Food creates Emotions: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

What is our purpose?
So how should every vibration be?
It should have the vibration of healing
Only then we can reach our purpose
So three months of Satvik food
Let us experiment
Satvik doesn’t only mean Vegetarian..
Satvik is something prepared in a very pure state of mind
The food you have been having here in the past three days
It is the simplest food that you can eat
There was nothing elaborate
Nothing elaborate
But everyone just said – The food is great, the food is great…
What made it great?
Only feelings
Only feelings
The state of mind in which the food was being made
In this organization
We pay great attention
that – As is the Mind, so will be the Food – Jaisa Ann, Waisa Mann
and vice versa
So the state of mind in which the food is prepared
That will become the vibration of the food
And then whoever eats that food
It becomes the vibration of their state of mind
No matter how many guests are here
When you’ll return, you will be visiting “Shantivan”
Where food for 20,000-30,000 people is prepared
Three meals a day
But not even a single ingredient is brought here from outside
Nothing from the outside arrives to help anyone with the preparation of food
Whether it is bread, or a biscuit
whether it is Prashad (Toli) you have received in the last three days
Be it any form of sweet…burfi, laddu..
Cake… anything
It has to be made by those
Who are in the state of meditation
And are leading a very very Saatvik and pure lifestyle
Because their vibration is going into the food
The vibration is going into the food
Prashad (consecrated food) is not only what gets prepared in religious places
It is something that is prepared in a sacred state of mind
Then it is called Sacrament or Prashad
Because then its frequency
Will be pure… and the person who consumes it
His state of mind will get influenced
We consume food in three different ways
One is we purchase and eat the food
Eating out
Which has become a very common thing today
For us… and specially for our children
Eating out seems to be a very normal way of..
When we eat something outside
The energy into the food
is for profit
Money is the vibration of the food
You eat, I’ll earn
This is the vibration of the food
The more we eat from the outside and we can see it practically
The more we’ll eat food which prepared for money
Higher will be our priority of money in life
Money will get prioritized even above relationships
Hasn’t it happened today?
Today how can two brothers fight with each other for property?
How can they fight?
What has become more important than relationship?
There was a time when we used to lend small areas of land to our neighbours…
saying – Is there a marriage at your place… is there any problem? take this..
And today we are fighting with people from our own house
Has become number one priority
Because we are eating food cooked for… Money
So that’s one type of food
The second type is prepared at home
Cooked by the mother of the house
Your kids might always tell you
Suppose you have employed a cook at home
Because of your schedule
Your kids might always tell you that
Mom whatever you cook for us
We like that food better
How many of you have heard something like this from kids?..
And there might be a chance that food prepared by cook is tastier
But still they like food that’s made by you
That’s the proof
Because… which vibration went in your food?
The vibration of Giving
And which vibration went in the other one?
The vibration of receiving
Happiness is in Giving
The mother adds vibration of Giving..into the food
And the third type of food
Which is made in the Aashrams, Temples and the Gurudwaras
In whose remembrance is it prepared?
It is prepared in remembrance of God
How do we take it? Like this..
Even if a little bit of it falls down… what do we do?
We pick it up and keep it back
We don’t even eat it alone
Apart from other things, we keep it in our hands all the way and take it home
Don’t we do that?
And then everyone who comes in our way we distribute it to them
what are we giving them? its only a sweet ..
It’s only a sweet
How does it become so precious?
What happened? what are we giving? Sweet?
We are giving sweet
No, what are we giving?
The energy which is present in this sweet
When we know everything
Then why can’t we make sweets at our home
which consists of this kind of energy
Why are we giving only this much to everyone?
Can’t we make sacrament at out own house?
Can we or can we not?
Can’t we make sacrament at out own house?
We can… How do we prepare it?
How do we prepare it?
In God’s remembrance
In the pure and Saatvik environment
While listening to the songs of God
And we cook while remembering them
If there’s a problem at your house
If kids are tense about exams
While cooking you just add these vibrations in the food
Peaceful soul
Pure soul
Powerful soul
The power of God is present in every morsel of this food
His exam will definitely go well tomorrow
Now let your kid eat it
And the second option is
To create thoughts of fear while preparing food..
that – he didn’t study this whole year, what will he do tomorrow
He didn’t sleep properly at night too
Do not feed your child that kind of food because
his tension will only increase after consuming that food
Whenever your mind is upset
Some strange thoughts occupy your mind
Problems which are not present in your life
Just pause for a moment and check
Who prepared the food that I consumed today
And then ask that person
if there is a problem
Never cook food in an upset state of mind
And those who make food for you
If you scold them
So you know who it will come back to
Whoever prepares your food…
Teach them how to prepare food in remembrance of God
There’s a very beautiful project going on here called “Yogic Kheti”
All the brothers and sisters go to the farms in order to meditate
Government is evaluating this project
To see its results
Whatever comes out of these farms…
First of all there are no chemicals or fertilizers present in them
That is obvious
But it is not just the organic farming
It’s made from organic vibrations
The size is different
It’s taste is different
The quality of it is different too
And it is scientifically getting studied and proved
We can experiment all this in our garden
You take two plants
Talk to one of the plants lovingly while watering it
And simply pour water into the other one
will there be a difference in both of them?
There will be a difference in both of them… you just need to try it
That the state of food is same as the state of our mind… it’s a very powerful thing
Through food, anybody’s mind can be calmed
anybody’s health can be improved

  1. Namesty dd
    I have no words to express my feelings about your wordings. I feel very good after listening you and you are the best. I want to meet you if possible.

  2. Bhut acha vihar. You r doing very good sewa. I will keep in mind while cooking and the way you telling men to be nice to wives🙏

  3. Pure food has full potency to help jeevatma in the process of transformation of it from body consciousness to soul conscious

  4. जैसा संग वैसा रंग,
    जैसा पानी वैसी वाणी,
    जैसा अन्न वैसा मन.
    ओम शान्ति.

  5. But i had googled this water memory ….. scientifically they are not agree that water retains memory…they say that a/c to physical chemistry water molecules form cluster for nanosecond but there is nothing they says that water have some memory

  6. Shi hai didi phle hm Ghar me rhte Thai aur maa ke hatho ka bna Khana khate Thai to mujhe kbhi kisi bat ki tension nhi hota tha but ab Mai hostel me ek sal se rh rhi hmesa Mai sochti rhti hu bekar ke bate dimag me chlte rhta hai Mai bhut presan ho gyi hu Didi please help me

  7. After having satvik diet for 1 month….I had developed sore throat…Can u plz tell me what can I add in place of onions and garlic….

  8. We are humans families we want peace,
    This is SHAHID from pakistan Lahore.
    Love you respect you dear great sister👏👏👌👍🙏🙏🙏

  9. Everything is true……but the way the dharmic gurus represent all these things is called pseudoscience………. psychological state, emotions, relations are science but vibration of food is pseudoscience………….the main thing is……if someone prepares a food in bad mood the food becomes inferior in different aspects….thus when someone eats that also gets annoyed……….this is the relation between food maker and eater…… mother cooks food even when she's angry on me……but when I eat that I get huge satisfaction….. that's the connection between me and my mother……….. vibration is just a lucrative term for drawing attention
    (I'm a nutritionist and interested in science behind spirituality)


  11. I am blessed to have a peaceful GURUSISTER like you REALLY YOU ARE MY ANGEL 😇 THANKS YOU PARATMA🙏

  12. this is so true. when i was child i often went to gurduawara and i love that kada prassad. now i asked my mom to follow the recipe of kada prasad, and she made it but this time it doesn't feels like that. that was totally different experience, this is completely different.

  13. Di ma punjab se hu.mere uper karz he .ma ek ek ko pase dena chahta hu.meri atma pe bojh he.plzz koi solution btao .plz

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