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hi everybody and welcome to tasting my
pain tasting my thing tasting my pain
tasting my thing tasting mukbang eat
y’all I am here today for a PSA that
stands for public service announcement
and today I want to talk about fighting
cancer with food and I don’t just want
to talk about fighting cancer with food
I just want to talk about fighting a lot
of diseases sicknesses and illnesses and
just being overall healthy with food I
am NOT the most healthiest person in the
world you guys but I do not get sick
that often and I have only been to the
hospital in my life for normal things
that were unavoidable but pretty much I
don’t get sick and if for any reason I
would develop any sickness I would look
for the organic method to healing and
treating that sickness illness or
disease I have always said this has just
been my philosophy and I’m not trying to
impose my thoughts or feelings on anyone
I’m just here basically today to talk
but I have always said that if I mean
I’ve said this since I was like 19 or 20
years old I always said if I ever
developed cancer I would never take
chemo I would continue to eat healthy I
would continue to put foods in my diet
that are known to fight cancer and to
begin with I would implement those
things in my life from the beginning so
this just been something that I’ve
always been passionate about and I don’t
feel like that you can impose your
feeling and
your thoughts on other people however
you can educate other people through
your life experience and through you
know what you’re passionate about I
recently had my baby sister passed away
on January the 22nd 2018 and she is or
was eight years younger than me and she
leaves behind two young children one was
14 and one was nine years old and she
also leaves behind a husband so but me
and my sister had this conversation
years before she even became aware that
she had stage four cancer and I had been
told her that I would never ever ever in
my entire life receive chemo and
unfortunately my sister do you choose to
do chemo and she knew my personal
thoughts about chemo and she also knew
that I personally feel like people who
do chemo a year or everybody that I have
known in the past let’s just say I have
statistically taking accounts of every
single person that I have known to have
had cancer and within a year to a year
and a half of that person receiving
receiving chemo they passed away and
that’s just an analogy of the experience
of people that I’ve known personally who
have received chemo and I’ve known quite
a few people who have received chemo and
within a year and a year turn in half
none of them have survived the people
that I know there are survivors of
chemotherapy but none of the people that
I personally know have survived cancer
and they haven’t survived cancer for an
extended amount of time after receiving
within a year and a year half of
receiving keep receiving chemo that
person died so for me personally my
personal views about cancer and chemo is
for me personally my lifestyle my choice
and my beliefs
I would never ever take chemo under no
circumstances if they told me I was
gonna die tomorrow I would I would live
and see if their prediction is correct I
would not do chemo I mean end of story
I just wouldn’t and that’s for me in my
life and again I’m not trying to impose
that on anybody however I do want to
educate people about the power of food
we are what we eat and an example of
that is I have been eating fruits and
vegetables my whole life I love fruits
and vegetables I am NOT a vegetarian
however I could very easily become a
vegetarian I choose not to become a
vegetarian because I feel like I have a
healthy balance with food in general I
love fruits and vegetables I eat fruits
and vegetables
I raised my child eating fruits and
vegetables and I cooked two vegetables
with every meal
no matter what meal I cooked I cooked
two vegetables with every meal that was
just and that is just my rule of thumb
that’s just the way I do it
and as you guys see from a lot of my
mukbangs I can’t just eat a veggie meal
period and I get full so I want to
encourage you guys and like I say I had
I only have one child my child is up an
adult but I raised him the same way I
eat and we did not eat a lot of junk
food we do not eat fast food when
did go out to eat we went to nice
restaurants the restaurants here in
Houston that we were frequent all the
time when my son was going up was Papa’s
barbecue Papa’s seafood
I love Gordon chilies and Red Lobster
like those are the places that we ate we
did not eat at Burger King McDonald’s we
just didn’t eat I’m not a Burger King
and McDonald’s and Taco Bell kind of
person I am NOT opposed to those kind of
foods but I do not eat them that often
maybe once or twice a year I will go to
and the only thing previously before I
started mother
excuse me before I started mother
banging the only thing I would go to
McDonald’s for was their 99 cents
breakfast sandwich and their yogurt
parfait those are the only two things
that I would ever eat from McDonald’s
like when I did go to McDonald’s I will
go to McDonald’s and get a yogurt
parfait a breakfast sandwich and an
orange juice and that’s it I don’t eat
anything else from McDonald’s doing
these mukbangs we tend to eat a lot of
unhealthy food or eat foods that we
would not normally eat I want to
encourage the mukbang community to start
adding more fruits and vegetables into
their mukbangs and doing only fruits and
vegetable mukbangs and in addition to
that I want to encourage people out
there with young children because it
starts at a young age and what you put
into a child the habits and the
behaviors and this goes for anything the
habits and the behaviors that you teach
a child from a young age is the habits
and the behavior and
attributes their child is gonna have as
they’re growing up if you teach your
children a love for food and a love for
fruits and vegetables from a very very
very young age and that is something
that you embrace in your household your
children will love fruits and vegetables
if your child do not like a particular
food show them different ways to
experience that food but let them know
hey you have a choice you can eat some
broccoli or you can eat some spinach but
either way you’re gonna eat some
vegetables and I believe a lot of
parents fall prey to junk food and my
son didn’t have those options junk food
chips and candy was not an option
it just wasn’t even on the menu it
wasn’t on the grocery list it didn’t
come in the house the way that I ate was
fruits and vegetables you hungry you
want a snack you want something sweet go
get an apple go get an orange go get a
those were the options and I’m telling
you my son eats like me and he loves
eating healthy and he loved eating
healthy and he never went hungry and he
was one of those homegrown children
where you could see that boy was he
wasn’t fat but he was healthy and you
could see the difference
and he looked he’s like me he will eat
anything like I will eat pretty much
anything that’s put in front of me I
don’t I’m not a picky eater and that’s
another thing if you don’t want to raise
a picky eater then the options that you
give your children or healthy options
and they don’t have another choice from
a very very very young age I’m talking
when they first come into the world you
have to feed your children fruits and
vegetables you can’t be giving them junk
food you can’t be giving them candy you
can’t be giving them Barbie snacks you
can’t be giving them cookies and candy
if that’s what you’re gonna give your
child from a young age that’s what your
child is gonna expect all the way
through if you give your children apples
and oranges and bananas
that’s what your children are gonna eat
children are gonna eat whatever you give
them and if they don’t like a particular
vegetable then give them another option
give them another choice and learn to
experiment with fruits and vegetables
because one particular way that you may
give a child or fruit or vegetable they
may not like it that way but if you try
to experiment cooking them different
ways and seasoning your foods is the key
because I have family members who their
children did not eat certain fruits and
vegetables but when their children came
to my house and I cooked and the
children did eating certain foods but
when their children came to my house and
I cook the food that they did not eat at
their parents house
they ate when I cooked it and I didn’t
force them to eat it they said let me
taste it tasty McBaine and they taste it
and they were like this takes good for
instance one time I had a family member
over and they stayed from mourning
tonight I cooked a big breakfast I
cooked different foods because some of
them didn’t eat a certain food so I
cooked the oatmeal I could bacon I cook
I cooked grits I cooked biscuits I asked
them what they wanted for breakfast and
then they were like well such as such
doesn’t eat oatmeal he eats grits one
don’t agree so I cooked a variety of
everything so when they came to my house
the child that didn’t eat oatmeal said
let me taste it and when they tasted
they say oh I like you owe me but I
don’t eat know they say oh I won’t eat
nobody else’s oatmeal but I’ll eat the
way that you cook your oatmeal and it’s
so important for you to season your
foods and make sure your foods look
presentable because another thing the
eye is attracted to foods based on
appearance and if you were just throwing
slop on a plate like people are in
prison ain’t nobody gonna want to eat
that but if you make food look appealing
and you’re not making you look like slop
then nine times out of ten someone will
taste your food and another thing like
one of the people that had came to my
house that day they didn’t eat spaghetti
I made spaghetti and they didn’t eat
spaghetti and when I made my spaghetti
and put it on the plate they say it
mm-hmm let me try it and they try my
spaghetti and they were like oh but I’ll
eat your spaghetti and another one of
the children didn’t eat carrots but they
said let me taste your carrots and the
child ate all the carrots that was on
the plate and the mother to the children
say it was all three of her children the
mother children so the children say it
well I just guess tasting mug by my
children just don’t like my cooking and
that is a bit key to cooking and getting
your children to eat stuff you can’t
just take for granted that your child
say they don’t like a specific thing
sometimes they may not like the way you
cooked it so if you cook with seasonings
and you cook to make your food look
appealing more than likely people will
try your food even if it’s something
that they think they may not like and
then another thing with kids is you
don’t let a child get off with saying I
don’t like something and they’ve never
taste it no you have to taste that food
before you can tell me you like it and
you need to tell them what you’re gonna
eat it today and if it don’t make you
sick then guess would you don’t
regurgitate you’re gonna eat it I mean
it’s not if it’s not gonna kill them you
guys it’s not it’s not gonna make them
sick and they’re not allergic to it then
it’s healthy for them and you that’s the
principle that you need to let your
children know is that mommy wants you to
live a long healthy life and therefore
sometimes we eat things that we don’t
necessarily like that are good for us
and that is the truth we eat things that
we don’t necessarily like that are good
for us if they can eat a burger every
I’d you just don’t give kids those
options and when you pick your children
up from school you know nine times out
of ten your children are gonna be hungry
you know your child’s gonna want you to
stop at McDonald’s or whatever don’t
make that a habit pick your children up
from school with a snack where the Apple
would orange with a peanut butter and
jelly sandwich oh yes just like you
packed them lunch or if you don’t pack
them lunch pack your children lunch when
you go pick them up from school so that
way they will have something healthy to
eat on the way from school and because
nine times out of ten you’re gonna stop
at a grocery store you’re gonna stop
somewhere so giving your child healthy
options after school is smart it will
save you money and it will continue to
help your children be healthy I have
noticed I’m a very observant person and
I have noticed through people that I
know with young kids who feed their
children a lot of junk food who do not
cook home
meals and everything comes from a fast
food place everything is a frozen dinner
and everything is snacks and cookies I
have noticed across the board that those
children stay constipated all the time
two of the kids that I know personally
cry when they go to the bathroom to do a
bowel movement cry I’m talking about
physically cry and they’re in pain and
it goes on and and it’s like they never
ever ever get unconsummated it’s
something on a day-in and day-out basis
and it’s all because of the diet of the
child the the parent does not feed their
children fruits and vegetables the
parent do not cook everything that the
child eats is fast food or frozen
dinners those foods do not have any
nutritional value and if everything that
you have going into a person whether
it’s a child or an adult it is going to
block their bowels because you’re not
putting anything in your body that’s
cleaning your body out and giving you
that slow that you need fruits and
vegetables will give you the flow that
you need to keep your body healthy and
if you are not having a natural daily
multiple times a day flow then you are
making yourself sick and the less you go
to the bathroom on a regular basis the
more you’re allowing impurities to stay
in your body block you and cause you to
get sick in an addition to that
information there are a lot of children
who are obese there are a lot of
childhood obesity in America today
because of the eating habits their
parents have taught their children and
nine times out of child Hren
nine times out of 10 children are
learning their eating patterns and their
eating behavior from their parents so if
you see an obese child nine times out of
ten that’s because their parents are
obese and nine times out of ten it’s
also because their parents or I don’t
want to say being lazy but it’s because
their parents are not cooking healthy
balanced meals and a lot of times too
you see children that are being sick all
the time it’s because their parents are
not feeding them food that is nourishing
them and you could be causing a child to
have all and over a long term period of
time and this is one reason why I
encourage parents from the beginning to
teach their children proper healthy
eating habits because over a long
extended amount of time that you are not
feeding your children healthy over a
long extended amount of time you are
causing your child to grow up with bad
eating habits which they’re going to
pass on to their children
and then they’re gonna pretty much if
they’re obese as a child they are pretty
much gonna be obese all their lives
because you did not teach them proper
eating habits and they don’t like to eat
healthy so I know that I am NOT a prime
example of healthiness but I do know how
to eat healthy I do love fruits and
vegetables I do embrace foods fruits and
vegetables and if I wanted to eliminate
foods out of my diet that are unhealthy
tomorrow I can do that without saying oh
I can’t stop eating junk food I do not
like junk food and just to give you guys
another example of what junk food does
to your body I am NOT a junk food type
I’m not a junkie junk food type person I
do not eat a lot of sweets I don’t like
sweets that often I may eat sweets five
to ten times a year period point blank
in the story but since I have been doing
the mukbangs I have been eating more
sweets I have been eating more junk food
I have been eating more frozen foods
which I never eat and because of that my
skin which I never have acne or
breakouts or any of that stuff you guys
even when my cycle come around I do not
get breakouts but lately since I have
been doing the junk food my bangs and
stuff I have been having bumps all under
my chin all under my nose around my
mouth from all of the sweets that I have
been eating and for me that is a prime
example that my body is telling me hey
what you been doing girlfriend oh no you
need to take a chill pill so basically
that’s what I’m about to get ready to do
I’m about to do a cleanse in the future
to clean my body of all the impurities
that are in my body from all the junk
food that I have been eating I’m about
to eat up and do my bangs on all the
junk that I have in my house all the
food that I have in my refrigerator and
once that runs out
I’m not buying anymore I’m going to go
back to my home cook meals when I first
started my mukbang channel it was based
on all home-cooked meals I loved
home-cooked food I do not like fast food
frozen food and frozen dinners that’s
just not my cup of tea so I’m gonna go
back to my home cooked meals I’m gonna
go back to my fruits and vegetables I’m
gonna go back to water cleansing and
juicing and that’s just my lifestyle
that’s just what I want to do and you
can’t do everything for views
and for ratings I mean at the end of the
day each mukbang each mug banger has to
do with idiots that they want to do on
their channel but I’m not trying to make
myself sick unhealthy and I’m not trying
to have acne all over my face from the
way that I eat and I’m not trying to be
constipated because of the foods that I
eat so I just wanted to do this video
today and let you guys know that you can
fight cancer with food I wanted to let
you know that you can fight obesity and
childhood obesity with food you can
fight diabetes with food you can fight
high blood pressure with food and
another superfood to add to your diet if
you’re having any kind of health issues
is kale kale is one of the most best
superfoods in the whole wide world and
for me
kale doesn’t have a different taste
there are different types of scale that
you can buy the types of kale that I buy
I use anytime you see me eating a salad
you guys that is not from Trader Joe’s
or a premade salad if it’s going to have
kill in it I do not use regular lettuce
I use kale so yes you guys that is what
I want to talk about today if you guys
have any questions please leave them in
the description bar below if you have
any thoughts if you have any concerns if
you have any experience with fruits and
vegetables if you have any testimonials
on how foods and vegetables have healed
you if you have any tips or tricks about
cleansing leave those in the comment bar
below so the community of people that
watch this video can go down in the
comments and see actual testimonials or
things that I’m talking about if you
have young children that are constipated
all the time try what I’m saying
try fixing your children more fruits and
vegetables making smoothies with fruits
and vegetables and giving that to them
smoothies are very tasty very
nutritional and it will give your
children a balance of their future
fruits and vegetables which will keep
them regular on a regular day basis just
like you give a child a soda start
giving them smoothies and helping them
to be regular and that is the power that
you have in your hands to you know keep
your children healthy so I thank you
guys so much for tuning in I hope this
video has been helpful again make sure
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thing you guys thanks for watching bye

  1. Tasty i love this video! i would never take chemo either. there is too much info out there on what you can do to heal your body!

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