number one thing people asking about is
dieting and the problems with conventional diets is it depend on
willpower that’s question how many’d to hold your
breath indefinitely under water pretty hard right possible why because your
biology will always be true power no matter how much you want to die it ain’t
going to work what you can do though is nudge the
biology blubber in the right direction now the first thing that I figure out is
why are you measuring what a success look like well it turns out it’s not
your weight it’s your waist size which is the best
protector about in this week’s conversations with the coach
we’re discussing the difference between weight loss and fat loss as you already
seen earlier in the video one great way to determine if you’re moving in the
right fitness direction is by measuring your waistline and in today’s video on
conversations with the coach we discuss his best tips and what it means to be on
a fat loss diet or weight loss diet and it starts right now I have a lot of
people come to me wanting to lose weight in your mind they think that means it’s
gonna be fit you can lose weight and not lose anybody that people do fasting and
starvation diets they lose weight but then they see soon as they go back to
eating they gain all the weight back then to see if it’s a head loss anybody
that they may shrink up and lose muscle and maybe show bruising something
smaller but the areas were gonna fat in like the waistline hips are still there
so alternated loose body fat you need to be on a slow consistent regiment of
eating right and be willing to invest more time of eating simply simple foods
that are nutritious and low in fat and low in carbohydrates over a period of
time someone who’s doing following a good fat
loss program about how much weight should they expect to see lost in a way
depending on how heavy on because you don’t drop body weight if you have been
eating a lot of high sodium foods you might have to drop said somebody’s 100
pounds of weight they actually probably lose in the first couple weeks 15 to 20
pounds but then actually they probably didn’t lose that much fat they lost a
lot of water so losing fat really mystically the average person probably
lose more than 2 to 3 pounds of fat per month which is ultimately what they will
lose so if you lose 30 pounds of fat you look better than if you lost 70 pounds
of water if you don’t learn more subscribe to my channel and you can
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