching videos from last one year on this coffee but couldn't believe people that it tastes good but i gave it a try this morning after watching ur video
    thanks a lot

  3. New subscriber here. I have a question for you I am pretty much a vegetarian. Every now and then I may eat something with hamburger, but no other meat. Is there a way to do a diet like yours? Not sure if there is or not. Thanks for sharing your videos.

  4. Dot, what do you think about MCT oil powder? I've heard that it's easier to use and doesn't have the digestive side effects. Just make sure to choose a pure powder without extra fillers.

  5. I guess I try that there's just something about the oil in coconut that I don't like. Can you make a video about ways to eat avocados that's another thing I can't handle. Is there good ways to fix them because I know there so healthy.

  6. Hello, i want to try your fat homb drinks but I can't drink butter and coco milk. Could you recommend a replacement for these 2 fats say, flax seed oil and another one? Thank you

  7. Thanks for video. Ive been doing keto for a while and tend to follow advice from Dr Jason Fung (IF), Dr Eric Berg (keto) and Mark Sisson (priminal). Ive done a ton of recipes and try keto products that are nonGMO (i do a paleo form of keto). Im not the video making type but really enjoy finding people who are spreading the good news, recipes and benefits they have obtained.

  8. Its prob bc the mct is straight energy, so if you dont use it, that might cause the cramps. More effective to take this before a workout i would assume.

  9. Hi Dot .. I just discovered your channel last week .. and have been watching several of your videos each day since 🙂 You mentioned a " Chocolate Fat Shake" at the beginning of this video .. is that something you can share the recipe on too? Thank you!! And congratulations on your success!

  10. I made the same mistake with MCT oil. Made me sick as a dog—on 2 separate occasions. I retired the oil shortly thereafter….

  11. If you use the regular coconut oil in your coffee instead of the MCT oil, do you still have to build up to it gradually?

  12. Hello Dot, I love watching your videos and learning your recipes. I am wanting to start the low carb diet. Do you have any suggestions on how to get started? Snacks to help through the day. How many carb should you have a day, etc. Thanks, Teresa 😊

  13. I did the same think on the mtc oil, but didnt get cramping, i just got a little nauseous. So now I just use a tsp, but I'm going to start working my way up to 1 tbsp.

  14. Does the MCT oil have the taste of coconut?  I do like coconut but the taste of the oil nauseates me.  I wonder if anyone sell  unflavored coconut oil?  I really want to start incorporating the oil into my cooking  but just can not get past the taste.

  15. Carbs turn to sugar and sugar turns to fat. I found your channel Yesterday on my Roku. I'm a full-blown diabetic, and overweight. For three months I was getting steroid shots. Gained lots of weight. I have done all that I could do to get the weight off, not successful.Thank you

  16. Hi Dot! What is the difference between Bullet Coffee and Bulletproof Coffee? Thanks and happy Memorial Day!

  17. I just tried the bulletproof coffee with mct oil & butter & I couldn't hack it. I tried adding some vanilla extract to it & still a no go. Will the heavy cream drastically change the taste to where I can handle the taste?

  18. Your video just encouraged me to give MCT Oil another go. Like you, I made the mistake of adding a tbsp to my coffee the first time I tried it. Ugh! Thanks to you, I now know why I reacted as I did. lol. #NewSub

  19. I have had butter in my coffee for years but accidently. I love to dunk my toast or peanut butter sandwich in my coffee (or my dad's coffee when I was a little lass) and it is so good.

  20. I mix bone broth,turmeric, pepper, ginger, mix is from fine quality broth that has been extracted over i think 48 hours.( broth is Best of the bone broth)i add butter and mct , blender, lovely fluffy drink that i use to feel satisfied. Butter bypasses the liver,therefore doesnt get stored as fat, just the goodness of butter,oil etc. occasionally i add collagen powder, (dont need it) just to be exotic.

  21. I never had any problems with mct oil from the beginning. But it was delicious in coffee although my nurse daughter had a cow about my bpc

  22. Hi Dot , love your channel and have been following KETO for 4 months now and have lost 40 lbs from 265 to 225 . My bulletproof coffee experience was similar to yours!! . First time used about 1 1/2 tablespoons of MCT !! almost immediate cramps and the consequences !!! 4 months later , my morning bulletproof is 2 tablespoons of ghee or butter ( cant always find ghee ) and 2 of MCT oil plus 1 packet of sweetener , 1/4 teaspoon of each cinnamon and turmeric and 1 tablespoon of heavy cream ; add the coffee and blend for 30 seconds . Smooth and creamy and totally delicious .

  23. Hi Dot, the coffee is certainly great and provides a boost of energy. Any thoughts on how to make Keto ice cream sandwiches? I haven't seem to find any recipe on one of my favorite treats. Thank you!

  24. love your channel. Your recipes are accompanied with information that helps the why do this part! I am interested in the recipe for what your husband tasted and 'ran off' with…LOL. thanks for the fun you add to knowledge in your videos…

  25. I tried just stirring a teaspoon into a cup of coffee with half and half just using a spoon and hated it.It didn't mix at all without that blender.Thanks I guess I need one ! Irish butter from grass fed cows would be healthy too.

  26. Basically if you're really constipated MCT oil should help solve the problem is what you're saying correct?😆💩

  27. I cannot have butter due to lactose intolerance and cannot eat any subcultures dairy. Can I use margarine instead of butter, or would you suggest other substitutions?

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